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AI's to target for in Domination

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by elister, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. elister

    elister Chieftain

    Dec 13, 2010
    I recently made a move to Prince from warlord, so I'm still a noob at this. :)

    Anyways, my question is; since this is pretty low level, I'm usually the one who gets to DoW first :)
    Also I'm targeting Domination Victory since I think its the easiest one.

    My strategy is:
    1. Build 2 cities MAX.
    2. Build/upgrade to swordsman if Iron is already in my tiles OR 3
    3. Build lot's of Archers and Pikeman
    4. rush to nearest AI cities/capital and repeat untill I've at least 60+ GPT ( OK, this is dumb but I use it as a benchmark to focus on Science until Rifling and then repeat..)

    My problems so far:
    If I'm not Germany I start to run in -ve GPT ( as I've only two cities)
    Empire is almost always unhappy (as said above) this hurts science a big time but I compensate for it by taking some breathers in between wars, but so far my best is rifling @ 1800 :sad:

    I think that if I choose my opponents right I might be able to overcome some of these issue.. so which I AI should I target for when DoWing?

    What I'm looking for is whether to go for:
    1. AI which is lowest in Soldier's Demographics score (and is fairly near to me)
    2. AI which has beat me on some very good wonders (HG, Chichen Itza etc.. Gandhi dat stupid old bald guy always beats me to HG)
    3. AI which has luxuries that I don't have (at least 2 unique ones, I mostly run 1-9 unhappy empire when waring)
    4. AI which has more strategic resources (more iron/oil never hurts!)
  2. carbontaxes

    carbontaxes Chieftain

    Oct 7, 2011
    often times a player will choose a civ with a good ancient era UU to do this kind of early domination. Maybe Aztecs (not so much anymore though Jaguars were nerfed) or Babylon (bowmen). You will have to rely on pure military spamming and hope for extra-generous peace agreements after you take an early enemy capitol. It can happen but it seems really touch-and-go. Do not be afraid to have a capitol that never grows past 4 or 5 for most of the game. The whole thing is very situational and you definitely want to keep exploring for trading partners the entire time you are focusing on a certain civ for his capitulation.
  3. The Pilgrim

    The Pilgrim Deity

    Jan 26, 2009
    Virtual reality
    The closest one. Unless it's some huge behemoth, although it's very unlikely on Prince. If it is seriously stronger than you, try to stay in friendly relations and leave it for last. All the other reasons you've brought are good as well. But there is no point in long walk across the map. Successful war pays off rather quickly. Delaying it while having sufficient force is a mistake.

    When planning an early rush, swords are the best option. Research Iron Working before you place your second city and then settle on iron. Preferably at least 4. Pikemen are really weak and not good for taking cities. When you don't have iron anywhere near, you can purchase it from friendly AI or ally City State which has some. In the worst case scenario, you still failed to get it, you may want to build horsemen. Archers and horsemen should be more than enough to take over the nearest neighbor or two.

    Units maintenance is quite high. That's why you fall into deficit. Fortunately, you don't need many of them. You just need to use them wisely. Place melee units up front and archers behind (on hills if possible). Pay attention to promotions you apply. Most of the units should get flat terrain promotions and some rough terrain. Attack accordingly. Also take in consideration that when you surround an enemy unit with several of yours they get flanking bonus. And when you are in more than 9 unhappiness your units get penalties, so you should wait a bit until this solved.

    Do deal with unhappiness do the following:
    Chose social policies that help with happiness, like Meritocracy in Liberty tree and Organized Religion in Piety tree.
    Build as many happiness building and wonders as you can. Grab both Notre Dame and Forbidden Palace.
    Ally City States with luxuries you don't have.
    Raze enemy cities which don't have unique luxuries in their radius unless they are very good. If they are, consider to annex them and build/buy a courthouse.

    Good luck! :)
  4. Cheeseisgood

    Cheeseisgood Warlord

    Sep 25, 2006
    Go start laying into somebody big if you can! It sounds stupid, but the Civs that are small and weak by about turn 100 are likely going to stay that way for the entire game. If you aim to attack Civs who are middle/large in terms of size and power, you can cut down those who are planning to turn into runaway Civs, sprawling cities and engulfing other Civs. The weak civs will always be weak, deal with them later and destroy those who are going to pose problems before the problems develop!

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