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AI pile-on decisions

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by Bhruic, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Bhruic

    Bhruic Emperor

    Nov 15, 2005
    There seems to be some sort of "quirk" problem with the AI when it comes to decisions to "pile on" to a war. I'll give a couple examples:

    First, in my most recent game, I was attacking another continent, mopping up Cyrus. He vassaled to Qin, who declared war on me. Ok, that's fine. But then a bunch of other (unvassaled) people declared on me. For example, Toku declared war on me. Again, no real problem, but what exactly did he do? He brought 2 Galleys over, and attacked the city I had just taken from Cyrus. The city that I had my main attack stack, consisting of large amounts of Riflemen, Knights and Trebs in. What'd he attack with? 1 Longbow, 1 Pikeman and a Catapult. In that order. Attacking Amphibiously. There's absolutely no way that could be considered a realistic attack force.

    Ok, so in the last case, it could be a case of the AI just underestimating (grossly) the amount of troops it needs. The next example, however, is worse. I started a game as the Romans, just to have some fun pulling of a Praet rush. I started next to Qin and Mao. I rushed Mao, and Qin declared war on me. No problem. I took over Mao's capital, leaving him with 1 jungle city. I made peace with him so I could focus on Qin. At this point I had roughly 10 Praets, plus city defenders. So I went after Qin a bit, took a city from him, etc. Then Mao re-declares war on me. Now at this point, he had a single city, size 2. That city had 2 Archers in it. He moved 1 Archer over my border towards a city that had 6 Praets in it. Can you say bonehead decision?

    Now I know that doing a "pile on" can sometimes be a good idea, if the opponent is already weakened or distracted by fighting a 3rd party, it can often be a good time to attack. But it's not a good time to attack if you (A) have no real attack force to put into play, and/or (B) are so weak that the enemy can completely walk over you. The AIs ability to analyze for those two criteria appears, imo, to be drastically lacking. Especially in the second case, there is no way Mao should have re-declared on me. There shouldn't have even been any way to bribe him into it (it was too early to have anything to bribe him with anyway, but the point remains).


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