Additional Units...


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Jan 4, 2002
Rather then upload them here Ill refer you guys to the site where I found them....

The List First...

Viking Raider (i use as medival swordswordman)
Me-109 ( German fighter )
Me-110 ( German Bomber )
P51 Mustang ( American Fighter )
Spitfire ( English Fighter )
Hind ( Russian gunship [helicopter with guns for the layperson] )

All are great, I use the fighters and bomber as alternative units for the appropriate civs. I use the Hind for some civs and the attack chopper you can get here for others.

Thought you guys might appreciate the link and the administrator might appreciate not paying for the bandwidth. If im wrong Ill be happy to upload them :).
I apologize for not putting this in flashing letters. I found them. I didnt make them.
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