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Jan 12, 2021
Hi folks,

As a bit of an amateur “Mesoameriboo”, one of my projects for the past 10 months has been working on a modmod for Age of Discovery to make the natives viable in a fun way, and to provide a challenging gameplay for Botsmash play.

It is inspired by but differs from the scenario of the “Sunset Invasion” from the Crusader Kings II DLC of the same name – whereby the Aztecs invade Western Europe. Tech costs up until the Age of Exploration (Era III, where the Europeans start) have been slashed by up to 50% to allow the natives to get up to speed quicker. To win they have to invade Western Europe and ship back hordes of Captives produced at “Hypogea” to their Capital (like the Europeans in reverse).

In total 50 new items have been added to the scenario with numerous changes to existing ones, including new resources, techs, units, and wonders – with custom art assets for a large proportion of the above.

While designed for multiplayer (the Dutch have been removed and their territory split between England, France and Spain in favour of the Iroquois/Haudenosaunee), it is just as viable (and fun!) for single player gameplay.

With the focus has been on the natives, the near-doubling of viable competitors (especially if they co-operate) means that difficulty for the Europeans has really ramped up, especially in multiplayer play. The natives start off far weaker, but can scale to being unstoppable in the late game.

The full list of new features:

8 New Wonders with new Art

• The Caracol Observatory

• Seven new Geographically-Specific wonders buildable by the natives in Western Europe

2 New Governments

• Tribal Confederacy (for the Iroquois, reqs Code of Laws)

• Quetzal Monarchy (for the three “Mesoamericans”, reqs Monotheism)

12 Native Only Improvements

• Hypogeum – The new route to victory, buildable in Europe, produces “Captives”.

• Longhouse (Unique Building for Tribal Confederacy, cheaper Courthouse)

• Chinampa (Unique Building for Quetzal Monarchy, cheaper Aqueduct)

• Telpohcalli (Unique Building for Blood Cult, better Barracks)

• Drydock (Unique Building for Blood Cult, early Harbor)

• Plus variants on Trappers Camp, Gem Mine, Silver Mine, Gold Mine, Spice Factory and Tobacco Plantation.

5 New Bonus Resources

• Guanaco

• Bison

• Capybara

• Maize (new Art from Civ 4)

• Plus Llamas from Mesoamerica conquest

3 New Strategic Resources

• Yew (for Longbowmen and Quetzal Longbowmen)

• Exotic Birds (for Advanced Native Units)

• Stone (for Mesoamerican Wonders)

7 “Natural Wonders” in Western Europe

• Royal Mile (Scotland)

• Vinhas do Duoro (Portugal)

• Puerta del Sol (Spain)

• Stonehenge (England)

• Lagoa das Sete Cidades (Azores)

• Tulpen Polder (Netherlands)

6 new Researchable Techs for Natives including new Icons

• Celestial Navigation (replacing Map Making)

• Longhouses (unlocks Tribal Confederacy)

• Quetzal Monarchy (unlocks Quetzal Monarchy)

• Fur Trading (replacing Exploration)

• Cash Crops (replacing Colonization)

• Machining (replacing Mining)

7 New Units including 4 new Models from CFC

• Quetzal Longbowman (replaces Longbowmen)

• Xolotl Warrior (replaces Knight)

• Kulkul Longbowman (Mayan UU Upgrade)

• Wallqanqa Chasqui (Incan UU Upgrade)

• Quecha Settler (replaces Settler for Inca)

• War Canoe (Barbarian Naval)

• Captive (functions as Treasure)

Extra Flavour and Historical Accuracy

• Javelin Throwers -> Hul’che Javilineers

• Proper nouns for Indigenous Nations (Incantin, Mayach, Haudenosaunega, Aztlan)

• New City List for the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), with Onondaga as the capital.

• New titles for Tlataoni Moctezuma, and Ajaw Chan Imix

• New "Terrace Hills" landmark terrain in the Andes, which can be irrigated.

New Unit Graphics credit to:

Kinboat’s Iroquois Archer

Steph’s Pueblo Mounted Pikeman

Aaglo’s Haida Canoe

Utahjazz7’s Inti Warrior

Please try it out and let me know what you think!


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Wow, the basic concept of this mod is good. However, there's a lot of weird changes you made. In diplomacy when you're at peace it shows at war and when you're at war it shows at mine. Contact the governor doesn't work instead you have to choose select a specialist. Zoom to the city is replaced with the text random map. Why when I try to save as the Aztecs it reads " Moctezuma Aztecs Adjective: Dec..SAV" and I get a message about improper charachters? It's almost like this mod is in a foreign language and it's annoying trying to translate it. Would you polish it up a bit please? Thank you for your efforts.
I replaced your labels.txt and script.txt with the vanilla conquest ones and now it seems to be working right. Thank you for the mod. :thumbsup:
I replaced your labels.txt and script.txt with the vanilla conquest ones and now it seems to be working right. Thank you for the mod. :thumbsup:

Tigris, can you send me a copy of the vanilla AOD CD/GOG Script and Labels files here or by DM? I'll make a patch for Non Steam users as I have edited the files as part of the scenario/mod for the Science Advisor and Dawn of Civilization text and potentially other parts :)
Tigris, can you send me a copy of the vanilla AOD CD/GOG Script and Labels files here or by DM? I'll make a patch for Non Steam users as I have edited the files as part of the scenario/mod for the Science Advisor and Dawn of Civilization text and potentially other parts :)
On the above, I've just looked at a scenario I know I had my own problems with (in reverse) . I can say that Script.TXT should actually be fine - the issue is Labels.TXT which I did not edit compared to vanilla AOD.

Regardless I've done a quickfix using winmerge compared to said scenario just in case script.txt has any issues. This also changes the text for popups in both labels and script .txt about Treasure to also refer to Captives. I will also edit the steam version to have these changes at a later date when I roll-out an update for other things (as its really not that urgent). Any CD users (and maybe GOG users) please give it a spin and let me know if its all good :goodjob:


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In playtesting a later version of the mod I found a game balance-breaking oversight. Hypogeums did not have "Required Goods must be within City Radius" enabled, thus allowing hypogeums to be built in all cities once a harbour was built.

This has now been corrected.

You can download the updated version for Steam here

The updated version for CD users can be found below.


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I was working on an update that adds four new civs:

  • The Guaranies (Paraguai) - starts on the Paraguay/La Plata river with a city each in RGDS state in Brazil, and one on Asuncíon, Paraguay)
  • The Missisippians (Misi-Zibi) - starts on the Mississipi River, roughly near Memphis, Tennessee, US.
  • The Haida (Haida Gwaii) - starts on Haida Gwaii Island, BC, Canada
  • The Muisca (Muisca) - starts on Bogota, Colombia
Carrying forward the Tribal vs Mesoamerican dichotomy, the Missisippians, and Haida have the same access to Tech and Govts as the Iroquois, and all three (+the Guaraníes) have access to the Plains Rider (new 3rd era unit, essentially Cavalry).
The Muisca bridge this dichotomy and have access to all the Mesoamerican and all the Tribal techs and Govts but dont have access to the Plains Riders. The Guaraníes reject it, and have no access to native governments or advanced Tribal and Mesoamerican techs, but retain access to the core ones.

The Haida (MIL SEA) are seafaring and to counter their bad geography have several buffs including the ability to build ~Colonists from the get-go (named Migrants, like the FoR unit). Theyre still UP, but are viable for an advanced player.
The Missisippians (COM IND) have the Mounted Warrior from Basegame, the Iroquois now having the Tomahawk Warrior. Due to their geography theyre pretty strong but are countered by the presence of the Iroquois (and to a lesser extent, the Aztecs). Playing an 8 player game with only the Iroquois or only the Missisippians buffs both massively. Having to research Mustangs (now a more sensible cost as its no longer a filter tech) to see horses acts to nerf them somewhat.
The Muisca (REL COM) have a great capital with lots of commerce, but the land they have to expand into is the jungle. Thankfully (for Human Players at least), the jungle is cleared at 2x speed by their UU, the Zibyntyba. They are weak to their neighbours, the Inca who I buffed in earlier versions to compete with the Aztecs and Iroquois, and am considering what could be implemented to rebalance somewhat.
The Guaranies (REL AG) are built for defence - reflecting their resilience as an ethnic group - with their UU basically being a Hoplite (upgradeable into a 3-3 unit in Era 2). They are weaker than the Inca but due to their UU have a strong defensive advantage. To buff them and add flavour, I may give them early access to the benefits of Counter Reformation in Era 2.

I wanted to give some geographic distribution to the new natives, as well as focus on distinct, prominent and interesting civs who we havent necessarily seen in other civ games
I want to give the new additions some extra polish, do some QA, and then ship them out, hopefully in the next few days! :D


EDIT: Whoops just realised this thread is in the Completed Scenarios section...
Guess this Scenario isnt so complete after all 🤔
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Love the idea of the new civs! Kind of reminds me of Pastwatch by Orson Scott Card, if you've ever read that.
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