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After Searching High And Low

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Karl Townsend, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Karl Townsend

    Karl Townsend Prince

    Dec 27, 2005
    After Searching High And Low And though thousends of results , few questions still remain unanswered.
    (EDIT : <------ Hes a bit a Late :p)
    Now a couple days ago i saw Civ 4 complete on Steam(Keyword in this proplem) for 20 pounds , i thought BARGIN so i bought it and thought id might start playing it again , Also by some maraclulois MIRICLE it runs on the computers at college (WHOOHOO:D)

    Proplem #1

    Installing the Blue Marble Terrain Mod

    I Managed to install this on the "vanilla" Civ 4 but couldnt install it on Warlords or beyond the sword. Does anyone know a work around this?

    Proplem #2

    Deleys Bewteen Turns

    Im pretty sure i asked this before here , but seeing the programming capabiltys have advaned a bit i wonder there had been a fix or a work around found for this. on huge map (Mainly the GEMMod (Giant Earth Mod) i am getting a minute deley bewteen turns and playing on small map is no fun >.<

    I Am running the following specs

    2.5Ghz AMD Phenom 9850 Quad Core
    9600GT 512Mg DDR3
    4gig of DDR2 Ram (Can only utilize 3.25 of it due to vista)
    Windows Vista Business 32Bit

    Proplem #3


    5 Words

    What the hell is this#
    i read the civopedia about 5 times and still dont understand this , and theres no tutorials on it (Bummer :()

    Proplem #4

    Difference bewteen Warlords[c4w] and Beyond the sword:bts:

    ive played them both and never really noticed a thing bewteen them, what warlords has BTS has , so can someone explain this to me?


    O And nice to know this forum still as perky as always ^^:D:D
  2. PieceOfMind

    PieceOfMind Drill IV Defender Retired Moderator

    Jan 15, 2006
    #1 I don't remember having problems with Blue Marbe. You probably need to be more specific about what the problem is, and perhaps ask in the blue marble subforum

    #2 Unfortunately Civ4 was made a long time ago, when games did not take advantage of multiple cpu cores. Your cpu might as well be 5 years old if it is 2.5ghz. I run a 2.66Ghz duo and it's probably slower than my old single core 3.2ghz when playing this game. You graphics card shouldn't have anything to do with turn times.

    I'm pretty sure you have to just expect a long turn wait if you are playing huge maps with a lot of civs. The huge amount of processing that needs to be done simply cannot be done as quickly as you want it to be. If you have skills in making code more efficient it'd be great if you could make a speed-improving mod, but otherwise you'll have to get used to it. :(

    There are a number of guides, from basic to advanced. Make sure you are checking the strategy articles, or put the key word "espionage" into the forum search and you're bound to find something.


    Hmm there were a lot of things introduced in BtS. Perhaps you haven't played BtS long? Look at the manual - it nicely summarises the main changes from Warlords to BtS. Things like corporations, espionage, a few extra civs and leaders etc.
  3. bestbrian

    bestbrian Just this guy, ya know?

    Oct 4, 2007
    What did the egg hatch on 3/1/06?
  4. artificialj

    artificialj Chieftain

    Dec 5, 2008
    as for delays between turns - you do have the "show allies moves," or whatever, turned off, right?

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