After playing for a while...some things I like, some things I don't:


May 8, 2009
Massachusetts USA
But I definitely mostly like...! I think Civ V is a fantastic game overall, the more I play the more I like.

Things I like-

ranged units that fire at range!
diplomacy additions, such as new pacts and agreements.
strategic units limited by strategic resources.
city states
music and sounds
unit and resource graphics
advisors are back!
UI is clean and easy to use.
overview screens.
more subtle notification system on the right.
strategic view is cool.
mini map is more useful.
natural wonders.

Things I don't like-

food and luxury resources don't do as much.
trade routes are more simplistic.
terrain graphics especially rivers.
lack of animation in the world.
wonders seem underpowered.
takes very long to do anything even on standard speed.
cuslture spreads too slowly.
lack of details in relationships with other civs.
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