AI doing projects all the time?


Jan 13, 2023
I enabled all victory conditions for the first time in GS and looks like many AI civilizations are doing too much projects instead of normal stuff. Difficulty is emperor and I gave Babylon's trait to Greece, no AI mod.

Mongolia is the worst - they got 4 cities, no military, no expanding into endless unclaimed land and seems to have been repeating campus research, took most of great scientists for no good. Eras are slowed down by ~5 times in classical era, but it doesn't explain why at 116 turns many of them just upgraded to swordsmen and archers, on the same level as Persia and Sweden which I defeated 60-80 turns ago.

The behavior was unchanged even after they warned me as I surrounded their main city with my troops, preparing to take them out as soon as friendship ends since why not - surely the game designer understands this? (they can't win by any condition if they're dead :D)
Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 23.15.09.jpg

I installed several great people mods that add dozens because of this, but seems pointless because AI would still take everyone by running crazy projects.
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