Airports out of cities??

Aiports ?

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The Great Emporer
Feb 18, 2002
This would be a great feature to have the workers build airports or even landing strips to have the planes closer to other civs or maybe it would be good for trade. It would take a while for the workers to build and it would have to be built on a road but what do you think???:( :confused: :eek: :mad:
this what it needs, a military base that's well fortified with airfields ;)
Your suggestion sounds a lot like the airbases in Civ II. As for having these bases on road, do you mean that it has to be connected by road to your civ? I found that airbases in Civ II were handy on islands, so that they can't be connected in such a way. Considering this, maybe such coastal airbases could incorporate a harbour to connect with your other coastal harbour cities.

As for a trading structure, I fail to see the use if it is already connected to the rest of your civ. The only way I see a benefit is if you build one while not having any city-based airports at all throughout your civilisation.

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I like the idea of a an airbase to increase the range of my aircraft, like in CIV2. Just wish that same bug worked in this as well;)
I made one of these, and I think Dark Shear has as well. I edited the carrier graphic to make it look like a runway on the ground.
It has to be....
A land unit
Paradrop (you build it in your city, then drop it where you want)
Wheeled (I doubt you'd get a mountain airbase)
Holds x units

Trouble is, there's no AI seting for such a unit, so you won't see the computer build any.
I have to admit that I swing in the opposite direction on this subject. As it stands, being able to base your air force in cities that do not have airports, in my opinion, is a bit much. I understand that the operational ranges of planes forces the human to do this, but still...
great idea, i was just thinking of it.

i think he meant building a road and then the airport on top of it. sorta like how railroads are.
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