Africa and the New Map


Jun 6, 2011
With the new map planned for 1.17 and an overhaul including the ability to add a greater number of civilisations, here are some proposals I have regarding Africa, to make it both a bit more dynamic and interesting for people to play in and with.

This first post concerns East Africa, including some minor map changes, and more importantly the introduction of a new civilisations.


The Swahilis
Starting year: 900AD.
The Swahilis start with Zanzibar, an independent city on the island tiles, as well as a galley, a workboat, two archers, one worker and one settler.
This means they can settle one other city in their core at game start and will need to make another settler to settle the other city.
Unique Units:
Zanj Warrior. Replaces Heavy Swordsman. 7 combat strength, 1 movement. Starts with Woodsmen promotion. Higher chance to enslave a unit (say 50%? so not the 33% base, nor the 100% of the banderiante). Does not require Iron. Requires Nobility.
Ngalawa. Replaces Caravel. 4 combat strength, 4 movement. Starts with 'trade ship' promotion, allowing it to be settled in a foreign city, which gives Great Merchant points to the Swahilis, cannot be settled in the same city again. Requires Engineering.
Unique Building:
Zanj Trade Post: +50% foreign trade income, +1 trade route. Slaves can be sacrificed at the Zanj Trade Post for money and great merchant points. Replaces Customs House. Requires Currency.
Unique Power:
The Power of Ocean Trade: Trade routes can cross the ocean from game start. Gain a free merchant specialist for each different luxury resource sold to a different civilisation.
(eg, selling spices to Arabia would give you one free merchant, but after that selling spices to China would not, or selling dyes to Arabia would not either)

Historical Victory Goals:
The Zanj Trade: Generate 3 Great Merchants by 1200AD.
Basically just play your civ, aggressively securing slaves and sending off Ngalawas. Numbers can be adjusted as needed to put some pressure on and require some micromanaging in terms of civics/specialists in the capital.
Spice Road: Have 10 merchant and great merchant specialists in your capital.
Another micromanagement thing, but also including settling into your full borders to secure the farthest luxury resources, and might also require researching some additional techs and messing around with civics.
Deliberately without a time date because Swahili is a "survive invasion" civ like the Aztecs UHV3, so obviously this becomes easier should you survive into the industrial era.
Zanzibar Sultanate: Control East Africa in 1850AD.
Basically survive the Portuguese Trading Company invasion event and the assault of Pombos/Impi into your territory.
East Africa should also include Sofala and Somalia, so that you have to conduct campaigns against Portugal and Ethiopia.

Starting Civics:
Republic, Citizenship, Slavery, Merchant Trade, Animism, Sovereignty.
After adopting a religion and , they will prefer
Monarchy, Vassalage, Slavery, Redistribution, Clergy, Tributaries.

Rebirth Conditions:
Can be reborn after 1900AD.

Special Names:
Swahili City States (with Republic)
Sultanate of [Capital] (with Monarchy and Islam)
Kingdom of [Capital] (with Monarchy)
[Capital] Empire (with Monarchy and owning a contested/foreign/foreign core city)
Some various names after 1900 depending on territory controlled and capital:
Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, East Africa/East African
Ujamaa of x (with communist civics)
x Republic (with democratic civics)
East African Federation (full territory)
East African Empire (full territory monarchy)

Additional notes:
I would add another invasion event for something like an Oman civilisation (if 1SDAN's Oman is included), or perhaps Persia/Arabia. Alternatively, just have a big independent army spawn in around 1750AD that basically represents the Omani invasion of Zanzibar, which also threatens Portugal.

Mombasa should spawn as the independent city Azania in around 200AD, but become ruins in around 600AD or so. The same for Kilwa as Rhapta.
Zanzibar should spawn as independent Menouthias, but not collapse into ruins. This means the Swahili would start with one city.

I agree with 1SDAN here there should be a "Spice Road" corporation, representing the Indian Ocean trade routes, which the Swahili would benefit greatly from.


Here's what a constellation of cities would look like:

And the core:

(Greece = Core, Arabia = Historical, Egypt = Contested, Rome = Foreign Core)
Starting technologies:

Here are some minor proposals to Zanzibar, including moving the island up so that conquerors can spawn, and so that there are spice luxuries:

I have some ideas for other parts of Africa but this first post is long enough.
Feel free to comment regarding this proposal, other ideas for East Africa, and other parts of Africa that could be improved.


Aug 27, 2013
Another East African Heavy Swordman UU that can be built w/o iron?
I suggest that the Zanj become a Crossbowman UU, so that it doesn't overlap with Shotel as much,
and can be utilized as both offense/defense unit.


Jun 6, 2011
Another East African Heavy Swordman UU that can be built w/o iron?
I suggest that the Zanj become a Crossbowman UU, so that it doesn't overlap with Shotel as much,
and can be utilized as both offense/defense unit.
You're probably right. The Swahili did engage in Arab slave trading but I didn't really want to make a unit called "Arab Slaver" so I stuck with that. Obviously this is all speculation, and an East African Civ might not even be commerce-slavery based at all. But in general I would still want one.
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