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Air superiority still not working?


Dec 10, 2001
Sorry if you've heard this way too much already, but I finally got a game to the modern era where others actually attack me with bombers, and my air-superiority fighters just sit there.

I know there's a patch, and I know there's "good" patch and "bad" patch (Bad, Firaxis, for giving them nearly the same name! Bad! Bad!), I'm positive I have the "good" patch. I started the current game after installing the "good" patch.

So I decided to uninstall and reinstall Civ3, and put in the "good" patch, play yet another game for another WEEK ... until ... I ... get ... to ... the ... modern ... era ...

If ... my ... civ ... survives ...

If ... I'm ... lucky ... enough ... to ... have ... oil ...

If ...

Oh $%$#% this. I don't feel like starting over just to find it still doesn't work.

I think I'm happier with that 700 Mb freed up for other things ...
Air superiority missions are working in version 1.16. Note, that this does not mean a 100% chance for your fighters to intercept. Sometimes they get shot down by the enemy bombers, sometimes they shoot down the enemy, sometimes nothing much seems to happen. Probabilities depend on strength of units and air attack/defense values. Also note that air interdiction range is half of operation range, which means fighters only have a two square umbrella and jet fighters a three square umbrella.

You are much more likely to notice air superiority missions when your bombers are being shot down by enemy fighters. With animations off, there is a very quick combat result displayed when your fighters down an enemy bomber (or get shot down by one).
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