Aircraft Carriers Perfected

Oct 21, 2021
This is my first released mod, took a good month while learning how civ 6 worked (and didn't work). I hope people will enjoy this very narrow and specific mod.

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Aircraft Carriers Perfected


Aircraft Carriers Perfected redesigns how aircraft carriers play and earn experience. No more melee attacking cities with carriers. They are now the ultimate support combat unit, able to survive some hits and provide your air and naval forces sustainability far from your home territories.

CarriersPerfectedCarrierExperience.png CarriersPerfectedPromotionTree.png Civilopedia_Mobile_drydocks.png


  • can no longer attack.
  • now gain half XP whenever carried aircraft gain XP (rounded up).
  • have a new promotion tree.
  • now have a base vision range of 3 and with Scout Planes promotion up to 5.
  • can see over terrain.
  • can now see subs with Anti-Sub Patrols promotion.
  • can now intercept air attacks.
  • Have increased air slots if in a Fleet (+1) or Armada (+2). Final Super Carrier promotion provides +1 air slot as well.
  • Mobile Dry Dock Promotion can heal naval units anywhere even if they can't heal themselves, but if they can heal themselves, they heal faster.
  • Deployed and parked planes now heal +5 every turn if based on a Carrier with the Super Carrier promotion or at an Aerodrome with a non pillaged hangar.

Great Admirals and Great Generals now gain extra movement points at the start of each turn while in a formation to match the fastest attached unit. No more top brass slowing you down.

Fixes base game Strategic Air Command policy card to properly apply to all air units, previously modern and atomic air units were left out.

  • Requires starting a new game.
  • Works and tested with standard base game, Rise and Fall and Gathering storm expansions. Presumably has no issues with New Frontier.
  • This mod replaces all previous carrier promotions. May have issues with mods that alter carrier promotions, add promotions to the tech tree, or alters modifiers attached to these promotions.
  • Mods which add new carrier units will probably work, however this is untested.
  • This mod has no art assets and it's performance impact should be minimal.

Known issues
  • Fleet and Armada bonus aircraft slot does not display when created, but will update on next turn or by rebasing a plane there. The same thing happens when building hangars and airports at an aerodrome.
  • Carriers cannot combine to form Fleets and Armadas after being built, this was disabled by Firaxis so they didn't have to deal with aircraft being destroyed on merge.
  • Upgrading Carriers has the same issue, so if you use other mods with multiple carriers, remember to move your planes away first.

If you find any errors or would like to translate this mod, please let me know below.

Special thanks to Fuzzle07, JNR, p0kiehl, sukritact, WindyDelcarlo, Zegangani
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Oct 21, 2021
Having trouble editing my post, but steam version is updated to fix jumbled description in the mod browser in game. Attached file is latest version.


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