AI struggles with Archipelago map


Feb 13, 2018
I've created a small archipelago map with high water level and 6 Civs that have unique ships, because I wanted to focus on naval warfare. AI produced way too many land melee units, which were useless outside of boosting cities defense. That production could go to ships (which AI made a very small amount) or just buildings. AI combat was fine considering what it has, so the problem is mainly with production choices. There was almost no point in promoting melee ships to Boarding, so I just picked Dreadnought every time.


Sep 20, 2015
I had a somewhat similar experience, or rather the opposite. On a two continents 6-civ Communitas map, the larger continent had 4 civs (me/arabia, england, Iroquois, songhai). Everyone except me went Authority, but Iroquois was dominating the others until I intervened, Songhai even lost its capital (twice). All the while Songhai was putting production into ships instead of creating a defensive land army to protect its cities. While Songhai did have one or two insignificant overseas colonies, he was never threatened by England and his most threatening neighbor (Iroquois) was land-based, so it felt weird. I'm not sure if it was a fluke, but there may be room for improvement in army/navy balance.


Dec 22, 2010
Odd. I usually find it to be the other way around. They pump up their militaryscore by having waaaaaaaaaay to many ships. If you just position cities correct it becomes useless as they can normally only attack the player with a ship or two. AI cities and city-states are different. Also a large emphasis on melee ships to make it even worse for them. It works AI vs AI but vs player it just becomes silly. But then it's the same when they create to many land units that does nothing but act like cannon fodder.

I dont know why but the unit balance sometimes go really wonky for no apparent or good reason. Perhaphs they run out of resources (could explain lack of certain units, cant have battleships if there is no iron etc) but sometimes I just dont know.
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