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Adding more planet names?


Jun 11, 2012
Just discovered this game a few days ago, utterly addicting and wonderful space strat. game. Anyways I was just wondering if it was possible to edit one of the game files to add more planet names. Its not that the current names bother me any but I'm already starting to see the same names like Tao or Regulus in multiple matches and will probably get tired of them after playing many more matches.

As superficial as it sounds, it'd be awesome being able to throw in about a hundred more names of planets from other sci-fi universes like Arrakis or Boreas and my own stupid sounding names such as Finkle, Djababa or Cyxus. If I can't add more than the allotted number already there, perhaps there would be a way to access the data of the respective .LBX file to change the names once I get tired of the ones that are already there?
Feb 13, 2010
I've never tried to add more names or change them, so I never looked in which file to see where they are located. I have changed other things like help descriptions (using a simple hex editor) and found that if I accidentally add even one extra bit or byte to the file, it messes up the game. So if you do make any changes, be careful you don't inadvertantly change the size of the file. Also be sure to back-up the file first, so you wont have to reinstall the whole game if your edit causes problems.

And welcome to the forum. :)
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