Adjectival and National form for each Civ


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Dec 16, 2003
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What is the adjectival and national form for each of the nations? For instance, the ambassador for France is the French ambassador.

Does this mean that the land is called Illian or is that the land called Illia and the people are the Illians?
I think that the names we have for the civ is mostly used for the people with exception to the Clan of Embers and probably something else I'm not thinking of.
I suppose there might be a way to conjugate the civilizations with Hebrew names (IIRC, Malakim, Elohim, Calabim, and any other -im I missed) into a form similar to the Persian [wiki]-stan[/wiki] or English -land. You know, Afghanistan is the land of the Afghans, or England is the land of the English. I don't actually know Hebrew, though.
Clan of Embers: Clan

This one is definitely off ;)
It is simply one clan (of many) named Ember Clan. You could have Clan of Ironblades, Clan of Woods, Clan of xxx...

So it would be Ember ambassador, not Clan ambassador, just like Empire of Rome had Roman ambassadors and not Empire ambassadors, and Republic of Spain had Spanish and not Republican ;)
I know this is a really old thread, but for some reason it's been on my mind a lot, so I finally decided to take a stab at this.

For most civs, the adjectival form will be the same as the in-game civ name, e.g., a Bannor Champion, a Hippus Knight, etc., just as we refer to "the French" and "a French city." For those civs whose name ends in an "s," the adjective would be the singular form of the name, e.g., Amurites --> an Amurite Warrior, Mercurians --> a Mercurian Angel, etc.

So I've focused on the name of the nation. Some, like the Ljosalfar and Svartalfar, were pretty obvious, from the associated Norse mythology. The rest I just guessed at what might make sense. I can't say I've been consistent in terms of grammar, so anyone interested should feel free to offer suggestions.

Here goes, with explanations in certain cases. I've included civs from modmods also.

Amurites – Amur (on analogy with such formations as Canaan/Canaanites, Edom/Edomites, etc.)

Archos – Archosia, with the adjective being Archosian (I think that's what's used in the mod)

Austrin – Austra, maybe Austrinia?

Balseraphs – Balseraphia (sorry, best I could do. I know "seraph" has Biblical Hebrew origins, but no idea what "land of the seraphs" would be)

Bannor – Bannoria, Banngard, or Bannheim -- I lean towards Bannoria, but suggested the others for variety, or possibly as the nation's name among other civs

Calabim – Calabistan or Calabia

Chislev – I always thought Chislev sounded Slavic, so Chislevgrad or Chislevska, and to be really cheeky, Chislevan Rus’

Clan of Embers – This one was harder, but a few possibilities: Emberland, Emberia, or Embria; Emberian or Embrian for the adjective

Cualli – Cuallia (my preference) or Cuallistan

Doviello – A few possibilites here: Dovheim, Dovgard, Dovmark

Dural – Duralia

Elohim – Elohia or Elohistan, following the two possibilities for the Calabim

Grigori – Grigoria

Hippus – Hippustan

Illians – Illia

Infernal – Enfer, Gehenna, Tartarus, and, just for fun, Mordor

Jotnar – Jotunheim (again, from Norse mythology)

Kahdi – Kahdia or Kahdistan

Khazad – Khazad-Dum (couldn't resist) or, more conventionally, Khazadstan

Kuriotates – Kuriotatia, or maybe Kuriot

Lanun – Lanunia

Legion of D’Tesh – For the national form, maybe D'Teshia, or D'Teshland? The adjective used in-game is D’Teshi, so I'll stick with that

Ljosalfar –Alfheim (from Norse mythology)

Luchuirp – Luchgard or Luchmark; i also thought about Nidavellir, from Norse mythology, but that's an alternative name for Svartalfheim, which goes with the Svartalfar below

Malakim – Malakistan or Malakia, like the Calabim and Elohim

Mechanos – Mechland

Mekara Order – I think they would call their country Mekara; The adjective used in-game is Mekaran, so I'll keep that

Mercurians – Mercuria (didn't want to use "Mercury")

Mazatl – Mazatlan (couldn't resist)

Scions of Patria – I think the way the Byzantines called themselves Romans while foreigners called them Byzantium and Byzantine, these guys would call their country Patria and themselves Patrian, while foreigners would call the country Scionia and use either Scion or Scionian for the adjective

Sheaim –Sheastan or Shealand. Neither one rolls of the tongue, but hey.

Sidar – Sidaria, Sidgard, Sidheim, Sidmark -- I think Sidaria is best, with the others being names in other civs' languages.

Svartalfar – Svartalfheim (also from Norse mythology)

So, that's it. Not sure why I've been thinking about this for a while, but there it is.
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