AI voting behaviour for Global Hedgemony


Aug 14, 2011
The purpose of this thread is I want to understand if the AI is geared towards playing to win, or if the AI is COLLECTIVELY motivated to stop the human player from winning above all, possibly at their own expense. I’ll explain

My current game is yet unfinished and I am the game leader overall taking all factors into account. Under normal circumstances I would expect to win from my position. But the AI has just voted unexpectedly and I think also illogically during the hedgemony vote

42 votes were required for a diplomatic victory (Im actually playing as Babylonians). I felt secure knowing that whilst the game’s diplo threat are the Netherlands, they only have 31 seats in WC. But while every other civ voted for themselves, Venice voted for Netherlands! They gave them all 10 of their votes and consequently they came within just 1 vote of a diplo victory. But why did venice do that???

Yes both the Netherlands and venice have a DOF and DP. But so what? I have the same with China and they didn’t vote for me. Surely despite whatever relationships civs have with each other, when it comes to victory conditions its every civ for itself, no? I would think that venice would want to stop the Netherlands from winning just as much to stop me or any other civ.

Why would a civ vote to help another civ win, if for no other reason than to screw over the human player?

The only explanation is that the Netherlands bought the venetian votes. But their economy wasn’t particulary strong and votes are expensive, right? I don’t think 10 votes is realistic unless they were swimming in cash

And shouldn’t the venetians be smart enough not to sell hedgemony votes to the game’s diplomatic powerhouse? Any other WC votes are on the table, sure. But NOT Global Hedgemony. They may as well just give away their capital!

In case its relevant im playing on prince 4 (vox populi) with no other ‘behavioral’ mods involved

Interested to hear the thoughts of other players on this. Because with VP the AI already plays in an intelligent way and provides a good challenge, I think. (Prince: chooses from top 2 best picks for decisions etc)

The AI really doesn’t need to compromise gameplay by trying to stifle the human rather than play fairly and consistently, and of course…intelligently.
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