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Ahh...the memories


Sep 23, 2001
The Ivory Tower of Thilame, City of Tenita.
Some years ago, my house was broken into. The bastards stole my Sega Saturn. I was overcome with grief at my inability to play my two favourite games, Sonic R, and NiGHTS. Today, I went into a shop and saw the PC version of Sonic R for £10. Overcome with nostalgia, I couldn't resist buying it, and it's as fun as I remember.

So what games do you no longer have (through loss, thievery, throwing it out, or acts-of-child) that you wish you could dig out and play?
All the gold box games on my old computer that no longer run on it due to insufficient memory, and will someday be shifted to this one and lovingly played once more. With the aid of slow down programs.

So, theoretically, they are not lost, but they are inaccessable at this moment.
There's a game called HERO on my old MSX computer that I played for many hours. I looked a while ago and found it and I could have played it using an emulator. But I know nothing about emulators so I decided not to try to play, anyway who knows that I won't like the game anymore and then all my fond memories of the game would be destroyed......
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