AI stupidity in Advanced Starts


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Oct 25, 2006
I'm waking the others...
I have recently been trying out advanced starts in my games. The concept is great. I only have one big problem with it.

When I play, I give myself a few reasonably sized cities with a few units and buildings. I proceed to buy techs. The AI just seems to spam workers. I am way ahead in tech and research whereas they have gigantic stacks of workers which build roads everywhere. :crazyeye: I end up conquering the world with superior technology. The AI's giant cities and worker stacks just feed my empire.

I don't think that the AI are very good with advanced starts. They especially do bad with larger sums of gold. Why is this and has anyone else noticed this?
I did one advanced start. Had a handful of cities, a warrior to protect everyone, some infrastructure, and the base six techs. I took over a massive chunk of the continent I was on by just straight out settler expansion. Hmmm....I don't do advanced starts anymore....
Only good way is giving them cities by WB before start.
But then you see the terrain and where they are...Nah.
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