AI and Trading Question


Aug 25, 2001
Phila, PA, USA
HI all,

I am trying to figure out how AI comes up with the prices for trading. Be that tech or a resourse. What resorces are more valuable and by how much. I am a little confused by the system and what to charge for my techs and resourses. I don't want to give a tech out if they don't pay my price - but if one AI pays for it I can be sure that all of them will have it in a turn or two unless I sell it to other AI's at much lower price than I want to.

So is there an index or a thread some where that discusses and clears up this point?

Thanks a lot.
Yes, there have been some discussions about it. I suggest that you make a search for "trade" or something similar and see what you end up with.

Could take some time, though, to screen through all junk. :D
As far as resources go, I believe iron and oil are the two most valuable. The AI will pay exhorbitant amounts for these. The value of a luxury depends on the population of the civ and the number of luxuries they already have (they pay more for their six luxury than for their second). Techs are valued by the number of research points required to research them. This value decreases as more civs gain a tech.
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