Age of Erebus


Dec 30, 2014
How old is Erebus? I've been wondering about that for some time now, but I haven't been able to find an exact age, or even a vague one. I just find it weird
It is intentionally left vague. If i recall right the Age of Ice lasted between 300-1000 years, the Age of Magic likely even longer, and the Age of Dragons and Age of Creation... entirely speculative. I think it's to avoid being hemmed in and forced to ridigly conform to a timeline.
IS Age of Erebus a mod of Fall From Heaven, or of Fall from Heaven II? And why are some units you find on a "leash" and can't move from where they joined you?
Managed to install it fine, but how the hell do you get any gold in this game? I built a mine on a tile with gold and a road from it to my city, still losing 2 gold a turn, exactly the same as before i built it.
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