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After the patch is before the patch: What needs to be fixed next

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by EmpireOfCats, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. cccv

    cccv King

    May 6, 2010
    This one may be nitpicking, but "A great artist has been born" is a step back from "James Brown has been born." I tend to forget to check their names myself, so a little flavor is lost for me that way. They did it in IV, so there's no reason they shouldn't be able to in V.
  2. _hero_

    _hero_ King

    Feb 21, 2002
    I think it's time to start focusing on balance.
    Certain civs are clearly weaker than others.
    The SPs are getting close to balanced now, but still need work.
    Some of the wonders suck and others are almost must have.
  3. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Things that remain to fix, and some proposed solutions, presented in patch lingo/analytical lingo:
    -AI happiness buff should be reduced.
    -AI should do less ICS, and instead escort and guard their settlers more (and maybe get a settler production bonus if they don't already have one).
    -AI should accurately assess its surroundings. Pacachuti seems to go for a cultural win a lot, but he rarely has enough troops to defend his cities, even though his cities all often have castles and walls etc.
    -AI should be friendlier to you after you've traded with them, and never offer lump sum gold deals when unfriendly to you (i.e. Nappy's 25 gold for my 2 gold per turn for 30 turns? I'll take his 25 and then declare war on him, making a profit of at least 23 gold lol).

    -Boost food resources. Add buildings that gain additional bonuses from having food resources nearby.
    -Allow military formations (able to move multiple units at once).
    -AI should not be "friendly" to you after denouncing you.
    -Boost Great People buildings (i.e. Academy, which remains incredibly weak). Also boost Culture Bomb. Allow Great General to be attached to a city and pump out units with +15 experience.
    -Reduce production cost of wonders and buildings, and lower maintenance fees empire-wide by about 15% minimum. This will present the player with more choices throughout the game.
    -Nerf El Dorado gold bonus of 500 (Ridiculous, and I don't even have the DLC, but enough people have brought this up to believe that this silly wonder actually exists in the DLC).
    -All Natural Wonders now provide 1 culture at least.
    -Stable now grants Horsemen a little extra experience.
    -UN resolutions added in. One of them should allow foreign trade routes via roads and harbors.

    -Hotseat and multiplayer functionality should be added back in. In the very least, single player AI civs should get static pictures to represent them, rather than just a flavorless blank light blue screen.
    -Allow Babylon, Mongolia, Inca and Spain to be played in multiplayer. Allow players to tick options allowing Babylon, Inca and Spain in games (or not). Mongolia should always be allowed as part of the base game now (post-patch).
  4. Gort

    Gort Emperor

    Nov 7, 2010
    I mostly want these multiplayer fixes and changes:

    • Switching the game to non-simultaneous turns when two human players are at war
    • Proper implementation of multiplayer difficulty (at the minute the game just gives the AIs some starting bonuses and then sets everything back to Prince difficulty)
    • Allowing the game host to add more AI civs to a map than it would have by standard (no idea why this one is missing)
    • Thorough check of the multiplayer AI in general - it seems far more passive than the single-player AI does

    But I wouldn't mind:
    • Rebalancing of civ abilities and buildings - some civs are brutally powerful (like China), some are a bit weak (like Arabia) and some are just pure terrible (like the Ottomans)
    • The return of war-weariness
    • Trade routes between nations to make a peaceful playthrough a bit more profitable
    • Slower tech progression in the later eras - tech comes way too quickly later on
    • Tech diffusion - when ten other civs have a technology, you should be able to research it at a discount
    • Multiple resources for units - knights should use horses and iron, modern armour should use oil and aluminium and so on
    • Unit balancing - things like lancers and cavalry and tanks just seem a bit redundant for when they come in

    And these would just be nice extras:
    • More barbarian unique units - raiders, brigands, highwaymen, rebels, guerillas, partisans. The ability to sponsor uprisings near enemy civilisations would also be great, especially if it was cheaper to do to an unhappy opponent
    • Give great people civilisation-specific names. I don't want to see any more Aztec Montgomery units running around. Surely it wouldn't take long to think of a few great generals, artists, engineers and scientists from each civ? For ones like the Aztecs where it might be hard, at least use a generic Aztec name
    • Random events - the kind where you get to make a choice. I loved those little, "There has been a wedding between your nation and the French! What do you want to do?" scenarios. If there could be multiple-stage events like that where there's back-and-forth between you and the other nation, that would be fantastic! I'd probably play an entire game made of scenarios like that.
  5. Horizons

    Horizons Needing fed again!

    Feb 22, 2007
    Future patches will be tied to DLC release as normal, and any unexpected drops in sales of DLC will result in no more patches. ;)
  6. MAntoninus

    MAntoninus Chieftain

    Sep 24, 2010
    I'd like to see the return of 'regionalism' as a bonus or detriment to happiness.

    By that I mean that one should benefit slightly, in terms of happiness, from cities growing relatively near to the capitol, and be penalized to an equally limited degree, for far flung settlements.

    Subtle things like that would be more consistent with the historical patterns of imperial conflict...rather than finding the Persians had settled in Gaul and were hitting Rome from the North.
  7. Doctor Phibes

    Doctor Phibes Prince

    Oct 2, 2010
    I think most of what I'd want has already been posted - and there's lots of it - but no-one has mentioned graphs. I seriously miss these, and they're an old tradition going at least as far back as SMAC. I find them an vital bit of feedback - I want to see what how long-term trends are shaping up. (They're also kind of a debug tool, can tell you a lot about how the AI is playing. But maybe that's why Firaxis didn't include them...)
  8. Marshall Thomas

    Marshall Thomas King

    Dec 11, 2005
    I play with two easy-to-make changes that happen to be the first two things on your list:

    1) I increase the AI unhappiness bonus to 130 from 85 (on emperor).
    2) I increase the minimum hexes between cities by 1 (from 2 to 3); this really helps with the new AI ICS problem.

    So far these two changes have made CiV much, much better for me.
  9. Eddogegr3

    Eddogegr3 Warlord

    Mar 22, 2006
    Please add an in-game CLOCK!

    Be able to manage the notification system better. Whether by turning on or off--or making it expandable in a tree form (for example all notifications in one turn relating to the same subject shows as ONE notification--then you can click on it and it opens up the specifics)

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