Afghan Civil War 1992-2001


Jun 24, 2006
State of Denial
Well it's finally finished.

President Najibullah's communist government, deprived of the largess of the USSR has collapsed. The Peshawar Accords have been signed setting up a power sharing arrangement, led by Burhaddin Rabbani. However, not everyone has accepted this new state of affairs. Gulabaddin Hekmatyar, not getting the coveted Prime Minister position, has unleashed his militia against Kabul. Abdul Rashid Dostum has mobilized his Uzbeks against the central government and the Hazaras have also taken up arms. Out in the west Ismael Khan is still loyal to the central government while down to the south a little movement, the Taliban is picking up steam. Can dominate in Afghanistan, be elected President or at least have the biggest crumb when it's all said and done? New version 1.1 up.

For more on the game, take a look at my video on youtube:

You can download it here:

Thanks to "The J" for help with getting it off the ground and all those great graphic designers like Snafu Smith and of course I stole some graphics off of Barbarian King's great mod as well.
This looks interesting, and I really like the intro video you put together, so I think I'll try this out sometime this weekend.

Also, for those who care, I got the preponderance of graphics for my mod from other people/mods as well (I created a few buttons, but that's about it).
Checking back in, I would like to say that I have tried this scenario and would like to compliment you on making a well researched and generally well balanced scenario, but there are a few issues I must mention. Primarily, there is a problem where the game crashes when I try to build the MiG fighter, so you should check that out and see if you get the same thing and if so try to fix it. The only other issues I have are purely from an aesthetic perspective. First, I find it a little odd that you chose to surround Afghanistan with ocean. On the one hand I can see why this was necessary, in order to contain the action to Afghanistan and especially to prevent the AI from wandering all over the place, but I think that mountains would have been a better choice of impassable terrain than ocean. That is really no big deal, I know it would be a lot of trouble to replace the ocean tiles, but I would ask that you disable the ships and coastal buildings, as that just doesn't feel right. Lastly, although I really like the music you've chosen for the mod and the ambience it gives, there is one track in there that has a really piercing instrumental piece that I would like to see taken out, for the sake of my ears. :) (EDIT: The track I'm referring to is Afghan5, namely the flute(?) flourishes in it.) I think if you made these changes you would have a great scenario.

EDIT: Also, you might want to consider actually adding your video into your mod. It gives a great background/introduction to the situation, so if it's not hard to add video you should do it (caveat: I've never added video, I know there are tutorials so it is possible, but it might be too difficult to be worth it).
The MiG-21 was an easy fix, just had to get rid of a comma at the front. I turned the volume on Afghan 5 down, so the flourishes shouldn't be too annoying. As far as coastal stuff, with no settlers and no cities on the water, I didn't think this would be a problem. Not sure how to do the video thing and didn't see a tutorial. If you find one, I'll put the video in.

Thanks for playing and for the good feedback.

New version has been added, replaced link.
Thanks for the fixes. Concerning the video, there is a tutorial here, but if you don't feel like messing with it you could upload your original file here and I could take a crack at it. Also, there actually are two coastal cities (they're on the eastern side, I can't remember the names but they are owned by the Taliban and the Kabul people at the start), but as the AI never builds ships (except Barbarian galleys) it really doesn't matter.
Interesting mod, but I was wondering if you are still working on it? I would definetly like to help you improve it, especially since I've just finished reading a book on the Taliban and the Afghan Civil War by James Fergusson. :)
Good Job so far! :goodjob:
Not really working on it now, I'm deployed. The internet here is way to slow to be able to upload it again. However, I would like to here what you would change and what sort of talents you have as far as that goes.
Well I haven't actually played it yet, due to the fact that it won't work :cry:
I put it in my mods folder but it won't load! :blush:
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