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Nov 24, 2014
Advanced Explorer (v1.8)

A mod that introduces Affinity progression for the Explorer unit, with a focus on surviving sustained alien attacks and becoming a mobile raiding unit, without making it effective in combat against combat-dedicated units.


Updated textures for Supremacy.

Future Plans:
  • Re-texture unit for the non-Affinity upgrade.
  • Balance and design pass in light of Fall and Winter Patches.

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This seems like an excellent idea but you may want to consider replacing the rover sometime in the future (pun not intended). Maybe a wolfbeatle for harmony 2 and some sort of black and yellow robot for supremacy 2. Just an idea but I know building a new model would take a long time.
Sorry, but modelling isn't my goal for this project. The retextures take enough time as it is and I don't have the additional to figure out BE's pipeline (and handle the hell that is animation).

Thanks for the suggestion regardless though :)
Managed to bugger the upload a bit, but that's all fixed now at version 1.8. Should still be compatible with the Winter Patch, any issues just let me know.

Wish the forum would properly display the new thread title :/
Hello, I was wondering how much of that LUA would be needed for overriding an existing unit.

I was trying to do an unique soldier, but I can't get them to upgrade into next tiers, because their UnitType (not to mention UnitClass) are different, and upgrade system seem to only modify stats on the UnitType.
Which would all be fine, but even adding new rows to UnitUpgrades (for my new specific UnitType) doesn't do any good (resp. most of the time breaks upgrades/unit completely). I was doing the UnitUpgrades insertions instinctively the exact same way as you (except I didn't modify perks/arts etc, I wanted my unit to become stadard Marine when he upgrades first time, with it's usual bonuses and perk choices..), so I'm pretty much convinced there is something else I still have to do with lua magic..
Could you offer some advice/tutorial? Seeing as you're probably the only one who's done this successfully so far? ;D I've looked over that lua in your mod but since I don't know almost anything about lua I can't say what needs to be done for all units and what you're doing just because you were adding a completely new upgrade tree for unit that had none.

Now that I look over the xml again, I see one entry that I don't have - for upgrade with no change in stats:
Spoiler :
Could it be this what I'm missing in my file, or really some lua magic? I'm gonna try this next when I'm in a mood but 2 days of testing and failing made me NOT want to shut down the game to modify that again.

Edit: hmm, nah, that didn't do anything on it's own, as I suspected
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