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After the game has been won.


Zulu Slayer
Jun 14, 2001
San Diego
Just wondering, but, do many of you keep playing after the year 2050 ?? If so, for how long? I myself have played several hundred years after this to either create the world I want or have a prolonged World War. Just wondering.
In three months of play, I have yet to even make it to 2050. I've always either won or lost well before then.
I had a game that I carried on for abit because I wanted to finish off the English but they had another city somewhere that I could not find so I stopped and started another game. I had already won the game culturally and I was also going to try and finish off the spaceship but I didn't see the point...
I have yet to reach 2050 either. I usually have won or lost by that time also.
I made it to 2047. that was the year i put the rocket into space and won. it seemed kind of pointless to go on after that. the best part of the game is exploring a new world and getting up to the point of complete world domination. once you get there though.....
I've gone on a few turns after some kind of victory, wanting to punish the Frogs or somesuch. But, it gets to be a real pain moving stacks of Modern Armor all over the map one by one by one by one by one ...

So, I usually call it a game after taking a few cities.
It's rare that I get to the 20th century, let alone the 21st, but oddly I just finished a game this morning in 2040 winning a diplomatic victory. I don't know why it took so long, maybe because I've never played archipelago, huge before. To answer your question, I usually continue to play after winning only if I want to wipe someone out that was p*$$ing me off. I remember playing more than 20 turns past the win in order to finish off the stupid Egyptians, they kept respawning, GRRRR!

"do or do not, there is no try."
I only play past 2050 when I want to test some things that I would not want to test during the normal game... Things like city governors, automated workers, large modern wars with use of nukes...
yep, with civ2, we reached 32xx. I was playing a friend who was as good(/bad) as me & the game just draaaaaaaaaaaaged on.

with civ3 i'll play past 2050, but I haven't yet...
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