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Dec 25, 2012
Hi everyone,

I recently won my first game on HK difficulty with a random group of rivals, and now I'm trying to win one against the 6 "expert" AI personas (plus one "advanced" since I need 7 rivals). It seems to make a difference, they are a bit faster and they take the indepent cities almost immediately (so no "free" cities for me this time).

I leave it here for people who may not have considered this, and want to slightly tweak the difficulty without changing the main setting.

Also, have you guys tried specific combinations of this? I'm thinking maybe one "expert" AI and 6 "normal" ones could be harder since that one expert leader is bound to become very strong, but I didn't try it yet.
I find that the persons overall level is only a vague indicator. The traits themselves can make all the difference, but the point they cost is only vaguely connected to difficulty. Best point in that case is the lover trait. It‘s the most expensive one with 90 points and it doesn‘t make the persona harder to play against in any way.
It’s so hard to tell if it’s a real effect or just suggestion, but after switching to the various aggressive personas (half advanced half expert) the games have a lot of AI conquest. Still not nearly enough late game armies, but the early game always has some eliminations, empires often rise and fall (imagine that, programming AI to capture cites causes large empires to lose territory) and sometimes they just keep rising. +2 on emblematic on HK basically means you’re fighting uphill most of the time, and does well to offset the players ability to get first strike in most battles. (Also my new rule for myself: don’t invade Babylon!)

If Amplitude (or eventual mods) find a way to get the AI building 30-40 units mid-late game (which they did sometimes in Victor) we are going to have an amazing game here.
my friends and i play mostly expert and advanced personas in humankind level, no reloading in a single run allowed

harappan semiramis as a neighbor is a lot of fun, but the way she is able to output units can feel way too gimmicky at times

got late game crash on my way to 40k fame so i moved over to the latest beta and started over
got late game crash on my way to 40k fame so i moved over to the latest beta and started over

Oh wow, you’ve broken the fame wide open! That must be just farming the AI for fame! My games have been gritty everyone’s at 5-7k by industrial lately.
since the AI is era dashing permanently, they don't get to high fame numbers

40k+ demands full era stars plus deeds such as circumnavigation and continent mapping that, in my experience, tend to break when reloading
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