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Ai's On A Hair Trigger


Feb 20, 2002
is it just me or does it seem strange that ai's threaten use of nuke's WAY too much. i mean i have been threatened by Mahatma 'FREAKING' Gandhi!!!!!!!!!!! :confused: :nuke:
Gandhi or no Gandhi, the AI are the same old a**h***s!
I was playin a Gulf War Scenario as Iraq (they were the hardest to play as on top of everything else) and the US+Allies dropped a nuke on Basra. I was like :eek: so I quick built up an arsenal of nukes, and since Israel was allied with US and Saudis and Turkey and my allies were Egypt and "Arab Alliance" I stred firin nukes from some city in Western Iraq and droppin em on Jerusalem, i shared the tech with Egypt and "Arab Alliance" who in turn started nuking our enemies....Egypt took SOuthern Israel, and the Arab Alliance took Beruit and Jersualem and Tel Aviv (or Haifa, right this second I cant remember which one was farther north, either way the northern one of the two is the one they took...and beruit was a barbarian city) eventually i was nuking parts of Saudi Arabia (the ones closest to me) and movin in there when apparently they got SDI and my nukes were worthless...Turkey left the alliance as well as france and sided with me :D oh then Russia and Iran started in on me....Russia was far enough away til they took a couple Iranian cities, and i was at war with Iran.....basically the entire middle east looked like a nuclear wasteland.....that little pollution skull icon was everywhere.....Russia at one point took Mosul from me, so I in turn nuked Mosul and took the city back......

I think Saddam woulda been proud of my game playin skills....i didnt beat the scenario BTW, but everything except Egypt was pretty much nuked....ah Turkey wasnt either.
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