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AI Controlled Cars, or Your Right to Drive

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by illram, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Formaldehyde

    Formaldehyde Both Fair And Balanced

    Jan 29, 2003
    USA #1
    Good luck with that. Again, all it takes is a front tire blowout under the wrong conditions, much less numerous conditions of hydroplaning or hitting a long stretch of ice. You should be just as properly trained and alert behind the wheel in this car as any other. Steering into a skid immediately is still the greatest countermeasure. Until automated cars with far more control over all aspects of the vehicle and vastly more AI come along, these systems will continue to be aids to help maintaining control instead of any sort of panacea.

    The point is that you should always be prepared that it might occur at any moment, which the vast majority of drivers clearly are not, regardless of whether or not you have some sort of current scheme to help alleviate it.

    Then the data, which should be available any decade now, can turn a hypothetical platitude into fact.

    It has no resemblance whatsoever to the nanny system installed on passenger cars, other than taking the data from various sensors and tweaking certain things based on that data. As I already pointed out, the type of system found on your own vehicle must be disabled before even being able to come close to being competitive on the track with other cars. Being on the edge of out-of-control is actually the fastest way to drive, which these systems do all they can to stop from happening and occasionally with disastrous results.

    But there is certainly nothing wrong with installing this sort of system on all passenger cars and trucks, just as long as it can be disabled by the owner if he decides to do so. It will quite certainly save a number of drivers from not having proper training and paying sufficient attention to what they are doing, even though I think decreasing the number of deaths on the highway by 1/3rd is quite a stretch.
  2. Thorgalaeg

    Thorgalaeg Deity

    Jan 3, 2002
    I would say it is you the one who needs larger amounts of luck here. ESP and other driving aids may not be the panacea but it is much better having it than not. Of course any driver must be always vigilant but: 1) nobody will be always alert 2) many times even being alert will not save you since you are not quick enough. OTOH electronic aids are always alert and are infinitely quicker than humans. Of course in extreme situations nothing is going to avoid the crash since physical laws cant be cheated neither by any electronic device nor humans.

    Nothing hypothetical here. It is an assertion made by real experts based on studies based on real life fact. EPS has been widely used since several years ago in EU and Japan. It avoids 30-40% accidents, particullarly the potentially fatal ones at high speed. Period.

    Do you think seatbelts kill more lives than it saves too? ;)
    Anyway i agree it kills the fun since you cant skid. It is not "real" driving since there is an electronic thing looking after you which will take control if you mess it up. But that is the point while in the road. Driving in public roads is a serious thing. Anyway speaking about racing cars i dont know how much resemblance F1´s ESP had with street EPS (neither you) but the principle is the same, precisely they banned it because it was killing real racing according to many. And thinking on it in fact the street EPS is more complete than late F1 EPS systems since it uses ABS, traction control and brakeforce distribution, while there is not ABS in F1 (sort of at least) since 1994.

    You can disable it, there is a button hidden in the bottom left corner of the dashboard. Dont know why would anybody disable it unless he is racing in some closed track.

    One last thing: It seems you think of yourself very high as a driver, hope such self-confidence does not turn against you some day while in the road.

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