AI Wars and spams units constantly


Feb 13, 2019
I have no clue if this is an error, or a mishandling on my part or something, but i disabled all the military, diplomacy and even city strategy ai tweaks in the CommunityOptions.sql, CommunityPatchDLLChanges.xml, and Core Tables/CustomModOptions.xml too, but AI on Emperor (didn't test with other difficulties) will war and spam units continously, until they have every tile of their city with a unit on it, even when they have 1 city against a player with literally the entire map. I suspect this has to do with my (low) relatively amount of soldiers and the warmongering penalties (Can i decrease these by the way?), since they spam humongous amounts of units Is there any way to make them act like just vanilla AI? It's really frustrating, trying to play a cultural / science victory, conquering one annoying ai that created a dumb city in the middle of a road, and being showered with 200000 War chariots by egypt (not sure if this is right subforum, didn't see a category for CP issues)
Running CP without CBP, C4D or CSD.

Omen of Peace

Mar 22, 2018
If you think there's a bug, you should report it on Github.
But if you made custom modifications, you may be on your own.
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