AI still mysterious -_-


Sep 18, 2011
I recently installed Gods & Kings, and started a game as Carthage. I started extremely close to Austria (to my south), while Babylon was quite far to my west and the Dutch were very, very far to the south - Austria was in between us. Atilla and Elizabeth were quite far away, but in contact.

I built 4 cities, and then temporarily stopped expanding to let my economy catch up. Predictably, Austria coveted my lands and didn't seem to like me all that much - which is exactly what I would have done in that position. Most of my small army was either exploring or near my border with Austria - my military was small, and I knew an attack was coming.

Well, an attack came - from Babylon. My units were far enough away from that part of my empire that Babylon was able to take a city (which was awesome), and it was a little while before I was able to liberate it - but liberate it I did. And here is the sad part of the story: After liberating MY OWN city, every single AI decided that I was 'building cities too fast,' and denounced me. Even the Dutch, who I had a declaration of friendship with.


I don't want the AI to be a pushover (I was thrilled when Babylon successfully took one of my cities - that almost never happens to me), but I want it to seem like I am playing against other countries. I thought (and hoped) Gods & Kings was supposed to improve this.
The AI might have just seen the surge in your overall pop/prod and gotten miffed. Seriously, though I understand the feeling on being overjoyed that the AI took one of your cities. I actually get excited myself when I see the AI declare war on a difficulty below emperor or on a water map.
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