Air Units


Jan 1, 2002
Ok, I'm a Civ III rookie, so any advice on the use of air units would be appreciated (aside form the fact that bombing missions are very effective). But can someone explain to me why a stealth fighter can't conduct air superiority missions?
And what good are helicopters aside from recon missions? I'm finding they're a waste of resources.
Also, I noticed that other civs will hate you if you're prosperous, even though you have a clean track record. In my current game the Romans, English, Russians, Egyptians and Aztecs are constatnly "furious" with me, but I've never initiated any conflicts.
(I'm kicking butt scientifically and economically).
The AI is amazing, but fairly volatile.

Thanx for your replies in advance! :goodjob:

P.S. Posting a poll soon: "Favorite methods of war" God I'm cryptic! ;) :nuke:
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