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    Toronto, Canada

    I'd like to show off a mod I've been working on for about a month now called Agricultural Revolution. It's a semi-total conversion mod in that it changes how you play the game quite a bit.

    Agricultural Revolution reduces the food yield of all terrain tiles by 1, slowing early game growth and changing the focus of early gameplay to farming. There are a number of additional changes to eurekas and inspirations, as well as tech-requirements to be more historically accurate.

    Requires R&F, Nubia, Vikings, Indonesia DLCs

    I'll try to create an exhaustive list of changes.

    Terrain and Features:
    -Dessert and Snow tiles cost 2 movement (was 1)
    -Plains and Tundra tiles have 0 food (was 1)
    -Grassland tiles have 1 food (was 2)
    -Floodplains and Oases do not have the desert movement penalty
    -Marsh has -2 appeal (was -1)
    -Marsh can spawn in Plains
    -Floodplains and Oasis have 2 food (was 3)
    -Oases provide 2 gold (was 1)
    -Marshes have -1 food (was +1)
    -Marshes have -1 production (was 0)
    -Marshes provide slightly less food when harvested
    -Reefs yield +1 food and +1 culture (was +1 food, +1 production)
    -Reefs grant -2 defense (was +3)
    -Reefs cost 2 movement points (was 1)

    -Kilimanjaro provides +2 faith to adjacent tiles (was +2 food)
    -Eyjafjallajokull provides +1 food and +1 culture to adjacent tiles (was +2 food +1 culture)

    Buildings (all existing values are unchanged unless noted):
    -Lighthouses have +1 production
    -Markets provide 2 gold (was 3)
    -Markets provide 1 production (was 0)
    -Markets provide 1 food (was 0)
    -Banks provide 2 production (was 0)
    -Seaports provide 2 production (was 0)
    -Power plants provide 6 production (was 4)
    -Factories provide 4 production (was 3)
    -Electronics Factories provide 5 production (was 4)
    -Library has been renamed to School of Philosophy, and provides 1 culture (was 0)
    -Schools of Philosophy are unlocked at the [Philosophy] technology
    -Universities provide 1 faith (was 0)
    -Universities provide 1 culture (was 0)
    -Research Labs provide 6 science (was 4)
    -Research Labs have 2 slots for specialists (was 1)
    -A new building has been added, unlocked with Writing. It is called the Archive. It is a government plaza building. It provides +1 production and +1 science, and costs 2 gold per turn as maintenance. It's science increases by +1 for each era since it was last constructed or repaired. It doesn't replace any existing buildings
    -A new building has been added, unlocked with [Medicine]. It is called the Hospital. It is a campus district building and is mutually exclusive with the research lab (meaning you can't have both in the same city). It provides +4 science, +3 housing, +1 amenity and has science equal to the adjacency bonus of the campus. The hospital has 2 specialist slots
    -Lighthouses and markets no longer prevent each other from increasing the trade route capacity
    -Shipyards provide an additional +1 Great Merchant point per turn
    -Petra grants +1 food, +1 production, +2 gold to desert tiles (was +2 food, +1 production, +2 gold)

    District Changes:
    -The Campus district is now unlocked at the [Philosophy] Technology
    -Industrial Zones get a minor adjacency bonus from lumber mills (+1 for every 2)
    -Khmer's Aqueducts provide +1 food to adjacent farms (was +2)
    -Khmer's Holy Sites on rivers provide +1 food (was +2)

    Improvement Changes:
    -Farms and Pastures adjacent to Kilimanjaro have +1 food
    -Camps can be built on Cattle and Sheep (in addition to pastures after Animal Husbandry)
    -Plantations adjacent to Kilimanjaro have +1 gold
    -After Irrigation, farms can be built on desert
    -After Irrigation, farms get +1 food for each adjacent Oasis
    -After Irrigation, farms get +1 food on rivers
    -Ziggurats provide 1 faith (was 2 science)
    -Ziggurats adjacent to a city center district provide +1 science
    -Ziggurats adjacent to a holy site provide +1 faith
    -Camps have no technology requirement (was Animal Husbandry)
    -After currency, Pastures provide +1 gold
    -After Early Empire, Farms provide +1 gold
    -After Industrialization, Farms provide +1 food
    -After Mercantilism, Camps provide +1 gold
    -The Farm Feudalism bonus has been changed to +1 food for every 3 adjacent farms (was every 2)
    -The Replaceable Parts Farm bonus has been changed to +1 food for every 2 adjacent farms (was every 1)
    -Forts can be built with the Castles tech (was Siege Tactics)

    Resource Changes:
    -Copper, Diamonds and Salt require the Mining technology to be revealed on the map
    -Crabs, Fish and Pearls require the Sailing technology to be revealed on the map
    -Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Spices, Sugar, and Tea require the Irrigation technology to be revealed on the map
    -Dyes and Silk require the Apprenticeship technology to be revealed on the map
    -Mercury and Niter require the [Alchemy] technology to be revealed on the map
    -Silver requires the Currency technology to be revealed on the map
    -Truffles require the Animal Husbandry technology to be revealed on the map
    -Whales require the Shipbuilding technology to be revealed on the map
    -Gypsum, Marble, Jade, and Amber require the Craftsmanship civic to be revealed on the map
    -Tobacco and Incense require the Mysticism civic to be revealed on the map
    -Coal requires the Industrialization technology to be revealed on the map (was Steam Power)
    -Turtles require the Conservation civic to be revealed on the map
    -Cattle can spawn in Plains tiles
    -Stone can spawn in Plains and Plains hills tiles
    -Ivory can spawn in Grassland tiles
    -Whales can spawn in Ocean tiles
    -Horses can spawn in Tundra tiles
    -Cattle can spawn in Forest and Marsh tiles
    -Harvesting Crabs yields food (was gold)
    -Harvesting Deer yields food (was production)
    -Harvesting Copper yields production (was gold)
    -Copper provides +1 production and +1 gold (was +2 gold)
    -Crabs provide +1 food and +1 gold (was +2 gold)
    -Citrus provides +1 food (was +2)
    -Dyes provide +1 culture (was faith)
    -Pearls provide +1 faith and +1 gold (was only faith)
    -Spices provide +1 food (was +2)
    -Sugar provides +1 food (was +2)
    -Iron provides +2 production (was +1 science)

    Unit and Combat Changes:
    -Archers, Pitatis, Chariot Archers and Scythian Horse Archers have an additional unit class called "bowman"
    -All bowman units have had their base ranged combat strength lowered by 5
    -All bowman units get +3 ranged combat after bronze working
    -All bowman units get an additional +2 ranged combat after Iron Working
    -All bowman units get an additional +5 ranged combat after Construction
    -Spearmen and Hoplites had an additional unit class called "spear wielder"
    -All spear wielder units get +5 combat strength after iron working
    -Swordsmen have an additional unit class called "armored melee", granting them +5 combat on defense
    -Musketmen and Infantry have an addition unit class called "unarmored melee"
    -All unarmored melee units get -10 combat on defense
    -Knights have an additional unit class called "needs horses", granting them -2 movement speed if you lack access to horses
    -Battleships and Ironclads have an additional unit class called "needs coal"
    -All Needs Coal units get -25 movement (or 0, whichever is higher) movement speed if you don't have access to coal
    -Helicopters, Destroyers, Biplanes, Missile Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers, Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, Jet Bombers, Jet Fighters, Submarines, U-Boats, P51s, and Minas Geraes have an additional unit class called "needs oil"
    -All Needs Oil units get -25 movement (or 0, whichever is higher) movement speed if you don't have access to oil
    -Nuclear Submarines and Modern Armors have an additional unit class called "needs uranium"
    -All Needs Uranium units get -25 movement (or 0, whichever is higher) movement speed if you don't have access to uranium
    -War Carts, Cossacks, Heavy Chariots, Scythian Horse Archers, Egyptian Chariot Archers, American Rough Riders, and Mamluks require horses
    -Heavy Chariots cost 95 base production, have a maintenance of 3, a base combat of 35 and a base movement of 3 (was cost 65, maintenance 1, combat 28, movement 2). They still get +1 movement if starting their turn in open terrain
    -Chariot Archers have 3 maintenance and a base movement speed of 3 (was 2 and 2)
    -Knights have a base production cost of 220, a maintenance of 5 and a combat strength of 50 (was 180 production, 3 maintenance and 48 combat)
    -The Indian Varu and Khmer Domrey require Ivory to be built (probably). Their melee combat strengths are both 42.
    -Roman Legions, Samurai, Berserkers, Pikemen, Ironclads, Battleships, Minas Geraes, Submarines, U-Boats, Tanks, Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Nuclear Submarines, Mechanized Infantry, and Missile Cruisers all require Iron to be constructed (was none, none, none, none, coal, coal, none, none, none, oil, oil, none, uranium, none, none)
    -Mobile SAMs, Helicopters and Rocket Artillery require Aluminum (was none, none, none)
    -Crouching Tigers, Conquistadors, Field Cannons, Redcoats, Garde Imperiales, Rangers, Infantry, Artillery, AT Crews and Machine Guns require Niter
    -Anti-Cavalry units get a +15 combat bonus when defending against light cavalry (was +10 when defending or attacking)
    -Anti-Cavalry units get a +10 combat bonus when defending against heavy cavalry (was +10 when defending or attacking)
    -Anti-Cavalry units get no bonus against ranged-cavalry (was +10 when defending or attacking)
    -Melee units get no bonus against Anti-Cavalry units (was +10)
    -Siege units get a +10 combat bonus against anti-cavalry units (was 0)

    Technology Changes:
    -A new technology has been added called Philosophy. It requires Writing and Astrology, and unlocks the School of Philosophy and Campus district. It is required for Mathematics. The Eureka is to have Drama and Poetry. The base cost is 140.
    -A new technology has been added called Alchemy. It requires Military Engineering and Education, and is required for Gunpowder. It reveals Niter and Mercury and grants +1 science to workshops. The Eureka is to build a workshop next to a mountain. The base cost is 420.
    -A new technology has been added called Biology. It requires Sanitation and is required for [Medicine] and Plastics. It grants +1 science to jungle tiles. The eureka is to have the Natural History Civic. The base cost is 1050
    -A new technology has been added called Medicine. It requires Chemistry and Biology. It unlocks the Hospital building. The base cost is 1340.
    -The base cost of Apprenticeship and Military Tactics is now 300 (was 275)
    -The base cost of Machinery, Education, Stirrups, Military Engineering, and Castles is now 390 (was 275, 335, 360, and 335 respectively)
    -The base cost of Cartography, Banking, Gunpowder, and Printing is now 540 (was 490 for all)
    -The base cost of Mass Production is now 700 (was 490)
    -The base cost of Square Rigging, Astronomy is now 660 (was 600 for both)
    -The base cost of Industrialization, Scientific Theory, and Ballistics is now 845 (was 700, 700, 840)
    -The base cost of Steam Power, Sanitation, and Economics is now 970 (was 805)
    -The base cost of Flight is 1340 (was 900)
    -The base cost of Replaceable Parts is 1140 (was 1250)
    -The base cost of Radio is 1350 (was 985)
    -The base cost of Chemistry is 1050 (was 985)
    -The base cost of Advanced Flight, Combined Arms, and Plastics is 1410 (was 1065 for all)
    -The base cost of Rocketry is 1610 (was 1065)
    -The base cost of Computers is 1780 (was 1195)
    -The base cost of Nuclear Fission and Synthetic Materials is 1580 (was 1195 for both)
    -The base cost of Telecommunications, Satellites, Guidance Systems, Lasers, Composites, and Stealth Technology is 1850 (was 1340, 1340, 1580, 1340, 1340, 1340)
    -The base cost of Nanotechnology and Nuclear Fusion is 2155 (was 1560 for both)
    -The base cost of Future Tech is 2500 (was 1780)

    -Irrigation requires Mining and Pottery (was only Pottery)
    -Masonry and Bronze Working require Mining and Pottery (was only Mining)
    -The Wheel requires Animal Husbandry (was Mining)
    -Shipbuilding Requires Sailing and Construction (was only Sailing)
    -Currency requires Bronze Working and Writing (was only Writing)
    -Construction requires The Wheel and Masonry (was Horseback Riding and Masonry)
    -Engineering requires Construction and Mathematics (was The Wheel)
    -Mass Production requires Metal Casting and Education (was Education and Shipbuilding)
    -Gunpowder requires Castles, Alchemy, and Apprenticeship (was Stirrups, Military Engineering and Apprenticeship)
    -Square Rigging requires Cartography and Gunpowder (was only Cartography)
    -Astronomy requires Celestial Navigation and Education (was only Education)
    -Chemistry requires Scientific Theory and Gunpowder (was Sanitation)
    -Flight requires Combustion (was Industrialization and Scientific Theory)
    -Replaceable Parts requires Rifling and Economics (was only Economics)
    -Radio requires Electricity (was Flight and Steam Power)
    -Plastics requires Biology and Combustion (was only Combustion)
    -Combustion requires Chemistry, Steel, and Steam Power (was Steel and Rifling)
    -Computers requires Electricity and Synthetic Materials (was only Electricity)
    -Advanced Flight requires Flight and Radio (was only Radio)
    -Rocketry requires Advanced Ballistics and Advanced Flight (was Radio and Chemistry)
    -Satellites requires Rocketry and Computers (was Rocketry and Advanced Flight)
    -The wheel grants +1 production to all cities

    Civic Changes:
    -All Classical Civics cost 15% more
    -All Medieval Civics cost 25% more
    -All Renaissance Civics cost 50% more
    -All Industrial Civics cost 75% more
    -All Information era Civics cost 85% more

    Eureka and Inspiration Changes:
    -The boost for Irrigation is build 3 farms (was improve rice or wheat)
    -The boost for Archery is build 3 camps (was kill a unit with a slinger)
    -The boost for Writing is have 6 citizens in your empire (was meet another civilization)
    -The boost for Bronze Working is improve a source of copper (was kill 3 barbarians)
    -The boost for The Wheel is build a pasture (was mine a resource)
    -The boost for Horseback Riding is kill a unit with a chariot (was build a pasture)
    -The boost for Mathematics is have 2 campus districts (was have 3 unique types of district)
    -The boost for Construction is build a district (was build a water mill)
    -The boost for Apprenticeship is build 3 unique types of district (was build 3 mines)
    -The boost for Machinery is build 3 water mills (was build 3 archers)
    -The boost for Castles is have the Defensive Tactics civic (was have a government with 6 policy slots)
    -The boost for Cartography is discover a new continent (was build 2 harbors)
    -The boost for Mass Production is build 3 workshops (was build a lumber mill)
    -The boost for Gunpowder is improve a source of niter (was build an Armory)
    -The boost for Square Rigging is kill a unit with a caravel (was kill a unit with a musketman)
    -The boost for Metal Casting is build 2 armories (was own 2 crossbowmen)
    -The boost for Siege Tactics is kill a unit with a bombard (was own 2 bombards)
    -The boost for Industrialization is have a city with 13 population (was build 3 workshops)
    -The boost for Ballistics is have 2 bombards (was have 2 forts in your territory)
    -The boost for Steam Power is have 2 factories (was build 2 shipyards)
    -The boost for Rifling is kill a unit with a musketman (was improve a source of niter)
    -The boost for Electricity is have the Urbanization Civic (was have 3 privateers)
    -The boost for Radio is have the Mobilization Civic (was build a national park)
    -The boost for Chemistry is improve a source of Mercury (was complete a research agreement)
    -The boost for Combustion is to own a battleship (was extract an artifact)
    -The boost for Synthetic Materials is have 2 research labs (was build 2 aerodromes)
    -The boost for Satellites is to launch the Earth Satellite special project in the Spaceport(was none)
    -The boost for Craftsmanship is have the Pottery technology (was improve 3 tiles)
    -The boost for Foreign Trade is meet another Civilization (was discover a second continent)
    -The boost for Military Tradition is kill 3 barbarians (was clear a barbarian encampment)
    -The boost for State Workforce is improve 6 tiles (was build a district)
    -The boost for Early Empire is have the Writing technology (was have 6 citizens in your civilization)
    -The boost for Political Philosophy is have the Government Plaza district (was meet 3 city states)
    -The boost for Drama and Poetry is clear a barbarian encampment (was build a wonder)
    -The boost for Defensive Tactics is have 3 ancient walls (was be the target of a declaration of war)
    -The boost for Recorded History is to build a world wonder (was have 2 campus districts)
    -The boost for Feudalism is build 9 farms (was 6)
    -The boost for Colonialism is meet 7 city states (was have the Astronomy technology)
    -The boost for Civil Service is have 5 unique specialty districts (was grow a city to 10 population)
    -The boost for Urbanization is have the Industrialization technology (was grow a city to 15 population)
    -The boost for Scorched Earth is conquer a city (was build 2 field cannons)

    Changes to Barbarians:
    -Barbarians have a reduced range from which to make cavalry units, now 1 instead of 4 to find a source of horses
    -Barbarians do not spawn anti-cavalry units, instead they spawn melee-class units

    Religion Changes:
    -Feed the World grants half of the faith output of a shrine or temple as food (was all of the faith output)

    Changes to Projects:
    -A new project has been added in the City Center, called Manage City. It grants 5% of production as food, gold, culture and science while active and provides +1 amenity. It yields nothing upon completion, and has a cost of 9,999 production. It is intended to be an ongoing project you can turn on and off throughout the game when you have nothing else to do.
    -A new project has been added to the Spaceport, called Launch Communication Satellite. Each civ can launch up to 5 communication satellites. You must have launched the earth satellite to start this project. Each one grants a +10% boost to global tourism.

    UPDATE (As of Feb 7, 2019):
    -Keshig now also requires horses to be built
    -Units should be able to embark upon researching Celestial Navigation or Shipbuilding. With shipbuilding requiring Construction, it became much harder to deal with small-island starts, so this allows you to get off your little island faster.
    -All civs and city states should spawn on rivers more frequently now
    -Civs with unique units that require resources are more likely to spawn near those resources.
    -Civs which previously had river spawn biases are more likely to spawn on rivers than civs which didn't previously have river spawn biases.

    UPDATE (As of Feb 18, 2019):
    -Updated to Gathering Storm
    -Canada gets +1 culture to Breathtaking tiles
    -Many military units have had their resources rebalanced. Most require Iron. Gunpowder units require niter per turn, not up front. Mounted units require horses per turn.
    -Horses and Iron have a base yield of +3 per turn
    -Feudalism gives an additional +2 horses per turn per tile (total +5 per tile)
    -Industrialization gives an additional +6 Iron per turn per tile (total +9 per tile)
    -Industrial and later era naval units require very high quantities of iron (190 for carriers, for example)
    -Eiffel Tower requires 55 iron to be built
    -Golden Gate bridge requires 250 iron to be built.
    -Planes require aluminum up front and oil per turn
    -Some re-balancing to the yields of some buildings.
    -Broadcaster Center has no culture yield when unpowered
    -Encampment buildings increase stockpile size by +15, +25, and +35 instead of all by +10.
    -Shipyard increases stockpile size by +15
    -New building in the Industrial Zone called Warehouse. Increases stockpile by +25. Unlocked with Mass production.
    -Buttress no longer requires mathematics and shipbuilding, and isn't required for Cartography. Buttress requires Castles.
    -Cartography requires Shipbuilding, Education, and Military Tactics.

    Updated March 3, 2019
    Overview of changes: slightly decreased horse and iron generation, increased iron consumption in the late game. minor fixes and tweaks to units and techs.
    -Warehouse provides +1 production in addition to increasing storage capacity
    -Reduced science yields from Research Lab and Hospital
    -Factories now consume 1 iron per turn while operational. This is to imply that your factories need raw materials like steel/iron in order to produce goods or tools for your people.
    -The base yield of iron is now 2 per tile instead of 3. Industrialization still increases iron yield by +6, giving a final value of 8 per tile instead of 9.
    -The base yield of horses is now 2 per tile instead of 3. Feudalism still increases horse yield by +2 per tile, giving a final value of 4 per tile.
    -The coal power plant was moved out of Industrialization and into Electricty. It made no sense that you were generating Electricity from coal before the invention of either Steam Power or Electricity.
    -The Oil Power Plant has been moved to Combustion.
    -The Castles tech now correctly requires Engineering, not just Construction
    -Military Engineering requires Engineering
    -Combined Arms requires Flight
    -Niter's base yield is +3 per tile, and this increases by an additional +2 with industrialization. I forgot to mention this upon the previous release
    -The boost for irrigation can be done with Terrace Farms or regular farms instead of only regular farms. The Feudalism boost still only works for regular farms.
    -Many late game buildings and wonders have resource requirements now, usually iron. They are as follows:
    -Factory requires 15 iron (consumes 1 iron per turn, as previously mentioned)
    -Stock Exchange requires 6 iron
    -Broadcast Center requires 15 iron
    -Seaport requires 7 iron
    -Film Studio requires 9 iron
    -Research Lab requires 10 iron
    -Hospital requires 10 iron
    -Hydroelectric Dam requires 30 iron
    -Stadium requires 30 iron
    -Coal Power Plant requires 15 iron (10 to convert from a different power plant)
    -Oil Power Plant requires 20 iron (15 to convert from a different power plant)
    -Nuclear Power Plant requires 30 iron (20 to convert from a different power plant)
    -Airport requires 20 iron
    -Workshop requires 4 iron
    -Big Ben requires 30 iron
    -Broadway requires 20 iron
    -Ruhr Valley requires 40 iron
    -Sydney Opera House requires 30 iron
    -Amundsen Scott Research Station requires 35 iron

    Updated units which previously did not have resource requirements, such as support units and some late game units.

    Side note: previously, infantry consumed oil per turn. I think Firaxis did this to imply that in the modern era, military units move around in cars rather than on foot. The movement speed of Infantry is still only 2 tiles though, which is the same for all units walking on foot from previous eras. In line with how I've changed military units, Infantry now consume niter per turn, not oil. The Supply Convoy however DOES consume oil per turn. Since it increases the movement speed of adjacent friendly units, you can think of this as the new way to get your infantry on four wheels, by pairing them with supply convoys.
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  2. killmeplease

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    Nov 22, 2007
    your mod changes too much things aside from agriculture. i think it would be better if it was more focused.

    there's the "Strategic Yield Rebalance" mod which goes further, removing all terrain yields.
    It makes sence, as the city plot still can feed at least 1 population, and a few citizens working bonus resources represent the foraging population.

    +1 food at industrialization i think is too little.
    there were 2 moments in history when farm yields were significantly improved: early agricultural revolution, with clover, turnips and stuff (17-19 centuries), and then with nitrogen fertilizers and genetics (20th century). currently wheat yields are close to 10 t/ha, vs 2 t/ha late 19th century and 0.5 t/ha during the medieval era. so i think the increase in yields should be much more substantial in the game!
    also, the horse collar at first (medieval era) and then agricultural machinery (industrial) and tractors (modern), allowed to farm much larger areas with less labor
    i think it can be represented with a new improvement (field) which wouldnt generate any yield by itself but give an adjacency bonus to a nearby farm. i fear though the AI wont be able to use it..
  3. dunkleosteus

    dunkleosteus Roman Pleb

    Aug 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    Agricultural revolution was the name I chose, but the mod isn't just focused around agriculture, that's just the starting point. Thank you for the feedback.
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  4. JNR13

    JNR13 Chieftain

    Oct 23, 2016
    I've been thinking about this, too, and how to show the reduced workforce required in agriculture. Another option might be to have a district which receives a food adjacency bonus for a new improvement: industrial farm. The industrial farm has no extra food yields. On top of it, the specialists in the district can create some more food and production. As a district, it could also add food to trade routes. Upgrades to the local farming infrastructure in the city (e.g. fertilizers) could happen there in the form of buildings. give the district no population requirement and have it buildable multiple times, but not adjacent to each other.
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  5. killmeplease

    killmeplease Mk Z on Steam

    Nov 22, 2007
    it could be Grange district (large farmstead, historically -- an outlying farm with tithe barns belonging to a monastery or feudal lord) at Feudalism, +1 food per adjacent farm improvement and +2 food per adjacent field improvement (available at mechanized agriculture). with fertilizers another +2 food per nearby field
    the player could have had to build certain 'buildings' in his grange districts like 'agricultural machinery' and 'fertilizer storage'
  6. killmeplease

    killmeplease Mk Z on Steam

    Nov 22, 2007
  7. Zugaikotsu

    Zugaikotsu Chieftain

    Jan 30, 2019
    United States
    This is a pretty interesting concept, and there is thought put in for each change it seems. I haven't been able to jump into it and try myself, but there were a few things I wanted to bring up:
    -With the production yield of marshes being negative, is there any way to actually change the icons to compensate to show that visually?
    -The 13 population Eureka for Industrialization seemed a bit high on the first impression given that the emphasis of this is to turn down population growth earlier in the game. In your experience, has this been pretty well achievable?
    -Archers, in my experience, are already fairly strong considering their balancing in Civ VI. I do think the initial adjustment and the incremental advancement to get them back even makes sense. The extra 5 at Construction may be a bit overkill, although I think I follow the logic behind it.
    -The flat -10 defense for unarmored units may be better off only applied if in a disadvantageous territory or flanked. The logic you put in the video makes sense, but this keeps it feeling a bit more dynamic for thoughtful gameplay, and would make sense in their respective uses.
    -One of my main concerns with this is the compatibility with Terra Mirabilis. The modification to the two natural wonders you have there will seemingly cause issues. Compatibility issues will always be a thing in the modding community, but I was curious if that one, in particular, was on your radar?

    I am in no way a Civ expert on balancing or the like, so take this as a grain of salt. It is apparent you spent quite some time thinking through these and getting it working, so I did at least want to throw in my opinions for it. Looks good, and good luck getting it working with GS.
  8. dunkleosteus

    dunkleosteus Roman Pleb

    Aug 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    reference to composite bowman from civ 5
  9. dunkleosteus

    dunkleosteus Roman Pleb

    Aug 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    I used to use terra mirabilis but I stopped while I was developing this. it almost certainly would conflict. I changed those wonders because they were too powerful in light of how scarce food is in this mod. I would have to put out a separate compatibility mod for TM, which I might do since I often use it myself.
  10. dunkleosteus

    dunkleosteus Roman Pleb

    Aug 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    I've updated the mod a few times in the main post since first releasing this. If you haven't checked those out, take a look.
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  11. Knasp

    Knasp Warlord

    Sep 10, 2011
    I've watched the YouTube clips and look forward to trying it out. The thread is tagged 'GS' but the original post doesn't mention it being required.

    Is GS required or optional?
  12. dunkleosteus

    dunkleosteus Roman Pleb

    Aug 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    Required. Originally it was built for R&F but there were a lot of features in GS that I needed. I was using workarounds to accomplish similar things and I don't like that version of the game. So GS is required.
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  13. Knasp

    Knasp Warlord

    Sep 10, 2011
    Played a multiplayer game on standard speed with a friend, using this mod plus Real Strategy, and it was really enjoyable for us. The changes to tile yields and various details felt like a general improvement of the base game.

    I don't know if you'd like some feedback and suggestions but I did notice some things that I'd like to comment on:
    • Khevsur - Georgia's unique unit doesn't require any iron to build.
    • Water mill and the general boost of production in cities should be moved to Construction or Engineering. Water wheels started appearing at like 4-3th century BCE.
    • Galley should be moved to Celestial Navigation. You can increase its combat strength or reduce its production cost to compensate its later arrival.
    • Consider making 'The Wheel' a requirement for 'Horseback riding', since chariots were the first use of horses in warfare and I would wager chariots were a major incitament for raising more horses in general, and also breeding larger, stronger horse-breeds.
    • Consider moving Stables to 'The Wheel', since the first stables came with Chariots.
    • Consider moving Military Engineer and Fort to 'Engineering'. You could remove the Armory requirement and replace it with having either Stables or Barracks.
    • Consider moving Battering Ram to Iron working, since that fits better with the time frame of the Neo-Assyrian Empire who were the first to really pioneer siege warfare, and I believe the first written/pictorial evidence of the kind of large and advanced battering ram that's in the game.
    • If possible, add some military bonus for having an improved copper resource. Like +10-20% production for Ancient units, Bombards, Field cannons, Caravels and Frigates. Unique units affected would be Crouching tiger, Jong(?), De zeven provincien(sic), Sea Dog.
    • I'm annoyed with the Vanilla game making AT crew available before Infantry. What about moving it to Replaceable Parts or even Refining/Combustion?
    In any case, I really enjoy your work. Keep it up!
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  14. Alqamar Alaswad

    Alqamar Alaswad Chieftain

    Mar 5, 2019
    Sounds pretty interesting, indeed...
  15. qqqbbb

    qqqbbb Prince

    Sep 25, 2010
    A lot of interesting balance changes here.
    There is a mod called Omnibus. It also has a lot of balance changes, but it's not maintained anymore. You may wanna grab ideas from it.
    Did you think about reducing newly founded city range to 0? So that every tile around city center has to be claimed with border expansion.
  16. dunkleosteus

    dunkleosteus Roman Pleb

    Aug 17, 2015
    Toronto, Canada
    Not sure. One idea I had was that a city would only be able to work tiles adjacent to the city center or another district. I would introduce the idea of a village district which would be unlocked at like pottery, and you'd have to build a village in order to expand your workable range. Specialty districts would only be able to be built on top of a village, essentially specializing the community. In the medieval era, villages would be able to be upgraded into towns. I don't think that's possible without some lua coding and I don't know lua very well, though it looks pretty straight forward from what I've seen of the map generation code.
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