Age of Empires

"voting blocs" this iw here U.N and Apostolic Palace would be SO useful -.-

I know the files are present? would it be any issues by attempting to implement them?

There's two files, Voting and VotesSource in XML (I believe) in the default folders.
I know the files are present? would it be any issues by attempting to implement them?

I tried explaining this in the other thread, but let me give an analogy.

There was a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, until one day it exploded for no apparent reason. By some miracle, the front door was left intact, but the rest of the house was a pile of rubble. A year later, I buy the property and plan to build my own house on the lot. You point out that since I can re-use the front door, I'm already most of the way to having a new house, and ask how difficult it'd be to finish the job.

The XML is worthless if there's no code to use it. It would take literally five minutes of work, at most, to duplicate those Civ4-relic XML tables; It'd take a month or two to write the code that would actually use them. So when you ask if there would be any issues, you're looking at it backwards. (It's a common mistake. If you don't know what the code is like under the hood, it's hard to appreciate how complex the various levels are.) It might not even be POSSIBLE to implement it correctly, and even if it is, it'd be a ridiculous amount of work to fine-tune it into something playable. (Also, it'd probably be VERY unstable.)

I've done this before, with nuke interception; my mods have nuke interception code because I wrote nuke interception code myself. The existing <NukeIntercept> stub in the Projects tables did absolutely nothing until I wrote Lua that used it. I could have just as easily started from scratch and made my own XML stubs instead, but since they were already there, it saved me a couple minutes of work to use the existing ones. (And hey, you never know, they might actually add the code to use those stubs in a patch or expansion somewhere down the line.)

Now, it's possible that somehow those bits of XML ARE being used by something internally. We've seen no indication of this, but you never know. Feel free to play around with making a mod to use them, and see if it changes anything. (I'm not going to play with them, because the last thing I need right now is yet another nonfunctional bit of code.)
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