Ages of Man: the FILES thread


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Sep 21, 2005
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This thread will contain patch notes for each new version. Please do not post in this thread, unless you're me.



Certain changes to Lua Event logic in the most recent patch, #674, utterly destroyed the functionality of my mods. Nearly any combat-related logic, such as nuke interception or battle-generated Favor, will no longer function correctly when one of the two units involved in a combat is killed. There is no way to work around this that anyone has found.

Until this functionality is restored, the developers add a more robust combat-related GameEvent, or the DLL is released to allow us to fix this for ourselves, there will be no more versions of this mod posted. I've removed the download links until this is fixed.


These mods are not compatible with:
- Strategic View
- Quick Combat
- Most mods that alter certain UI elements (primarily TopPanel, UnitPanel, CityView, the Tech Tree, the Social Policy popup, or the Advanced Setup screen).
- Other mods that add or alter unit graphics (including the R.E.D. Modpack), although it'd be fairly easy to merge these sorts of mods if you really cared.

NOTE: The Ascension and Mythology mods are currently not compatible. Do not attempt to use both at the same time. You can pair Base+Empires+Ascension or Base+Empires+Mythology without any issues, although you should be careful to clear your cache between games if you switch between these. I'm hoping to resolve some of this incompatibility soon.

Additionally, the Ascension mod is incompatible with any scenarios or maps that use pre-set resource locations or that modify the Victory Progress window. The Player Pack includes modified versions of three standard map scripts that are compatible with any mod adding new resources, such as this one.
One final note, when starting any Ages of Man game, you should use the Advanced Setup screen. Failure to do so might result in a variety of issues, depending on which mod you're playing, with the most severe issues affecting people using the Ascension mod.


Ages of Man is an attempt to deepen the Civ5 experience, by enhancing the Eras neglected in the core game. The changes in these mods are designed to make the basic Civ5 experience more challenging, while removing some of the AI's inherent advantages at the same time. Much of the content was inspired by other games, and large portions of the artwork used in the various Content mods were taken from those games as well; much of the lore behind game elements were taken from existing science fiction or fantasy novels. I believe that these uses fall under the Fair Use exemption to copyright law; if you are the copyright holder to any material used and believe differently, feel free to contact me.

The eponymous "Ages" represent the three basic phases of human history: the Mythological Age, when humankind's destiny was controlled by powerful divine beings, the Empire Age, when civilization spread around the world and history was dominated by a few, powerful nations, and the Ascension Age, as a fully developed humanity struggled to avoid self-immolation long enough to ascend to a higher plane of existence. In terms of this mod, each of the Content mods deals primarily with one of these three Ages (each of which affects 3-4 Eras), although there is quite a bit of overlap in each direction. For more information about the additional content contained within each of these Ages, consult the appropriate thread.


Only the most recent versions of each file will be attached here. While I keep all older versions in storage on my own machine, it's too confusing to try supporting multiple versions within these threads. New versions will always be compatible with the most recent patches upon their release; whenever a major official patch is released I'll try to ensure a compatible version is released within a day or two.

There are five components to this mod. These are:

Ages of Man - Base is the core mechanics mod. All three content mods require its presence (although the devs haven't seen fit to allow us to do this in the mods themselves), and it should be loaded before the others if possible. As the Base mod adds no actual content, it has no discussion thread.
Current Status: v1.10 is released, and should be compatible with most other mods barring the few UI conflicts listed above.

Ages of Man - Age of Mythology alters and expands the first three eras of the game (Ancient, Classical, and Medieval) to include a wide range of mythological content. Generate Favor through battles, monuments, and priests to upgrade your religious bonuses and eventually add new minor gods to your expanding pantheon. Train mythological units with a variety of unusual abilities to crush your enemies, and recruit Heroes to counteract the mythical beasts of your enemies. (Note that this mod does not add or modify any victory conditions, but the increased time spent in the earliest eras makes it much easier to reach a Domination victory well before you could attain a Diplomatic, Science, or Cultural win.)
Current Status: v0.13 has been released. It is fully stable, although game balance is still being worked out. Feedback is welcome.

Ages of Man - Age of Empires adds new mechanics to the Renaissance, Industrial, and Nuclear Eras to improve diplomacy, espionage, and combat. It also includes many balance changes designed to make the game more difficult, while removing many of the inherent bonuses the AI receives in a normal Civ5 game. Currently, this is primarily a balance mod. Its functions will expand greatly once we have better DLL access.
Current Status: v.1.03. Very little is being added to this mod in the near future, and while it can be paired with the Base mod to act as a general rebalancing mod, it is best used to complement either the Mythology or Ascension mods' new content.

Ages of Man - Age of Ascension replaces the piddly little four-tech Future era with four entirely new eras at the end of the Civ5 tech tree. Instead of ending in the Nuclear Era, the game is just getting started. These Digital, Fusion, and Nanotech Eras are full of content inspired by Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, while the Transcendence mini-Era finishes the game with the new Transcendence victory condition. If you want to experience most of the Alpha Centauri content, it is suggested that you start the game in the Renaissance, Industrial, Nuclear, or Digital Eras.
Current Status: v2.05 is linked below. Content is nearly complete; some units are still missing custom 3D unit models, and the mod contains no new sounds or movies, but the mod is completely playable. Note that there is a known issue where the new unit models are not appearing in the DX10/11 version of the game; the DX9 version works correctly.

Ages of Man - Player Pack is not a mod, in itself, but includes extra content designed to support the other mods. This will eventually include modified Earth maps, scenarios, and extra documentation.
Current Status: v.1.04. Currently, this pack consists of three custom map scripts, designed to replace the three standard scripts incompatible with the Ascension mod, and a single reference image useful for folks who use the Mythology mod.

This naming scheme is a bit redundant, but it will ensure that the mods are all grouped together near the top of your in-game Mod browser.


To install these mods, go into your user directory. In Windows 7, this will be My Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization V/; other operating systems will have different conventions, but you should know where this area is as it contains a variety of assets of use to a player. Within this directory will be a MODS subdirectory; simply unzip the first four mods' .zip files into that area, and it will create a new directory for each. No further installation is needed; the next time you start up the game, the Ages of Man mods will be added to the list of installed mods in the Mod Browser. Select them, and you're ready to play. Again, remember that the Base mod MUST be used in any game using one of the other three.

The maps within the Player Pack instead go into the Maps directory within that same user area, and will be automatically added to the list of available maps as "Spatz's Highlands", "Spatz's Great Plains", and "Spatz's Lakes"; the original three maps will remain on the list, and it is up to you to make sure you don't select them when using the Ascension mod. Note that these map scripts can be used without any of these mods; they simply restore certain elements of the strategic resource distribution in these maps back to the standard Civ5 rates.
Any other contents of this pack are for the user's reference only, and are not needed by the game itself.

NOTE: When installing a new version of these mods, it is best to remove the old directories in their entirety, AND clear out your cache by deleting the contents of the /cache directory within your user area. Clearing the cache is also useful if you've been playing any potentially conflicting mods recently, as the game tends not to clean up its memory between games.
This patch looks like a small number of changes, but it's misleading; I made a lot of minor improvements, but I mostly made those improvements inside the Base mod instead of in the two existing ones, since I'm in the process of migrating code over to the new structure. The next version will use the new 4-mod structure, and so will take advantage of the new bits I've added there.

v.1.09: (9/29)
* The Head Start building now has FreeStartEra set to the Classical. I was trying to get this to help with the first-turn starvation issue, but it seems to only work part of the time.
* Added the help text for the Heroic Epic to mention the +XP added in the last version. This XP will be removed once the Mythology mod comes out, as it'll have a slightly different effect then.
* City-states weren't getting the same Head Start food/growth/gold/etc. boost that players were. This has been fixed.
* The Carrier now requires one unit of Oil, like it used to.

* Added Growth and Culture flavors to the spaceship projects and the Apollo progam. These, when added to the existing Wonder and Science flavors, should make any AI want to build them.
* Also tweaked the flavor values of the spaceship part units, to make them more desirable to the AI. It's not quite to a "drop everything and make these" level, but close.
* The Flavor for the "Science" Grand Strategy (the AI's decision to go for a science win) was changed from Spaceship to Science.
* Water-based Oil, Omnicytes and Dilithium were not being connected by AI players, which would cripple them in the Fusion Era and beyond. This is partially fixed through an end-of-turn Lua check that manually sacrifices Work Boats that are on top of these deposits, creating the appropriate Improvements by force. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but until I can figure out how to override the AI, it's better than nothing.
* Added a new "Harvester" improvement for Dilithium, a water-based improvement using the Mine graphic. (No more disappearing Dilithium!)
* Reduced the Spaceship Factory's production boost back down to +10% and reduced the Titan and Orbital boosts to 25%, but removed the building's aluminum requirement.
* Slightly increased the number of small (3-unit) Aluminum deposits and small Uranium deposits in the world.
* City-states weren't getting the same Head Start happiness boost that players were, and wouldn't gain Happiness from Empath specialists. This has been fixed.

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v1.00 of the new Ages of Man set are here. The Mythology content does NOT work very well, which is why I haven't put these files in the top post yet; you can't save a game and come back later, for instance. I also haven't fully integrated the Ascension mod yet, so I don't want the working 2-mod setup above to be superseded yet.

I'm going to try to get a much more stable and complete version out this weekend. In the meantime, I'm providing the files, not so much to let people play, but to get just a bit better feedback on things.

The Base mod is essential, you MUST have it if you intend to use any of the other components.
The Mythology mod is the primary thing to test.
The Empires mod is basically the old Balance mod, along with pre-spaceflight content from the old Content mod (planting forests and jungle, the Magna Carta, KGB, Hollywood, etc.); most of these lost their custom icons, at least until the next version. This mod should be very stable; you don't NEED to pair it with the Mythology content, but they're designed to work together.


These mods are treated like my others, in that you need to install them in your MODS directory. But for various reasons, you should also clear your Cache directory before loading this mod. Do not use this mod with any others (including either of my v.1.09 mods) until I figure out exactly which mods it's compatible with.
When the game starts, it won't immediately start the popup to pick a god; to do that, you should (preferably on turn 1) go into the Mandala screen, available through the pulldown menu in the upper right (the same place you access the Tech Tree). At the moment there is a known bug where the window will also pop up during diplomacy sessions with other players; if you ever see the Pantheon Selection screen after picking a god, then it's a bug.

(Files removed.)
Quick update for the alpha Mythology mod:

I've fixed a few of the more annoying bugs, but it's still borderline playable. You can't save/load yet (still need to fix that), and there are no custom icons yet. Also, I haven't finished the Ascension integration yet; that'll be during this next week. More detailed patch notes:

BASE (v.1.01):
> The Space Race victory should no longer be disabled if you are not using the Ascension mod.

EMPIRE (v.1.01):
> The Ironclad and Battleship now have the Damage Reduction promotion.
> The Pikeman and German Landsknecht upgrade to the Musketman, not the Rifleman. (Note that it IS possible to get to the Musketman before taking Civil Service.)

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.02):
> Added many tooltips, replacing the old XXXs in many areas.
> Improved the Pantheon Selection and Mandala screens in a variety of ways, too numerous to list.
> For now, removed the -3 Happiness from the mythology inherent policy.
> Lowered the population happiness handicap from x1.25 (1.2 -> 1.5) to x1.12 (1.2 -> 1.344). Before, you needed one out of every 3.33 population to be a Priest to match the old Happiness curves, now it's one out of every ~7. (Except that luxuries are also reduced by 1, as is the Colosseum, so you'll need a couple extra.)
> You'll get 2 Favor per Great Improvement (Academy, Manufactory, etc.) every turn, even if you don't work the tiles in question. (I'm assuming you WILL work the tiles, but it's the only Lua check I can find.) This will be spread evenly through all cities and across all foci, though.
> The -25% penalties to science, gold, and production for being in the Mythological Age were reduced slightly, to -20%.
> The Plants focus' level 4 effects were shifted a bit; instead of 2 Production for Forests, 2 Gold for Jungles, and 2 Food for floor plains, it's P,G for Forests, G,F for Jungles, and F,P for flood plains.
> Plants 2 gives +P for Cotton instead of +G.
> Instead of the scout-boosting promotion, the Shrine of Travel now adds 1 movement point to any unit that started the turn within that city.
> The Shrine of Water now gives a boost to Lake and Oasis yields, in addition to the naval promotion. (Previously, the Lake and Oasis effects didn't begin until you reached a Church.)
> The Cathedral of Water gives +1 production for each Flood Plain, while the Basilica of Water improves this to boost every river tile, not just the flood plains.
> The Food Storage percentages for the Healing and Death foci were lowered slightly.
> The Basilica of War now gives +2XP to all cities instead of +1.
> The Death promotion no longer heals when making a ranged attack.
> The chance of gaining a Skeleton from a killed unit when you had no Death buildings in the nearest city was lowered significantly; previously you had a higher chance with no buildings than with a Shrine, due to the way I'd done the math.
> Instead of dealing 2 damage to units harming a unit with the Justice promotion, it only deals 1, but if a unit with Justice dies while within your territory, then the enemy player pays you gold depending on the cost and experience of the unit.
> The base favor growth rate is now 1, instead of 0, which should greatly decrease the amount of time needed to upgrade your initial Shrines to Churches.
> To compensate for this, you now get -1 primary growth at Iron Working, -1 secondary growth at Engineering, and -1 minor growth at Steel.
> The Primary Growth at Apostasy was increased from +1 to +2
> The Primary Growth at Deism was lowered from -2 to -1, but the tech now also gives -1 Minor Growth
> Priests get +1 Gold when you have a National Epic.
> Priests get +1 Production when you build the Crusades, instead of the +XP that building gave previously.
> Heroes do not cost unit maintenance.
> Shifted which resources gain bonuses at each Art level, moving Gold and Marble (which are early boosts in other foci) to the later tiers.
> The Influence-boosting effects of the Art, War, and Water foci now work. (They'd been disabled previously.)

Edit: files removed.
Because of my technical difficulties, I'm not going to remove the previous versions, but I'm posting these here in the hope that they'll be more stable than the ones I've posted before.

Now, since I haven't been able to run the files, and I'm not sure it was working correctly when the crashes start, these might not function correctly. So tell me if it breaks horribly; if it does, well, you're no worse off than with the previous version.

BASE (v.1.02):
* Hero units (mythology mod) start at 30 XP when created, but they also start at level 3. This means that while they get 30XP, the game assumes they've already spent it, so you can't use that XP to gain anything new. That way, it takes them 30 XP to earn their first promotion instead of just 10 XP; however, it's not a negative, because Hero units start with 3-4 promotions AND 1-2 stat boosts, so you still come out way ahead. This is in the Base mod because the UnitCreated event is here, and it was doing strange things when I tried to split the function up, although I might do something similar for Titan units in the Ascension mod at some point.
* Handicap will now default to Prince in the Advanced Setup screen. The normal quick start will use whatever value you've set in the XML, but in the Advanced screen it'll always use Prince when running this mod.
* The mouseover tooltip for buildings with Priest slots will no longer give junk values for the amount of Favor the Priests give. Mousing over the SLOT was already showing the correct value, I just needed to copy the logic over to the building tooltip as well.

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.03):
* Pantheon Myth units will now only be visible in the build queue if you are a member of the right Pantheon.
* The Mandala will now update its stats at the start of each active player's turn, in addition to several other triggers. For instance, it'll also update if you click on a Focus, or hit any button in the Mandala screen, or look at your computer funny... but I still can't get it to update when you just open the window. If I could get that to work, then I could remove all the other Update calls. Note that the sheer number of update calls I've put into place might make the window a little sluggish.
* Fixed several math bugs that led to religious buildings not upgrading correctly.
* The combat events, including Battle Favor, are now operating correctly. Previously most variables were being stored as local values, which'd fail when the IF block they were declared in ended. I'm temporarily treating them as globals, while I reorganize things a bit better.
* City Favor now caps at the amount needed for the level ABOVE the one that is the current maximum. That is, if you're limited to Shrines (100 Favor), then you can store up to 300 Favor behind-the-scenes, so that when you unlock Churches you'll immediately upgrade (at which point the new maximum becomes 600). This means that your top foci (primary and secondary in capital) will cap at 1500 Favor, on normal speeds. This was really in there to prevent someone from being able to gain two levels in a row if they picked the right techs, or from building up so much Favor in their capital that the downward slide at the end takes too long.
* The "Add Minor God" button will disappear once you add a minor god. Previously this'd allow you to take a single god twice in a row, which'd screw up the math.
* Fixed the order of arguments on EndCombatSim, which was causing some of the unusual Myth abilities to trigger at the wrong times. For whatever reason, the argument list for EndCombatSim is the same as RunCombatSim, EXCEPT that the "damage taken in this fight" variables are swapped, presumably to indicate damage DEALT instead. While I'd made the same mistake in the Ascension mod's combat event as well, nothing in that mod used those particular values.
* Added the City List and Player List options on the Mandala. If the amount of real estate used turns out to be insufficient, I can change it to a popup, or at least add a scroll bar. For now, as a placeholder, the background behind these data readouts will be colored, so that you can see how far up the screen they can go. The data lists from the bottom of the mandala, filling upwards, so it shouldn't overlap the other fields until you have a large number of cities or are playing with a huge number of enemy civs.
* Increased the Happiness Flavor values for Priests. I don't know if the AI will use these yet. It's one of the things I was testing.
* Removed the -1 Gold from the Temple. Besides just looking awkward, gold is hard enough to get as it is. Granted, you wouldn't get the Temple until the Classical Era, but I want it to be the one building EVERYONE wants to build, so it's okay if it's purely better than in vanilla.
* The mod will now remove the Project for your pantheon when you end the Enlightenment. Among other things, this'll remove the pantheon units from your build lists.
* In the Hindu pantheon, switched Ap to Varuna. Both were Vedic water gods, but Varuna was more common later on. Well, really it was more about disliking a 2-letter name, but it's also easier to find pictures of Varuna.

Edit: obsolete files removed.
New versions! Before you start using it, there are a few nown Issues:
> In the Mythology mod, the various data structures are not being preserved across savegames. I'll try to fix that for the next time, but for now you basically have to play the whole game in one sitting.
> You can't combine the Ascension mod with the Mythology mod without exceeding the limit on promotions.
> The Mythology events are all still placeholders.
> At the moment, you can't run the Ascension mod without the Empires mod. This will be fixed as soon as I can.

Now, normally I try to play through at least one full game before posting files. That wasn't possible for this iteration, but I really wanted to get a more-or-less stable version of the Mythology out for people to playtest.

BASE (v1.03):
* Previously, I'd sacrifice a workboat to create the improvements for Oil, Dilithium, and Omnicytes if it was on the hex in question. Now, it'll sacrifice if, at the start of the turn, it's within 4 hexes in both X and Y. So realistically, an AI will create the boat and it'll immediately sacrifice. Note that this will not happen for the human player; while there are a small number of situations where this'd allow the AI to do things the human can't, the reverse is also true. (Also, due to a bug, it wasn't happening for city-states anyway.) The check was also moved from the end-of-turn serial event to a start-of-turn GameEvent.
* The override I use to force AIs to pick policies if they get stuck was affecting the player as well. This has been fixed.
* The Social Engineering box, and the checkbox that enables it, will be hidden if you aren't using the Ascension mod.
* Transferred icons for the terraforming actions and such to this mod from the Ascension one.

ASCENSION (v2.00):
* The Nano Factory now reduces the cost of purchasing units by 25%, in addition to its other effects (free upgrades, 10 Aluminum). By the time you reached it you'd have nearly free upgrades already, and would be replacing Aluminum-using units with Neutronium ones, so it needed a boost.
* All Psi units get +10% when attacking. (Just like in SMAC.)

EMPIRE (v1.03):
* Chichen Itza was moved from Civil Service to Theology.
* Added several Flavors to the Courthouse (which was previously pure Happiness flavor) to make it more desirable to the AI in times when it has sufficient Happiness.
* Increased the Flavor boosts for the Diplomacy flavor (which governs CS alliances and the Patronage branch) when the AI doesn't pick the United Nations as its grand strategy.
* Transferred icons for the buildings and units in this mod from the Ascension one.

MYTHOLOGY (v0.04):
* Rearranged many of the tech-given bonuses. The primary change is that techs no longer increase the maximum level of religious buildings in all cities at once, but instead alternate between capital and non-capital bonuses for a smoother progression. This also means that new levels tend to unlock about one tier earlier than before.
* Removed a very improbable exploit where you could keep some religious buildings after the Enlightenment.
* Increased the science penalty for the Mythology policy from 20 to 25%, and reduced the gold penalty from 20 to 15%.
* The Enlightenment was moved back one tech, to Iconoclasm.
* The Crusades were moved from Heresy to Conversion.
* The Inquisition was moved from Iconoclasm to Apostasy.
* Level 1.5 Pantheon units now unlock at Spirituality, not Mythology.
* Level 2.5 Pantheon units now unlock at Shamanism, not Conversion.
* Level 3.5 Pantheon units now unlock at Heresy, not Apostasy.
* The Hermitage was moved to Deism. (You still need its original tech, Acoustics, to get the Opera Houses needed to build it.)
* City Favor and Player Favor in the Mandala screen will round down to the nearest whole number for display purposes. (Fractions are maintained internally.)
* Fixed the bug that was causing the active player's capital to get a bunch of extra shrines.
* Moved the Dryad from Plants 3 to Plants 2, and reduced its strength appropriately.
* Moved the Treant from Plants 4 to Plants 3, and reduced its strength appropriately. Also, removed the Loner promotion from it.
* Added an unnamed unit at Plants 4.
* Swapped the Jungle bonus at Plants 2 with the Flood Plain bonus at Plants 3. This was because the two major gods with Plants were Hachiman (primary) and Ra (secondary), neither of which is associated with Jungles.
* Fixed a bug that was causing lower-tier Plants buildings to give too much yield.
* Switched Art to a combination culture/happiness Focus by adding +1 Happiness at levels 2 and 4.
* Changed the Culture values for Art from 1/2/3/4 to 1/1/3/3 to compensate.
* Switched Justice to a combination Hero/happiness Focus by adding +1 Happiness at levels 2 and 4.
* Changed the yield values for Fertility, Wealth, and Crafts from 1/2/3/4 to 1/3/3/5, and added +1 Happiness at level 3 for each of these.
* Changed the Happiness for the Beauty focus to 1/2/3/4 instead of 1/1/2/4. The Wonder production bonus remains the same, 0/10/20/30%.
* Storms 3 buildings can now affect units 3 hexes away, instead of the previous limit of 2.
* Storms buildings now add 1/2/3/5 to the city's Defense, in addition to the damage dealt.
* Battle Favor previously gave 5 bonus Favor for killing the opposing entity (city or unit) and subtracted 2 Favor if your own unit/city died. This is changed to reflect the difficulty of capturing a city; units give 4 Favor when killed and subtract 2 if your unit is killed, and cities add 10 or subtract 5 if they're killed. (It's not really possible for a city to die when attacking, but I included that just for completeness.) These ratios scale with the maximum HP of the combatants (10 for units, 25 for cities); any mod that alters these values will change the amount of Favor given.
* Improved the pantheon selection screen to give more information.
* The Death promotion wouldn't trigger correctly when the defending unit was killed.
* Fixed the Spawn promotion to actually spawn the units.
* City-States can no longer build Myth units.
* Units and Buildings will now disband/downgrade correctly after the Enlightenment.
* There are now 19 events in the game; 8 "high" events, 6 "medium" events, and 5 "low" events. At the moment, they all do the same thing (the generic effects I'd had previously), but I'm adding different effects over the next couple days. In terms of rarity, they're 1:2:4, with the High events being the ones that can award Heroes or powerful Myth units. All Highs are one-time-only, the Lows can repeat as many times as necessary and don't lock other events out very long, while Mediums fall in between.
16 out of the 19 events are alignment-related. The Medium aligned events, for instance, are aligned L, C, M, E, and two neutral ones. The average occurrence rate for each is 1%, but this can increase or decrease by up to 50% depending on your current alignment. (So if you're in the LM corner of the Mandala, then the Lawful and Material events will be more likely to trigger, and the C and E will be less likely.)
* In the Mythological Age, the Palace adds 1 additional food, to help make up for the -10% penalty.
Thanks to the listing on the front page, it's time for a new version!

BASE (v1.04):
* In the process of translating scripts over, the "Head Start" bonus for late-era starts was accidentally broken. You were receiving no extra yield bonuses for a late-era start, which often led to little or no growth in your cities in Ascension games.
* Removed the extraneous print statements from SocialPolicyPopup.lua
* When using the Ascension mod, the three incompatible core map scripts (Great Plains, Highlands, Lakes) will be removed from the list of map options in the Advanced screen.
* When listing the active AoM components at the top of the screen, it'll now put them in order (Base-Mythology-Empires-Ascension).
* The start-of-turn event was broken, where it wasn't setting one variable correctly. This'd prevent the previous oil/dilithium/omnicytes Work Boat fix from processing.
* The resource re-pick was broken; it'd clear the old demand, but wouldn't replace it with a new one.
* Changed the Unit Lua functions to use more local variables instead of globals. This should fix a couple minor bugs, but there's still an issue in that the GetUnitByID() function is apparently failing for some AI units.
* The amount of culture needed to trigger the automatic Policy picking algorithm (used when the AI would get stuck) was if the AI player had either 2*N or N+100 (whichever is lower), where N is the amount of Culture needed to get the next policy. In an Ascension game, that N+100 was too small; an empire could easily generate several hundred per turn, and so this mechanism was being used in many situations where the AI wasn't actually stuck. So now, the amount of excess Culture a civ needs to have before being forced to pick is 2 times the amount of Culture from buildings that AI generates each turn, plus 50 Culture to ensure it doesn't break in early-game goody hut situations. Note that this is only the culture from buildings within your cities; specialists, Piety policies, etc. do not modify this value. (Blame the devs for that one. They didn't provide a simple "culture per turn" function.)
* In City View, the tooltips for the various religious buildings of the Mythology mod (Shrines, Churches, Cathedrals, and Basilicae) will state that building's Focus' current Favor and the amount needed for that building to upgrade. Note that it won't indicate whether you have the technologies necessary to unlock the upgrade, it'll only say how much would trigger the evolution if you DID have the tech.

ASCENSION (v2.01):
* The lockout for using Plant Forests/Jungles on forests and jungles should now work correctly, but only if the Ascension mod is loaded after the Base.
* Gene Splicing now requires Centauri Ecology. The AI was too often beelining for the Digital that way, instead of taking the techs that gave spaceship parts.
* Changed the Unit Lua functions to use more local variables instead of globals.
* The Transcendence victory's project will now be correctly buildable, and will end the game at the appropriate time.
* The city-size reduction of the Transcendence project was only applying to your capital, and not any other cities. This has been fixed.

No changes in this version.

MYTHOLOGY (v0.05):
* Fixed the data structures to initialize correctly when loading a savegame. Yes, you can finally save a Mythology game and play it later!
* The Plant Forest and Plant Jungles actions used by the Dryad and Treant will now correctly be blocked if you try to use them on a hex already containing a forest or jungle.
* Made a lot of deity changes:
- In the Norse Pantheon, Thor was changed from Air/Storms to Storms/Healing. Note that this makes the Norse the only pantheon to not have access to all four elemental Foci (although the Greeks, Aztecs, and Sumerians have two major gods with elemental secondaries, which meant that at least one would be locked out for players of those pantheons.)
- In the Hindu Pantheon, Shiva was changed from Death/Storms to Death/Healing.
- In the Aztec Pantheon, Tlaloc was swapped from Storms/Fertility to Fertility/Storms. It was hurting the other Aztec players too much to not have access to Fertility.
- In the Sumerian Pantheon, Utu was moved from Justice to Death and Anu went from Death/Darkness to Darkness/Justice. Anunna was removed (from Balance), and Ereshkigal was added at Seasons.
- In the Shinto Pantheon, Izanagi was moved from Fertility to Healing, and Sarutahiko went from Earth/Justice to Earth/Travel. This significantly changed the banned Foci, and makes the Shinto set a very yield-light set.
* When determining the amount of Building Favor each shrine gains, you no longer add 1 to the Growth values when determining weighting factors.

PLAYER PACK (v1.04):
* To help with Mythology games, I've included a labeled version of the Mandala, showing which Foci are available at every position. It's still a little hard to read, but until I can figure out how to rotate jpeg images inside Civ5's Lua or create polygons on the fly, I can't make a good graphical depiction of the area each Focus covers.
BASE (v1.05):
* Added a repeatable +1 Culture building for use by various mechanisms.
* Merged the Barrage (Open ranged attack) promotion line with the Drill (Rough melee attack) promotions, and merged the Accuracy (Rough ranged) with Shock (Open melee). This also fixed the issue where Accuracy was +25% while Barrage was only +20% for the first two; all promotions now go 20/20/25%. Note that this has not been enough to bring the Ascension+Mythology total below the promotion cap, so I'm looking into other promotions to remove as well.

ASCENSION (v2.02):
* Moved the Paradrop 2 and Orbital Drop promotions back here, from the Base mod.

No changes.

MYTHOLOGY (v0.06):
* The Ravens (Norse level 1.5 unit) and Makara (Hindu level 2.5 unit) were accidentally disabled. This has been fixed.
* Reduced the number of Myth units you can have. Previously, it was 9/5/3/1 for Focus units and 7/4/1 for Pantheon units. Now, it's going to be 6/4/2/1 and 5/3/1, respectively.
* The Stun, Venom, and Disease promotions weren't causing units to give the negative promotions (Stunned, Poisoned, Diseased) to the units they fight.
* The alignment probability multipliers for Events are now more fluid; it now matters exactly how far away from the origin you are, not just which quadrant you're currently in.
* The AI players (not city-states or barbarians) will now experience Events just like the player does. The AIs will choose between the four options semi-randomly based on their leaders' Flavor ratings.
* The Low and Medium events are all in place, with their actual effects. The High events still use placeholders and are temporarily disabled. To account for this, the two neutrally-aligned Medium events are set to be a bit more common than normal.
* The Knowledge Focus now gives slightly better promotions: at level 1, all units get Sentry (instead of just Scouts getting +1 visibility), and at 2+ all units get the new Knowledge Focus promotion; this new promotion gives +2 visibility and +10% combat in friendly lands.
* Instead of +1 XP in all cities for the Cathedral and Basilica of War, they add 2 and 4 to city defense, respectively.
* The Travel Focus adds +1% to all trade route income in your empire for each Cathedral of Travel you have, and +5% for a Basilica. (That's +1%/+5% in ALL cities, not just the one that has the temple.)
* Reworked the equations for Storm damage to have lower damage values, larger areas, and less dependence on the Basilica.
* Instead of a single Mythology policy with constant penalties, there are now five (one for each era from Ancient to Renaissance, and one for everything after that). They give progressively larger penalties.
- In the Ancient: +6% population Unhappiness, -10% Science, -10% Gold, -10% Production, -5% food
- Each later era adds -10% Science, -5% Gold, -10% Production, and -5% Food
- Entering the Classical and Renaissance eras reduces the happiness from luxuries by 1 per, while entering the Medieval and Industrial adds another +6% to population unhappiness.
* Balance (at levels 3 and 4) now sorts Food, Production, Gold, and CULTURE (instead of Research). Research was nearly always coming in dead last in these eras as it would be generated by population and not by tiles, so Balance was basically adding +3 and +4 Research every turn, better equal to what the Knowledge Focus would give.
* Fixed a small math loophole in the Balance logic, where fractional yields could interfere with the sorting mechanism. (Since these were the base yields, before modifiers, it was very unlikely that any values would have been fractional.)
* Air buildings were missing part of their level 2 effect. They now have the Krepost's 25% cost reduction in gold and/or culture for adding a new plot (and yes, it stacks with the Krepost). This applies to the Church, Cathedral, and Basilica of Air. (Does this make much sense for an Air effect? Not really, but I wanted it somewhere and the elemental sets are supposed to be sort of a strange mix of effects.
* Moved the Oracle to Polytheism, the Hanging Gardens to Hierarchy, and the Temple to Priesthood. (This opens up a spot at Rituals, which will be used for the god-specific units if necessary.)
* Swapped the positions of Priesthood and Polytheism in the tech tree, and changed their dependencies a bit to remove a beelining possibility.
* Moved the list of your current gods to its own button, which freed up a bit more room for the other Mandala data readouts. Eventually, I'll include clickable icons for this list so that you can go straight to the Focus info.
* When you click on a Focus, it'll now color-code each of the four building levels based on your current technologies (Green = can reach in all cities if you have enough Favor, Blue = can only reach in your capital, Red = can't reach at the current time (if ever), Grey = can't take this Focus.) This'll make it much easier to know whether your buildings will be able to upgrade any time soon.
* Made the Top Panel Favor tooltip more verbose
* Fixed the tooltip when you mouse over your civ's icon in the Mandala.
* General cleanup on the Mandala, trying to be more consistent on which colors are used for which types of items and improving a few font sizes.
* There are now two types of Heroes: Minor Heroes and Major Heroes. There are four generic types of Minor Hero (swordsman, spearman, archer, horseman), and these are the ones awarded by the Heroic Epic as well as a repeatable moderate Event. They have normal strength, and start with either Shock I or Drill I (50% chance of each) and then one randomly selected promotion (but start at 10 XP at level 2). Major Heroes are the one-of-a-kind named heroes, only available through pantheon-specific High Events.
* Split the Anti-Myth promotion into two levels, 10% and 25%.
* Replaced the "XXX" Travel unit with the Cadejo. I haven't completely updated its promotions, though.
* Replaced the "XXX" Fertility unit with the Ao Ao.
* If you have enough Favor to gain a new god, the Favor readout in the Top Panel will replaced by an "ADD A MINOR GOD" notice. You're not required to do so, and if you mouse over that message you'll get the usual readouts.

No changes.
A short version here; I'm trying to fix some mechanical bits, and will get the next version out on the 19th or 20th before I go on vacation.

NOTE: The Mythology mod does not correctly load the data when you load a savegame. It'll lose whatever Favor and Minor Gods you'd gained. I think I can get this fixed by the next version, but for now, no loading.

BASE (v1.06):
* Some of the promotions that were switched from depending on Barrage and Accuracy to Shock/Drill were depending on Shock/Drill twice because of how the prerequisites were ordered.
* The game crashes if you Delete an existing promotion, as it won't fill in the missing IDs with any new promotions. To fix this, six of the promotions in the Base mod have been explicitly given the vacated IDs.

Mythology (v0.07):
* The Heroic Epic and the level 4 Justice ability now only check the number of Minor Heroes you have. Major Heroes do not count towards their check. So if you have two Major Heroes and one Minor, and the Minor dies, the Heroic Epic will replace it with a new Minor regardless of how many Majors you have. This was done because some pantheons won't have any Major Heroes, and I didn't want to penalize the civs that do have them.
* Added the eight Major Heroes for the Greek Pantheon. Each of these will use a slightly-larger-than-normal 1-unit model, as do the Minor Heroes.
* The existing eight High Events have been re-enabled. At the moment, they're not Pantheon-specific, and for each event all four choices award the Greek Hero in question. In future versions, these Events will change to be a bit more interesting, and each Pantheon will have its own set of High Events, other than the two generic ones.
* The growth rates in your capital, in all Foci, increase by an additional 1 at Rituals and decrease by 1 at Deism. (They were already going +1 at Mysticism and -1 at Scientific Theory.) I'm going to overhaul the whole tech tree setup in the next version, but this general pattern will remain.
* The Neutral Low Event is now twice as likely as before to trigger (4% instead of 2%). Its lockout times remain at 20 and 5. This was the generic event previously used as the placeholder. I'm still deciding how many High Events there should be, and the percentages will change as a result.
* Added two more Medium Events, with the same 1% chance as the others. The two previous Neutral Medium Events have been moved to diagonal alignments, so that there are now eight alignment-linked Medium events and no neutrals.
* Added two more High Events that don't spawn Heroes; these High Events will be available to every civilization, while the other 8 will be different for each Pantheon (but for now use Greek placeholders).
Note that instead of 19 events totaling 20%, there are 23 that total 25%. This should mean 9-10 turns per event instead of the previous ~11. This total might change as I develop the High Events, but the final cumulative percentage will remain between 20 and 25%.
* Various events have been debugged; all should work now. I've confirmed the function of all Low and Medium Events. The Hero-giving Highs should work fine, and the two new Highs don't do anything special, so everything should work now.

Empires, Ascension, and Player Pack had no changes in this update.
It's that time again, boys and girls. (Time to bust a rhyme? Time to shoot a mime? No, time for a new version!)

A few general notes:
> The save/load functionality now works on the Mythology mod, as far as I can tell. It seemed to work fine for "hot" loads, when you load within a game, as well as "cold" loads from the main menu. But I haven't tested this exhaustively, so it might have problems here and there.
> There are still a bunch of graphical placeholders, most noticeably the custom techs and three of the pantheons. My internal version has many of these fixed, but it was too problematic to insert these into the test version this time. I'll try to fix that in the next one.
> While the mod is now fairly stable, I'll be adding new Mythology content in very quickly over the next few weeks, and some of it won't be fully tested. Try to keep track of any crashes experienced.
> The tech tree has been heavily revamped, especially the late Medieval/early Renaissance. This also included quite a bit of rearrangement of non-religious techs, with many technologies now depending on or leading to completely different techs than they had previously. If you spot anything obviously screwy, I left some room to shuffle things around more if need be.

BASE (v.1.07):
* Moved a few text keys from the Ascension mod, like the ones explaining terraforming.
* Disabled the Project notifications for the Pantheon projects (Mythology) and Orbital Defense Pods (Ascension). You'll still get the text at the top of the screen (for now), but will no longer see the project completion notification buttons on the right side of the screen.
* Temporarily added Pazyryk's TableSaverLoader component to act as a Mythology data manager until I can get the SaveUtils working correctly again. This'll result in some brief slowdowns between turns, but nothing too crippling.

ASCENSION (v.2.03):
* Instead of using Anarchy as a timer for the Transcendence project, the mod now uses an internal timer that doesn't disable building or researching during the 20-turn countdown. (I couldn't reproduce the turn-11 win some folks reported, but I hope this will fix it.)
* Fixed a bunch of text key issues.

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.09):
(v.0.08's changes posted here for reference)
* Added a bunch of text keys, replacing a lot of the placeholders
* Rearranged a lot of techs and their effects. The list is too long to include here, just accept that it's pretty much rebuilt from scratch.
* Reduced the gold penalty for the mythological era to -5/10/15/20/25, and the capital now adds 1/2/3/4/5 Gold per turn. This might end up being too generous, but too many people were having money issues.
* Priests now generate +1 Food and +1 Culture per turn, in addition to the Happiness. I'm trying to get the AI to use them automatically, like it does Empaths. The strange part is that the only way I can get the AI to do so with the current yields is to set it to "Great Person Focus", which is stupid since Priests don't even GENERATE Great Person points. So it looks like the game's hard-coding things internally. In the end, I might just have to add a new Great Person type, the Great Prophet, and have priests build towards that (but slowly, maybe 1 GPP per priest).
* The French civilization only gets +1 culture per turn per city, instead of 2. The pre-Steam Power phase now lasts twice as long as before, so it's only fair.
* The Aztec civilization only gets half the unit's cost in Culture, instead of the full amount. (See previous comment.)

* This mod now uses Pazyryk's TableSaverLoader to store data between savegames. This database is stored at the start of each player's turn, which means that if you save the game after taking any actions during the turn (choosing a Minor God, having an Event, gaining Battle Favor), the results of those actions will be lost. Obviously you can just re-select a Minor God, but the others would result in a net loss for you.
* High Events are now as common as Medium Events, averaging a 1% chance per turn with the usual 5-turn global lockout. With a few specific exceptions, they're still limited to occurring once per game and can't trigger until the Classical Era, but you should now expect to see two to four High Events in a typical game.
* Rearranged the techs again, in an attempt to stretch the mythological period a bit further into the Renaissance. There are now no techs that boost multiple types of Foci at once, barring the few that boost only growth rates and not levels.
* Added a new technology, Reformation, in the Renaissance between Iconoclasm and Deism.
* Added two more National Wonders: Oral Tradition (1% tech steal chance, all non-Myth units trained in this city get +10% vs. Myth units) at Shamanism, and State Religion (+1 Happiness per 2 Policies, this city generates +25% GPP, but all other cities produce -25%) at Conversion; both of these disappear when you complete the Enlightenment. The Crusades was moved to Heresy.
* Oral Tradition, State Religion, and Crusades are all removed at the completion of the Enlightenment. The Inquisition, however, is not removed. As the Inquisition only provides an anti-Myth bonus its use will only last as long as it takes for everyone else to go through the Enlightenment as well.
* Added Flavors for the Inquisition and Crusades, which had lacked them before (and caused the AI to not build them).
* The Enlightenment was moved from Iconoclasm to Reformation.
* Increased the Flavor for the Enlightenment to make sure the AI builds it fairly soon after unlocking it.
* Moved Hermitage back to its original tech, Acoustics.
* The Avatar is no longer at Balance 4; it's now the Major Hero unit for the Hindu Pantheon, and will be upgraded through various High Events; its abilities have changed slightly as well. The Balance Focus no longer has a Myth unit.
* The Healing 4 Myth unit was removed entirely; a Basilica of Healing, in addition to its old effects, fully heals any unit that rests in the city.
* The Art 4 Myth unit was removed entirely; a Basilica of Art was already pretty good due to it's global +25% Culture effect. If this proves to be insufficient I can try something else. Possibly replace the +25% with "+1 Culture per Specialist", which now works.
* The Seasons 4 Myth unit was removed entirely; a Basilica of Seasons now boosts the two in-season yields by +5 in the capital instead of +4, and your capital gets +2 to the two out-of-season yields instead of the +1 the other cities get.
* The previously unnamed Plants 4 unit is now called the "Nature Elemental". Its promotions have been altered slightly to make it more similar to the other Elementals, replacing Loner with Stun. Combat-wise it's still slightly weaker than the other elementals, but it can perform a few terraforming actions. The unit will be made a little more complex in the future; I want it to do things like spontaneously generate forests and jungles wherever it goes.
* The previously unnamed Wealth 4 unit is now called the "Kitsune", which reflects the fact that only Inari has Wealth as the Primary Focus (and only Hades has it as a Secondary). The Kumiho (Korean) and Huli-jing (Chinese) are functionally identical, and so could be used instead, but there was no point in going to an alternate name. (Besides, "huli-jing" now means something a bit different in Chinese culture...)
* Fixed a bug that was causing the Basilica of Balance to not modify the Balance logic correctly.
* The Anti-Myth II promotion's bonus was reduced from +25% to +20%.
* Each Pantheon now has a unique bonus of some kind, generally related to how they deal with enemy Myth units:
- Greeks have 8 Major Heroes awarded by High Events.
- Egyptians have 4 Major Heroes awarded by High Events (names and stats TBD, using placeholders for now) and they have two level 2.5 Pantheon units instead of one, adding the anti-Myth "Pharaoh" at Rituals.
- Norse non-Myth units now deal +1 damage to all opposing Myth units, and they now have two level 1.5 units instead of one, adding the anti-Myth "Hersir" at Mythology.
- Hindu now have 1 Major Hero, the Avatar; it's more powerful than normal Major Heroes, and respawns in your capital like a Phoenix. They have a number of High Events; the first High Event encountered will award the Avatar, and all later ones will make your existing Avatar stronger in various ways or give anti-Myth bonuses to your other units. (At the moment there is only one Hindu High Event, set to repeatable. This will be changed to have several distinct events.)
- Aztec followers' non-Myth, non-Hero units can randomly gain anti-Myth bonuses every time they kill an opponent's Myth units. They have a 100% chance of getting a +10% bonus, then a 50% chance of upgrading that to +20%, then a 33% chance of upgrading that to +30%, and finally a 20% chance of upgrading that to the Hero (+50%) promotion.
- Sumerians have 4 very powerful Major Heroes awarded by High Events.
- Shinto followers' non-Myth units take 1 less damage from enemy Myth units, and their Pantheon units are stronger against Myth units than those of other Pantheons (with all three beginning with a +20% bonus against Myth units).
* Added four Egyptian major heroes (names to be determined). Suggestions are welcome for them; at the moment they're all just generic swordsmen. Stats for these units are placeholders, currently.
* Added four Sumerian major heroes (Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Utnapishtim, Dumuzid). Each of these is stronger than other civs' major heroes (except the Avatar) and will have a significant drawback; Gilgamesh, for instance, will subtract 1 Happiness from your Empire. These penalties have not yet been implemented.
* Because most High Events are now pantheon-specific, I'll be adding a large number of unique high events for the three pantheons that don't have Major Heroes. At present, these events just give a substantial yield bonus, so if you see one, just imagine getting something good. It wasn't worth putting a complex placeholder in. Because there's only one placeholder per pantheon with 4 times the chance of a normal High event, these events are repeatable with a 40-turn limit, instead of each pantheon having four one-time-only events.
This is a relatively brief update, mostly bug fixes before the long weekend. After the weekend I'll have a new version out, especially for the Mythology mod.

ASCENSION (v.2.04):
* Instead of being handled purely through Lua, the Transcendence Victory now uses the XML functionality to award a winner. To do this, you now need 50 copies of the "Ascent to Transcendence" Project. Its cost has been cut from 5000 down to 1000, and a Lua function will give you one copy per turn for free, once you've completed at least one instance of your own. In other words, you can either build one copy and wait 50 turns, or you can build copies in each city, repeatedly, to rush the process. Since everyone will be in total war with you, you might not be able to spare the production...
This change now seems to prevent the "turn 11 win/loss" bug. If anyone still sees the game end in a Transcendence win before the appropriate time, please say so.
* Shifted some of the Flavor ratings for the Ascent to Transcendence, to make the AI value it higher when it's picked a strategy other than Spaceship. The Flavor values might now be TOO high, given the new system; before, you obviously NEEDED to build it as soon as possible, but with the Flavors at their current values the AI will probably try to build one in every city at every opportunity.

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.10):
* The condition for the Hindu High Events has been fixed, as well as a bug in the event's effects if you received this event (currently set to repeatable) a second time. In the next version, this'll be replaced with a set of non-repeatable events. One thing I'm considering is a separate trigger, to where if a Hindu follower enters the Medieval Era without having an Avatar yet, one is given to them for free.
* The data saving now happens at the correct times, so you can now save and load games without any loss of mythological data.
* Replaced Ki (Sumerian goddess of Earth) with Kishar. Besides having a better name, it was easier to find a picture for Kishar.
* Added icons for the Aztec, Sumerian, and Shinto gods, and custom icons for the seven Pantheons.
* Added custom icons for the 15 technologies. Some of them are still placeholders, but will be replaced in the next version (unless I just decide to keep them for the humor value; you'll see what I mean.) A few others might just be a bit too complex, to where you can't make out enough detail to matter.
* Disabled the audio when you research the religious techs. They were all using the "Pottery" intro as a placeholder. There's just no reason to use any of these until we can add sounds to the database.
* The minimum-level bonuses were being applied at the wrong techs. At the moment these are hard-coded internally, instead of being a table read. This'll be fixed eventually.
* The Chivalry tech wasn't giving its intended boost to Secondary Foci. Its help text was also adjusted.
A long-overdue update, now that I've finally fixed the save/load issues. Now that the mechanics are working I'll go back to adding content (events, icons, etc.)

BASE (v.1.08):
* When a Minor Hero unit is created, for the Mythology mod, and the owner is Sumerian, the unit starts with the "Elite" promotion (adding visibility and XP gain rate) and "Loner" promotion (+20% when not adjacent to an ally) in addition to its normal abilities.
* When a Minor Hero unit is created, for the Mythology mod, and the owner is Egyptian (the Pantheon, not the civ), the unit starts with the "Elite" promotion (adding visibility and XP gain rate) and "Teamwork" promotion (+20% when adjacent to an ally) in addition to its normal abilities.
* When Gilgamesh is added to an empire, they get a permanent -1 Happiness that lasts until the Enlightenment, even if he's killed before that time.
* Because the Accuracy and Barrage promotions have been rolled in with Drill and Shock, some high-level promotions now overlap. By removing the duplication, I can free up some much-needed promotion slots for my other content. To start with, I'm making one big change: Blitz and Logistics are being merged into a single "Blitz" promotion, but which has Logistics' weaker effect (one extra attack and you can move after attacking, not unlimited attacks). I have so many high-movement units in the game now, in both the Mythology mod and the Ascension mod, that Blitz was just becoming too strong. One extra attack AND the can-move-after-attacking effect is still pretty awesome, even for a melee unit. And if I was going to toss one of the two promotions, it was NOT going to be the one that's been in Civ games for decades and has the cooler icon.

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.11):
* Fixed the load/save issues. If anyone finds problems with loading or saving data, TELL ME. This is the single most important change; other than a small slowdown on the first turn, this should make the game run very smoothly.
* Enkidu starts with the Diseased promotion, and cannot be cured of it. This gives him a permanent healing penalty and occasionally deducts 1 point of damage, although he still has the Regenerate 1 bonus. All four Sumerian major heroes now have some inherent weakness relative to other Major Heroes, but overall they're still awesome, and Sumerians also get better Minor Heroes than anyone other than the Egyptians.
* Utnapishtim's strength was dropped from 14 to 10, making him much weaker than his counterparts, but he gains the Phoenix's "rebirth" ability. In the story, the guy was granted immortality with little explanation, and never used it to his advantage in battle like Achilles did.
* Dumuzid takes 1 additional damage whenever he's attacked by non-Myth units. Dumuzid's whole story is about being chased by enemies, dying a few times, and so on.
* The Norse will now gain 4 relatively weak Major Heroes (Sigmund, Gunnar, Brynhild, and Sigurd), but their "+1 damage to Myth units" ability is downgraded to only trigger when attacking with Melee units (or defending from melee units). Each of these heroes is only awarded through a small number of options in the various High Events. They're a bit weak relative to the Greek or Sumerian sets, and are barely better than the unnamed Minor Heroes, but they're still good warriors to have. Given how useful the Norse anti-Myth bonus is, it wasn't necessary to give them powerful heroes.
* The Norse now have 7 High Events: the two generic ones everyone gets, and five pantheon-specific ones. Each of their four Major Heroes appears in two of the aligned events, and the fifth event (Ragnarok) is more likely than the others. These events should be fully complete now. Nearly all of the Norse high events are related to battle, most of them giving units or promotions of some kind. This was deliberate; with each Pantheon having a distinct "flavor", the Norse are very focused on warfare like this.
Note: the Norse are the only Pantheon with a completed set of High Events in this version, and I'd appreciate if you tested them first. The next version will at least have the Greek and Sumerian sets, and likely Hindu as well; each of these sets will have its own flavor, but I'd like some comments on basic balance before I complete those.
* Egypt's pantheon bonus will now deal +1 damage to Myth units with all ranged attacks (or when defending from ranged attacks). Instead of 4 Major Heroes, their Minor Heroes start with Elite and Teamwork (see Base mod). The Egyptian myths relied heavily on the concept of mortal priests controlling/defeating the gods, far more so than other pantheons of the time. As a result, there were too few myths involving named heroes, and certainly not myths where the same hero did a ton of different tasks like the Greeks had.
* The Pharaoh unit is now more expensive, is limited to 1 per empire (instead of 3) but now has higher movement and acts as a Great General. A buildable Great General that unlocks at the start of the Classical Era is just really, really handy. I'm really uncertain on the balance for this one, but I like the concept too much to go back.
* Hindu players will now automatically receive an Avatar on the first turn after entering the Medieval Era, if they don't have one already. Hindu high events, which unlock in the Classical, always award an Avatar if you don't have one already, so this change just ensures that you'll always have one once you reach the Classical (remember, it has the "rebirth" ability). They're going to have a very unusual feel for High events; basically, every option will give some relatively weak effect (comparable to a Medium event) AND add a Promotion/XP/etc to your Avatar. Very different from what the others get, although the Shinto and Aztec might have some similar split effects. Note that the Avatar is a strength-16 unit that respawns in your capital if it dies, so if you're getting it at the same time everyone else is just unlocking Swordsmen, you'll be able to defend a small, compact empire without building an army for quite a while. The balance of this unit will be re-evaluated as time goes on; one idea is to have its strength upgrade automatically as you advance.
* Removed the Priest slots from the four religious National Wonders. I might make them generate GPPs for other types, but I'm still trying to get the balance worked out.
Note: the AI still doesn't use Priests well. I'm hoping to have the fix for this in the next version, where I force the AI to use Priests when it needs them, but it's possible this'll have to wait a while.
* Fighting Barbarian or City-State units gives half the normal amount of Battle Favor. It was just too easy to "farm" early Favor by not clearing a Barbarian camp, and your first and second gods depended too heavily on whether you found barbarians near your starting site.
* Added a third Anti-Myth promotion, at +40%. With the +10% and +20%, I can now give Aztecs the ability to upgrade all the way to 50% without any of the other effects of Hero status. It's binary math; I can now give a unit anything from 10 to 70% by mixing these, without needing to use the Hero promotion.
* Instead of the Hero promotion, the Nemesis gets Anti-Myth 2 and Anti-Myth 3, for a total of +60% vs. other Myth units. Hero, among other things, cut Great General production. I really didn't want anyone other than actual Heroes to use it.
* Player Favor is now capped at 200*population. This limit does NOT scale with map size or game speed. City Favor can still be generated normally if you hit this cap. This is primarily a limit on deliberately drawing out early wars to get huge amounts of Favor. Since City Favor already caps based on your tech level, it's possible that you'll reach a point where you're not generating any new Favor. This'll mainly hurt battle-heavy Pantheons like the Aztecs or Norse; I'd like people's opinions on how this works in practice.
* The three religious National Wonders that disappear at the Enlightenment now also go obsolete at Deism. This has two effects. If you start in a later era, where you never get the Enlightenment in the first place, then you won't have them stick around forever. And it also keeps the AI from wasting production on a Wonder that'll disappear within a few turns.
* The Inquisition, which does NOT disappear at the Enlightenment, now goes obsolete at Scientific Theory. Because it doesn't disappear at Enlightenment it's not nearly as problematic. But an Anti-Myth bonus (which is all that really gives) isn't very useful when there are no Myth units left in the world.
* Major Heroes are now unique; an event will not give you the options that award a Major Hero you already have, and the Events that award a random Major Hero will avoid the ones you already have. I'm hoping that the way I'm doing this won't drastically increase overhead, but if it does cause problems I know a way to deal with it.
* Options bestowing Naval Major Heroes (i.e., the Argos) will not be selectable if you have no coastal cities. The placement logic was designed to pick either coastal cities or, if you had none, any water tiles in your territory. It looked like the crashes some folks had reported involved this logic, so for now I've limited it this way.
* Adjusted the Flavor values of several Myth units
* Clicking on a Focus in the Mandala now highlights the area in which that Focus is available. You can still click on or mouse-over icons while this overlay is in place, and refreshing the Mandala UI in any way (pressing a button, clicking on something else, ending your turn...) will remove the overlay until the next time you select a Focus. It's not as aesthetic as I'd like, but this should allow you to keep better track of which Foci you're moving toward/away from. Once I add the "advice" mechanism to Events, where you'd be able to see which option was best for you in terms of unlocking Foci, you probably won't need anything more detailed than this.

ASCENSION (v.2.05):
* Because the Logistics promotion has been removed, it is no longer selectable by Titan units. The separate "Air Logistics" promotion for air units has not changed.
Yes, I know, it's barely worth mentioning, but if you try to use the old Ascension mod with the latest Base, it'll break.
BASE (v.1.09):
* Because I changed the Happiness equation way back when, India is now extremely tough to play, especially in the Mythological Age. Gandhi's trait is now reduced to +50% City Unhappiness (from 4 to 6) and -34% Population Unhappiness (from 1.2 to 0.8), replacing the old +100/-50 (which in vanilla is 3 -> 6 and 1.0 -> 0.5).
* Increased the amount that Barbarian units with Regeneration I or March heal by +1.
* Updated the Civilopedia screen to include separate categories for Myth units, Hero units, Religious buildings, Pantheons, Deities, and Foci. These categories will only appear if you have the Age of Mythology mod loaded.
* Projects with costs less than 0 (like the “free” Project you are assigned when you select a Pantheon) will not be listed in the Civilopedia.

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.12):
* The AI will now automatically slot a number of Priests each turn based on your Happiness needs and Priest Favor multiplier. This applies to AI players as well. This will override your preferences for slotting, unless you turn on Manual specialists within a city; I might add an option to let this only apply to the AI. (A city that’s been set to manual mode won’t be counted towards or against the slotting of your other cities.) Note that the numbers I use for this are VERY tentative. I'd like feedback on whether the automatic specialist assignment is giving you too many or too few Priests.
* Fixed a bug that was causing battles to give too little Favor. It was multiplying by 0/1/2 instead of 1/2/3 depending on your pantheon. This might now mean that battles generate too much now, so feedback on this is VERY important.
* The hidden Mythological policies (the ones that apply the penalties) now all add an additional +1 Happiness, to help offset the extra unhappiness you’ll have in the first few turns before your capital is large enough to afford Priests. +1 isn't going to break anything, but it was crippling AIs that chose Liberty as their first policy branch and took the free settler with their second policy.
* Norse followers can now only produce 2 Ravens units (down from 5), although the number of Hersirs has increased from 4 to 6. Ravens now only cost 40 (down from 60). The Ravens are a great scout unit, but you just don't need that many scouts, and Hersirs are an essential part of how the Norse deal with enemy Myth units.
* The probability of Pantheon-affiliated High Events has been halved, to 0.5% for most events. The two Neutral High Events will remain at 1%, and each Pantheon will have one "trademark" High Event that will also be at 1%, such as "Ragnarok" for the Norse. This is to account for the increased number of High Events each pantheon will have once the placeholders are removed. NOTE: Only the Norse pantheon has its High events implemented in the version I'm uploading, as I'm still rebalancing the others I've made.
* High Events now shift your alignment by 2, instead of 1.
* The Zombie has been split into two separate units: a Zombie Horde, which is buildable at Death 1, and a Zombie, which spawns some of the time if a Zombie Horde kills a unit. The Zombie is a bit weaker than the Horde and cannot spawn new Zombies, but costs no maintenance and isn't limited in number per empire. One quirk of the logic is that if someone else kills your Horde, they get a free Zombie. It was too easy to get an unstoppable horde of Zombies in the ancient era before; this way, only the one you built yourself spawns new units.
* The Vampire has been split into two separate units: a Vampire Master, buildable at Death 3, and a Vampire, which spawns some of the time if a Master kills a unit. Same notes as for the Zombie. Since Vampire Masters are limited to only 3 per empire, this is actually a significant improvement as their spawn are not limited like that.
* The Spawn chance is increased to compensate for the above; it's not an absolute that you'll get a free unit, still depending on relative strengths, but higher than before. Note that you can still only spawn a unit when you attack; when defending, you won't spawn anything even if you kill the attacker.
* Because the Citadel loses no yields in the Mythological Era (unlike the Academy, Manufactory, etc.) it only adds 1 Favor per turn instead of 2.
* Instead of 6 Culture, Stonehenge now produces 3 Culture and 3 Favor during the Mythological Era, with the Favor being multiplied by the Building Favor modifier for your Pantheon. The important thing to remember is that this Culture Penalty and Favor Bonus ONLY apply during the Mythological Age; once you complete the Enlightenment, Stonehenge will return to its old +6 Culture benefit, because the policy that shifts it like this will be removed.
* The Heroic Epic, Circus Maximus, National Epic, Great Lighthouse, Pyramids, and Colossus now produce 1 Favor (times your Building Favor multiplier) instead of 1 Culture.
* Angkor Wat, the Hagia Sophia, the Taj Mahal, and the Sistine Chapel now produce 1 Favor (times your Building Favor multiplier) in addition to their 1 Culture.
* The Oracle and Notre Dame now produce 2 Favor (times your Building Favor multiplier) and 1 Culture instead of 3 Culture.
Again, all of these are only TEMPORARY effects that last until the Enlightenment, at which point each of these Wonders will return to its previous culture-producing state.
* The lines on the Mandala outlining each Focus area have been improved to be a bit more visible. If you click on a Focus, you'll see these lines, and they'll disappear the next time you click on any button in the lower-right corner of the Mandala or on another Focus. I'm trying to make that a little more user-friendly, though.
* The 21 Focus icons are by default semi-transparent on the Mandala, allowing you to see the underlying lines more easily. Selecting a Focus will make it opaque temporarily.
* The amount of gold and research gained from losing a Myth or Hero unit to the Enlightenment now uses the disband gold multiplier from the vanilla game, instead of being hard-coded.
* The Chimaera now gains Blitz instead of Logistics.
* The Myth combat class no longer gets Logistics.
* Reworked some of the Ragnarok event rewards to be more consistent and more interesting.
* The Ragnarok option that gave you a random Elemental used to check to see if you had one of that type. It's been changed to explicitly check if you've unlocked that particular Focus with your Primary or Secondary so that it doesn't block the level 4 unit you WOULD have built. Otherwise, if you were an Earth god like Frigg, and were awarded an Earth Elemental, it'd effectively cheat you out of your "extra" level 4 unit.
* The "Sarabha" (Hindu 3.5) unit's spelling has been changed to Sharabha.
* Myth Units now have custom icons. 3D models will come later, and Heroes will be handled separately. Unit flags will be the icon of the Focus or Pantheon involved; I won't be making a separate unit flag icon for each individual unit type. Some of these icons will be replaced if I find something better soon, but they're all workable.
* Improved the background image used for the Mandala. It's not very artistic yet, but it should be a bit less of an eyesore than the previous version.
* The Avatar unit no longer starts with Balance III, gains March, and will now start with one special promotion/ability depending on which major god you follow:
- Shakti gives the unit Regeneration I
- Brahma gives the unit Balance III All of Brahma's mundane units will have this already, but the Avatar, unlike all other Major Heroes, is classified as a Myth unit and so doesn't get normal promotions.
- Vishnu gives the unit Mobility (+1 movement)
- Shiva doesn’t give the unit an actual promotion, but if it is killed then when respawning the Avatar will return with full XP and promotions, instead of being replaced with a “new” Avatar. This one isn't quite working yet.
- Any other method of gaining an Avatar gives nothing extra. This'd really only apply to gifted units from city-states, which I'll eventually override.
* The timer lockouts for each event now scale with your game speed (multiplying by 0.7 for Quick, 1.5 and 3.0 for Epic and Marathon), while the probability of getting an event on any given turn divides by the same factor. Previously, playing on a slower speed meant a ton of Events, although that was often balanced by the fact that you needed more food/hammers/etc. to get anywhere. But it was crippling the High Event system, since you'd now experience your full set in every game. I MIGHT add an option to disable this change in the setup screen, for if you want that many Events.
* The weighting function the AI uses when picking an event outcome no longer only depends on the number of Foci available one square in each direction; now, it checks up to 3 squares away (along axes AND diagonals) and weights the amounts appropriately to move the AI towards the higher concentrations of unlockable Foci.
* Added Concept pages in the Civilopedia explaining the basic concepts of this mod. They're very preliminary, but it's basically a good fraction of the stuff in the posts at the start of this thread. I want people who haven't used this mod before to not get totally confused. If there's anything you can think of that should be in those pages that I haven't already added, please speak up.
* The “Civilizations and Leaders” page in the Civilopedia now also lists the various Pantheons, Deities, and Foci of this mod. At the moment there are still quite a few placeholders, but it should give a good idea of what'll be there once I'm done. Eventually these pages will have icons that can be used to refer to each other, but for now it’ll all be text-based.
* Added Civilopedia and Help entries in the Deities table. For now the Civilopedia line will be the usual XXX placeholder, while the Help lines will say what pantheon, major/minor status, and Foci are for each god.
BASE (v.1.10):
* The Happiness total at the top of the UI will immediately adjust whenever you add or subtract a Priest or Empath specialist, instead of having it not update until the following turn. The Happiness pulldown also has a new category for “Happiness from specialists” that’ll only appear if you use some of them. It was a long overdue change, I know. One thing to note is that you're not ACTUALLY getting the Happiness right at that point, so if you've got any other UI mod that displays Happiness it'll still be off.
* Instead of the (nonfunctional) bonus to the Avatar’s respawning mechanism, an Avatar of Shiva begins with the Synthesis ability (which lets it steal promotions from defeated foes, but generates half as much experience). This may or may not be too awesome when put on a unit with that much raw power. The previous units with this ability (Doppelganger, Rakshasa) were fairly weak in terms of raw combat strength.

MYTHOLOGY (v.0.13):
* Priests no longer give all of their Favor to one Focus in one City. They now split the Favor across all of your cities, with 1/3rd always going to the host city and the other 2/3rds being split evenly among your cities (including that host city). This makes it easier to “jump-start” a new Focus in your fringe towns by using a Priest in your core cities. It also helps the AI, since it means that if one uses a slot that's already capped in that city, it might still have some benefit.
* Foci now have Flavors, all totaling 100.
* The AI will now use his own personal Flavor biases to decide which minor god to add when a new one is available, and will slightly prefer the outer foci (the elemental and yield ones) over the innermost ones. That is, the six Focus groups are inherently weighted 4/4/3/3/2/2 to encourage the AI to take the Yield or Elemental Foci first, if they're available. But this weighting ONLY applies to the moment of decision itself; it doesn't make the AI any more or less likely to move to the areas where those particular Foci unlock.
* Many Foci were adjusted, usually upwards in effect to diversify the effects and make all Foci desirable to a player. These changes include:
- The Fire Focus, in addition to its promotions, now also reduces the cost of hurrying production throughout your empire by 1/2/3/5% per city. I’d prefer to have it help you rush with population, but that’s harder to set up. Note that these are empire-wide numbers and stack, so on larger maps this has the potential to be a huge discount.
- The Earth Focus has been altered. Its promotion (at level 3) is now only half as effective as before, and the level 2 defense boost was cut from +2 to +1, but the focus now adds a mix of production, gold, and culture for Stone, Marble, and Gems at different levels.
- The Air Focus, in addition to its ranged promotions at levels 1 and 3, now also boosts the Great Person production of that city by +10% (level 1) and +20% (level 3), and at level 4 boosts your global Great Person rate by another +10%.
- The Church of Water (level 2) automatically enables water-based trade routes (like a Harbor).
- The Beauty Focus was improved; instead of +0/10/20/30% Wonder production, it’s now 5/15/25/40%.
- The War Focus’ city defense bonus was increased from 0/0/2/4 to 1/2/3/5, and the production bonus at the top two levels was boosted from 25% to 30%.
- The trade route income for the Travel domain is increased. Instead of +1% at level 3 and +5% at level 4, it’s now +1% at level 1, +2% at level 2, +3% at level 3, and +5% at level 5. It still won’t give nearly as much money as the Wealth Focus, but it should help the money problems a bit.
- The Darkness Focus is significantly improved; the Shrine, in addition to its visibility penalty to enemy units in your territory, now also gives a +10% production boost if that city is building Myth units. The Cathedral (level 3) increases this to +20%. The Basilica’s promotion, in addition to the –3 visibility, now also reduces the enemy’s movement by 1 while in your territory.
- The Justice Focus now slightly adds to Golden Age length as well, adding 1/1/2/2%.
- The Seasons Focus now adds to Golden Age length as well, adding 1/2/3/4%.
This one needs some discussion. One of the things I ran into when I tried playing a long game was that at any given moment, some of the Foci felt worthless. This was especially true of combat-related Foci in the early game; starting with Fire doesn't really help much if you're not attacking enemy cities right away. So, I wanted to make the non-Yield Foci less one-dimensional; let's face it, no one will ever call Fertility, Crafts, Wealth, or Beauty "worthless", but the rest? So pretty much every Focus now does two things, one combat-related and one not. In the process I might have thrown off the balance quite a bit, so this'll still need a lot of testing. The only Focus I couldn't come up with something for was Storms; it needs something non-combat, but I haven't figured out what yet.
* Clicking on a Focus in the Mandala now loads a much more visible 128-pixel icon in the right help bar, instead of the old 64-pixel version.
* Myth units will now have a unit flag icon that matches their Focus. This will be improved later to make the icons clearer.
* Added a “Help!” button to the Mandala to explain it a bit better, as well as some help text for the Pantheon selection screen.
* Added a ghost Purchase button to the Mandala that becomes the full Purchase button once you have enough Favor.
* The “Blessed War” Low event will now only trigger if you’re currently at war with another major civ (city-states and barbarians don’t count). Most of its effects only help if you're in a war, so it was too much of a waste otherwise. I might bump up its probability to compensate later.
Hello, I am interested in playing your mods but you removed the download links. But my version may be outdated, so it may still work. So does your mod work with Civ 5 version with all dlcs including G+K and Brave New World. Please answear quick because I really want to play your mods. Also please PM me a mediafire (or any other host as long it is survey free) link with a zip of all the ages of man mods (if your mods work with my version), so I can play them and give you feedback when I encounter a bug. PS: Please make a readme (or whatever) file with the mods incompatibilities so I can know what is that and what is an actual bug. Very appreciated. :please: Thank you very VERY MUCH. Also if you want a particular test just say it and I will do it. :egypt:
Edit: I just remembered, if it is incompatible with any dlc I can disable the dlc in question.
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