Air Patrol


Jan 11, 2002
Hi everyone...

Trying to make some customizations os my own, just to make the game have more fun, I tried to create a unit that could have the ability of air patrol.

I just tried to give to an air unit (helicopter) the GO TO ability but i experienced some strange actions. In order to test the unit i made it require nothing (tech or resources) so it was availaible from the very beggining.

But... Although it had the air ability, i realized that it was killable from enemy land units (i.e barbarians !!). And when it was flying over the sea there was no graphic for the unit (like it dissapeared), although it was still there.

Has anybody else experimented with something similar.? The idea of an air unit that it could just explore, seems to me that would be fine.. Opinions?
In the editor, there is a check for Immobile unit, which means it has to have a base and just execute air missions. If that is checked, but the unit in question also has GO TO checked, it may cause some problems. Just a thought-tell me if unchecking that works.
Yes, the immobile option had been removed. I guess the programming doesn't support moving air units. But only Firaxis can tell us..
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