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AI get's Wonders pretty fast on Diety Level???


Nov 17, 2001
How is it that the AI can build so many wonders in just one turn? This happens when they have not really been at war so there is not way to have great leaders. That is what I don't understand. If they had been at war then I could see. I will trade them a tech and then the next turn they build it. Not having been at war the whole game....?
Several things could be happening.

The AI might've been building another wonder and switched when you traded.

Maybe it can do the build palace and switch trick.

Maybe it's one of those deals where the AI gets a break.

Maybe it hoarded a leader.

F7 is the wonders screen, you can see what's under construction if you're in contact. You can then investigate the city in question to find out what the deal is.
I can't stress how useful the editor is for seeing just what bonuses the AI gets on each level. At Deity, the AI gets a substantial reduction in cost, which not only makes research faster, but also reduces the number of shields that the AI must "pay" for buildings (including wonders).

Check the difficulty level tab of the editor for more specific details.

Thanks for responding....that all makes sense. I am still having a hard time thinking that it is fair though. There are a few must have wonders if you want to win. I try the old palace/switch trick and sometimes it works sometimes it dosn't. Oh well keep trying.
You'll never get a fair shake on deity, that's why beating it is impressive.

Maybe Dan can answer this one, or maybe somebody else has seen it. Does the AI use the palace switch trick? I don't think it does, but I don't watch the AI as closely as I might. It's a pretty basic strategy.
The palace building trick is a "human cheat". I cannot possibly think an AI would be so clever as to do this by itself. Of course, if it's been coded somewhere, you can be sure there is a palace being built in each AI civ :D This would definitely prevent the human player from getting any wonder on deity (60% cost), short of a GL.
I don't think the AI has been coded with built in tricks to maximize its production rate (planting, deforesting comes to mind as well) : this would make the game too hard and too frustrating. You can't beat the computer at micromanagement :scan:

So what is the fairest level of play? The one where the AI has no bonuses but nor do you?
Dan, don't say that! You're going to give those who insist the AI always cheats a clue.
I just finished a Diety level game where I built all of the wonders in MY CAPITAL less the costal wonders and the pyramids/JSbachs/leonardo's.

I played the Aztecs on a standard map, standard continent shape and temp. I won via a single city culture victory in the 1800's.

So it is possible!
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