AI rarely captures cities?


Oct 28, 2005
What's a draft unit?
That's a Civ 4 term :)
In Civ 5 that would be a unit hurried with gold (or faith).
IMHO, it's a good idea to cut a portion of it's health when raised in a besieged city (however, if it's health would be equal to % of the city's health, like Recursive said, that would mean cities with ~10% HP remaining would produce units with these ~10% HP for the same gold price).
Additionally, I'd argue about the need to cut the health of non-hurried units. Firstly, besieged cities are already in trouble building them (due to pillaged / occupied tiles). Secondly, the build process could have started many turns ago, when the city was at full HP...
Finally, I'm not sure the penalties should be applied to faith purchases (holy units), as (unless i'm mistaken) there's always a global cooldown on them.

So, I'd vote for a poll covering all these points :)
Unless the community has already voted somewhere, and I'm too late with my suggestions.


Nov 1, 2020
If we want to punish beseiged cities, I would like to first suggest that units that spawn on blockaded tiles cannot move on the same turn. This isn't strictly related to AI v. AI balance, but one of the bigger frustrations I've had when sieging is when an AI pops out a unit from a city that goes on to attack, or even kill, a unit that should have been in a perfectly defensible position, all without me being able to really react to it.


Aug 12, 2016
Since I first posted in this thread, I've played a few 43-civ games -- the crowding on the continents maps creates a good deal of AI city captures, and this doesn't seem to be as much a problem there.

I'd go for smaller tweaks to address this issue rather big changes. I think the suggestions above re: creating some kind of siege malus on the defender might be on the right track.
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