Al Falah Apollo standard Eta Vulpeculae


Feb 29, 2020
I want to start a game soon and document it. I think I never finished a game with Al Falah because the faction bonus seems a bit underwhelming at first glance and also a bit uninteresting. However I want to see if playing a more serious game with them can make me change my mind.

I hope to win in under 210 turns. My goal is either Domination or Supremacy, the other victory types are not suited to my playing style.

I will play the game in rounds of 10 turns. I hope to post them each day so the game should finish in around 3 weeks.

Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

These will be the settings. I will play with everybody starting at once, the default staggered starts is too much of a handicap for the AI.

The game begins.

I rolled a really poor start and very disappointing terrain. Only the worst tile is available (empty hill), and no firaxite, no xenomass and no floatstone in the capital. Even worse, there is only a single Progenitor ruin on the map, and I think 2 progenitor devices. I will send the explorers to them as soon as possible.

A positive thing is that at least the world is fungal and the marvel is a Collosal Fungus so there will be some nice tiles around if I manage to find these Giant Funguses around the map. All AIs started on hills, too. I am not sure I like that if I want to conquer them, but at least they will have smaller population for a while this way.



Turns 0 - 10

Researching Engineering. I need to see where Titanium is... and I will need to discover Computing quickly after that. I'll first improve production and stay on one city and then get Pioneering and spam a few colonists.

Virtues: I opened with Prosperity and then took the free worker. I will skip the free colonist completely, I'll produce my own instead a bit later. This way I will make it to the good prosperity virtues faster. Plus, I need to improve these bad tiles. Making a bed on the Eggs for the start and then maybe improve the Coral. I will not use the exploit of building other things on the resources since the AI doesn't do it either. There are some weak aliens on the land so I'll need to be careful with the worker. I'm not going to attack them for the time being but they have a bad habit of killing civilian units anyway.

Exploration: I only found 2 research pods, both with energy. One had a battered artifact in it, the Population Estimation Computer. This artifact sucks as it prefers Xenomass Bathhouse. I will hoard all the artifacts I find for a while until I decide what I want to get out of them. Did not meet anybody yet.

Turns 10 - 20 Summary

Turn 12 - progenitor ruin gives free affinity level - I take Supremacy. It also gave a Battered Confounding Object. Another scout finds one more gold pod.
I upgrade marines to +5 heal and cutters to +20% vs melee.

Turn 14 - Prosperity Pathfinders (extra expeditions).

Turn 16 - I found a Pristine Phantom Medical Remote Operating Theathre! This is great news as it gives a lot of production. I'll stockpile it for now Maybe I will use it to rush the Spy Agency. I buy one more Explorer and produce yet another one. There are still a lot of expeditions to be done and pods to be collected.

Turn 18 - An explorer has dug up an alien skeleton, giving me an alien artifact and 14 XP towards purity! This is great. Much better than an alien unit, in any case. I can create Xenoanthropology - 20% more artifacts but I think this is a bad idea. I don't think there will be enough artifacts for it to be worth it.

Turn 20. I make contact with the Slavic Federation and steal one of their pods. I find a Battered Personal helmet inside and 25 culture. With this artifact I now have access to Soul Discerner ability. I will keep it for now. New virtue - Prosperity gift economy.
If I find a Solar Collector I want to make a deal with the Slavic Fed for +2 science per orbital unit.

Aliens are becoming annoying in the capital city as they block Tubers and Fiber from being improved.

Game is going on as normal. Amount of goodies was decent so far. No quests have been given so far. No units killed or lost so far.

Added save file to the post.



  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 20.CivBESave
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Turns 20 - 30.Summary

(20 or 21?!) I switched to clinic and put 80 production in it from finishing an expedition on a sunken vehicle. It will help getting to Computing faster.

22. I find a Solar Collector and launch it. I immediately sign a deal with the Slavic Fed for +2 science. It will delay my diplomatical development but it has to be worth it for Computing.
Another explorer finds a Worn Near Lightspeed Accelerator and 25 culture. This is starting to snowball pretty well. I now have access to Slumber Slaughter (50% worker speed) but I will stockpile the artifacts that I find for a while.

23 - New Virtue - Prosperity Joy From Variety (+1 prod per basic resource)
I will keep building explorers for now even over the supply limit. Need to scout out the map quickly.

24. I discover Engineering and I have 2 Titanium tiles in range of my capital. I could have had 3 with settling a bit more to the left. This is a very welcome discovery as it means I will be able to pump out colonists quickly later.
I continue with Pioneering but will switch to Computing when taking Pods, just in case they happen to give science.

26 - a pod gives 15 culture and battered Jowler Ball Field Set. I have 7 artifacts in total.

28 - Meet African Union. I find one more battered item - Silver Pont navigational gyroscope.
Some extra gold from a pod. Aliens are becoming hard to handle as 2 rippers have made their way to my capital. They might kill the worker so I move him to safety. I need to buy a gunboat to be able to safely improve the titanium on the water now. That is very annoying.

29 - 3 pods this turn. 2 with gold and 1 with battered Strings of Cremona and 91 science into Computing. Revert to Pioneering.

30 - Progenitor divice has given me 13 affinity towards supremacy! I upgrade gunboats against sea units.

So far game is going normal with no setbacks except the aliens blocking my tiles. No quests have been given so far. I will have to decide if I continue into Prosperity or move on to Might. There are many aliens around and Might could help against them.



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Turns 30-40 Summary.

31. I can approve either 4 science station or 2 science 2 energy. I go with 4 science. It is on the water and I am unlikely to trade with it any time soon. One more science pod, and another one with energy. I will soon be able to buy a Cutter.

32 - energy pod.

33 - I get +9 DC from the Slavs for a deal. This is great.

34 - an explorer can see a pod that is adjacent to an alien nest surrounded by drone, ripper, sea dragon, and 2 more aliens. I decide to let that one pass since it might mean losing the explorer. I am sending it to take up a Kraken's nest.
I no longer build Explorers. I am already in supply deficit by 2 (-20% prod) so I build Old Earth Relic.

35 - I delay finishing excavating a satellite so that I can first research Pioneering and insta-build my Trade Depot.

36 - Research Pioneering. Move on with Computing. The Slavs respect my energy reserves (400). I finish expedition and get 80 production to put into my Trade Depot.
A scout finds a worn polypeptor organic antifreeze! And 60 more gold. I will soon be able to buy a cutter. I make contact with Brazil.
An explorer digs an alien skeleton for 14 xp supremacy affinity! I am now affinity 3. This is very welcome and very helpful. I upgrade combat rovers to +20% flank bonus.

37. New Virtue - Prosperity Mind over Matter (+7 health). I feel that I have to go all-in into a Health based colony. I plan to get 10 cities in total so I should get to the maximum bonus quickly after having the needed virtues and buildings.

38. I am losing Energy. I will buy a Colonist next turn and escort it with a newly built Explorer to a small island near a Giant Fungus. Brazil respects my Synergies. But I am starting to be disliked overall by all met colonies.

39. An explorer finds himself near 3 alien nests and there is a sea dragon around. This explorer might be a goner next turn. I buy a colonist. I am building Agricultural development for a while.

40. B-quest. +1 health from clinic. I have decided to send the colonist to an area with no less than 8 new basic resources! In the picture below it is where the mouse is hovered. (minerals, vents, algae, reslin, plankton, fruit, chelonia and shells). It is on the coast so I might be playing with fire but being so high in affinity makes me feel confident. Only African Union can pose a danger and they have a gunboat but they are still 1-1-1.

Game is going about normally. Maybe a bit better if I am lucky with the current expeditions taking place. No units lost or killed so far and no quests have been given.



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Turns 40-50 Summary.

41 - More agricultural Development until I get to 5 pop.

42 - an explorer gets a Drone from an Alien Skeleton, and also a worn Ross Weed. These will be very useful so I'm not unhappy with not getting affinity. I can send the drone home to escort the worker or send it to explore more and hopefully get more Pods. I play optimistically and send it to explore. I'm sending it to take up space on another Alien Skeleton, maybe. Another explorer gets 48 culture from a Derelict Settlement (via temporary cultural development)

43. I can now improve my traits. I took Industrialist as my Domestic Trait. (+8% more production) More production is always good and the agreement available costs little DC, so I hope the other colonies will be tempted to ask for it.
I have encountered the first Collosal unit, a Kraken. It is around African's Union capital. I hope this Kraken does some damage to them.

44. Church of Dawn's Light has been founded (1 food and 3 culture). Slavs revoke the agreement that was giving me DC but thankfully Brazil takes up the same for +9 DC and I remain at +13 DC/ turn.
Drone takes the pod that was hard to get for +25 culture. New Virtue: Prosperity Joy from Variety. +1 health from each improved type of basic resource. Total Health is now 13.

Meet Pan Asian Cooperative. They have a new city near the Kraken nest, I hope to excavate it before they take it in their lands.

I have found a Pristine "The Folder"!! And a free affinity level, in the remaining Progenitor device. This is just wonderful and pushes me into a strong advantage. Supremacy 4. 3 colonies are 1-1-1 while Brazil is Supremacy 3 but they are far away so I don't care. There are still 3 unmet civs.

45. I found the coastal city and receive a Cutter that I send to escort my worker out.

47. I got +1 pop out of a Derelict settlement exactly after I grew to pop 5 so I am now at pop 6. However I am forced to produce Colonists or Agriculture or my city will starve. So I start pumping some Colonists.

48. B-quest +1 production from Trade Depots. I receive quest to kill a siege worm as one makes his way in 3 tile range of my capital. I am happy that I didn't upset the aliens so far... Hopefully he doesn't make his way to my city because he can possibly destroy my capital in 2 attacks.

49. I make one an agreement with PAC for +9 DC. I have 22 DC now.
Unfortunately, The Kraken Nest gave me only a ripper unit. I am not sure if I should even delete it right away as I am now at -4 supply. However it is the perfect unit to station on my water titanium so I will send it home.
Siege worm is in 2-tile range... This might completely change the way this game continues. I would feel betrayed to have my capital destroyed after having tolerated the Aliens for so long. I might have to use up some artifacts to pump out a Gunboat and a Marine but I will take my chances before the Worm moves in 1-tile range.
I make a deal with African union to grow the outpost at 30% extra speed.

50. The worm moved away, thankfully. I notice the Slavic Federation has moved to 3 Purity but there is no need to fear them since I am more advanced and will soon have a Spy Agency to boost me further. And Computing finishes in a few turns to bring me into 5 Supremacy.
Evaluation: Game is going slightly better than normal, but there the random risk of Siege Worm near capital which complicates things.



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Turns 50-60 Summary

- Drone finds a pod and it gives science so I am now on Supremacy 5 and Purity 2. The extra combat against aliens is already useful to have. A few crashed satellites are being excavated so I will use them for the Spy Agency instead of using up my artifacts. And I am suddenly making a lot of gold now with the Purity-Supremacy combo.
I upgrade artillery 20% against land units.

I've switched production to Spy Agency which takes 12 turns but will probably be ready in 6-7 with the extra production. However I am at -1 food but have 7 food in my reserve so I can afford to keep it like this for a while. I am using the small science overflow that I got from the pod to discover Ecology and get that Ultrasonic Fence up and running. Another pod gave 40 energy. I think all of the Old Earth artifacts have been found.
I got 8 of them so it is a pretty decent lot.

I can attack the worm for 16 damage with my city but I am worried this will backfire and cost me the game so I hold off.

52. B-quest +1 culture from Old Earth Relics. +1 pop from a Derelict Settlement. Now at -3 food but I have 5.62 saved. I let it be one more turn.

53. I ask for Cooperation from African Union and they agree. I needed it to get their open borders and bring my Ripper home otherwise it was hard to move around. Putting one more turn of Agriculture because I don't want to risk losing a citizen.

54. I meet the INTEGR. They are 2-1-2.

55. I have to move an explorer which has only 2 turns until excavation because a Siege Worm is near and in an alien nest. However PAC has an explorer which might try to steal the site. Hopefully they will get killed.
I receive 80 production and I am now 4 turns from finishing the Agency. Another exploration yields preliminary research towards Bionics so it is not completely useless even though 80 production would have been better. (sunken spacecraft has 33% production and 66% preliminary research)

57. Finished Ecology. I got 80 production that I can use to finish the Agency but I use it to insta-build the Vivarium instead. This will help with the food problem in the capital and next turn I have another exploration finishing up. Next up is Chemistry as I need the Recycler and the Laboratory and to see the Petroleum, and I also want a Water Refinery. Lena made a deal with me for +5 DC. I am at +19 DC and will take another trait soon.

58. I meet the Commonswealth of the Pacific (Hutama). He is 3-1-1. Only 1 colony left to meet now.
Once again, I can finish the Spy Agency but I delay it for 1 turn because I am not sure if production will overflow correctly if I finish the excavation. I put the 80 production into the Ultrasonic fence, which I need, anyway. +1 Population out of another Derelict Settlement.

I am stationing explorers who are injured and finished their jobs on Alien nests if possible. If they die, they die. But if they don't, I will soon use them all up to pillage the nests for boosts of all kinds and hopefully artifacts.

59. I can improve my traits and I take Subtle as my Political trait. This is pretty much the choice that makes sense when rushing the Spy Agency to get the most out of it.
My outpost finishes and I start producing a Trade depot there.

60. Spy Agency finishes finally and I will leave it for the next session to decide what artifacts I will use for Soul Discerner ability. (extra spy speed). Capital is starving so I'll have to keep producing Colonists for a while which is a good idea anyway.

Evaluation: Game is going well. I am the affinity leader with 0-2-5 compared to the next AI (Brazil) who is only 1-3-3. Now I have to get a few military units to defend and start pillaging the alien nests.


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Turn 60 - 70 Summary

60 - I use Near Lightspeed Accelerator, Jelly Stalk Ring and Population Estimation Computer for Soul Discerner Ability. These artifacts seem to have been a good combination and I still have access to other good things. I will keep the other artifacts for now. Besides the ability, this only gives me 7.5 science which is almost nothing.

National Security Project - Homeland Security (1% city defense and health) . 194 science goes into Communications from a Pod. Ripper finds a new Solar Collector. I am not using it for now in my second city as I have only 1 pop. Working 1 turn of Agriculture because I am near limit.

61 - I get some respect for my Covert Agents from PAC. New deal with Africans for +9 DC.
Crashed Satellite gives some preliminary research for Genetic Design instead of the expected production. That's not a big deal. I am producing Colonists for a while now.
An explorer has given me a new Drone from an Alien Skeleton. Not great but it is not bad either. There is still exploration to be made and Drones are useful all game with Sky Chitin. Working Culture Development I extract 104 culture out of a Derelict Settlement for a new virtue: Prosperity Hands never idle (+2 energy from specialists)

62 I meet Franco-Iberia. They are 3-1-2. I am preparing to launch the assault against aliens. I can't stand them any longer blocking my tiles in the capital.

64 I receive Affinity quest - Vanishers. I am choosing the Supremacy options. I have already met conditions for the quest by building clinic and ultrasonic fence and now I have to kill 2 aliens to finish the quest. I decide to now go all in against the Aliens.

I pillage 3 nests for 25 food and now suspect that Alien artifacts have been taken. All aliens are now hostile. But suprise! Pillaging one more nest reveals that there are still alien artifacts to be found, as I find a Pristine Floating Canopy Worms! I notice with my latest colonist that there is a Siege Worm in 4-tile range of the capital. Maybe I just destroyed myself? I'll have to get some military units fast. One more 25 food nest.
I ask for cooperation with Franco Iberia because I want to dig one Derelict Settlement in their lands. They agree and I move my explorer.
I pillage a Land nest and discover a quest. "An elemental fate" quest has started. I am trying to bring my 2 drones together so that they can be more effective in combat. I am now building a Cruiser.

65 - 2 explorers died, I expected more casualties. I finish Chemistry and upgrade Submarines to be better vs coastal. I research Communications next because I need a Command Center.

66 The final Alien Skeleton has been dug and I got a Ripper and a Pristine Mobius Horn! And the final Sunken Vehicle gave 80 production which I put into the Cruiser which now has 3 turns until it comes out. I settled one more city on my continent.

67 - I choose Efficient (15% more production) for my Military Trait. I will next move on and upgrade my Political abilities before upgrading production.

68 - I moved spies around after they finished establishing networks. There is no point in doing anything else except establishing networks for a while until they level up.

69 I finish the quest Vanishers for +12 Supremacy xp and 1 extra military veterancy. Now Affinity 6 when the next highest is still only 3. And I haven't even started teching for affinity. I upgraded my units to be better when near each other. I pillaged one more nest. I launched the Solar Collector in my secondary city which has 5 pop now thanks to the alien nests food. Cruiser is out and attacking the Siege Worm. Building Recycler.

70 The Derelict Settlement in Franco Iberia's lands gave me 1 extra pop in the capital. I now have 9 pop and a lot of production but still starving. I will have to put up yet another turn of agriculture.

Evaluation: The game is going well. It is becoming easy now thanks to the 11 artifacts still stockpiled, the extra 3 affinity lead and also the safe location of my cities. Aliens will soon no longer be a threat.



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Turns 70-80 Summary

70 I used 9 artifacts to get 3 things: 50% worker speed, Warp Spire building (50% internal trade route yields), and Dimension folding complex for -50% unhealth from population. I have 2 artifacts and I will keep them in case some quest later gives me another one. Now that Ultrasonic fence quest has secured the Trade routes by the quest decision, it is time to start sending some routes. I use my gold to buy a Trade Convoy.
The artifact use has given me enough food in capital and I no longer need to work agriculture from now on.

71-72 Colonies are starting to sanction me. They don't like me. I sent the capital route to Church of Dawns Light. for 1 good 1 prod and 3 culture.

73 I am now trading with PAC for a huge 16 gold and 8 science with my second city.

74 I improved my political trait so that spies can be more efficient.

75 The Slavic Federation declared war on me. They are not really a danger with their low affinity. A ripper dies but I didn't care about it anyway. New virtue: Prosperity Eudaimonia (-15% unhealth)
I am building another Cruiser while I am still affinity 6.

77 I switch research to Phisics, I would benefit from having a Drydock. I will now focus on building as many Cruisers as I can.

78 Special Delivery quest has been given.

79 Lena Ebner has finished the Stellar Codex.

80 The third city is founded. Building more cruisers.

Evaluation: Game is going very well. Only Brazil is at 4 affinity now but they are not a concern. Once I get a good number of cruisers I will be ready to start conquering the world. I will go for purity 7 supremacy 7 to obtain the Countess upgrade for my Cruisers.



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Turn 80-90 Summary

81 I upgrade my political ability Subtle to level 3. Now my spies will be very efficient. I have settled another outpost near a Giant Fungus. 5 cities should be enough for now.

82 Phisics researched. I upgrade Gunners to 30% defense vs ranged. I continue research into Communications.

83 I killed the Siege Worm with my Cruisers and got some yields for this. I also dug another 80 production and now I will build the Dimension Folding Complex in 5 turns. I buy a worker in my second city. I was waiting to see if I get get that agreement to build workers for free but nobody has the trait.

84 One more free population in my capital thanks to a Derelict Settlement. Now I have 10 and can maintain a new trade route in the capital. I switch to get a trade convoy. My capital Solar Collector has expired but I still make energy (+27) DC is at +29. My spy is now working on Dossier Delivered quest.

85 A Kraken has made his way near one of my outposts... I am sending all units to kill it. I try to get the agreement for Outpost Militia with Brazil but he refuses.

86 The Kraken destroyed my outpost before it could become a city. Too bad. I will have to rebuild that city soon.
Dossier Delivered finishes and I have one more spy now. One of my spies is now lvl 3 and started to steal energy. The other 3 will continue establishing networks.

87 I have killed the Kraken before it could do any more damage to my colony.

88 I bought another worker, I have to start improving the tiles that I have a bit.

89 I am trying to complete the quest An Elemental Fate. I chose the Supremacy option and I need to perform an expedition at the site. I finished the Dimension Folding Complex and I now have 11 health.

90 Now I am just consolidating my colony a bit by defending it and improving the tiles. Once my spies start stealing energy/science and I get a few more units I will be able to conquer my neighbours.

Evaluation: The Kraken destroying one of my cities has slowed me down a bit, but I am still leading the game with 6 affinity. Only Hutama has 5, having discovered Swarm Robotics. He might build the Drone Sphere for me which is nice.




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Turns 90-100 Summary

93. I kill a Slavic explorer.

95. So far I am in standby. Trying to bring the Drones home and getting more ships. New virtue: Prosperity Terrascaping.
B-quest for Recycler. Between +1 food and 10% worker speed I go with worker speed. I want to focus on Terrascapes in the late game so this will be more useful.
Incredible! I pillage a nest with an explorer and find an alien artifact. I thought they were gone by now. Unfortunately I can't create anything useful with my 3 items. +20% more artifacts would be useless now.

I improve my Domestic trait to lvl 2. 4% more production.

97. B-quest - Drydock. I take 10% production for Naval instead of +1 general production. I lose a ripper to Slavic attack but I obviously don't need rippers now.
I find one more Alien item, a pristine Zero Point Soil! I could get Statecraft ability now but I would rather hope to get something else if I manage to obtain one more item somehow.

98. The first "Steal Energy" operation was a failure.

99. I managed to bring the Drones home. They will be useful for defense of the workers.

100. Slavic Fed proposes White Peace and I accept. I can have the time to build more army and first take out the African Union now or at least cripple them. Communication is ready and both spies manage to steal energy for me, a total of 630.
I buy Command Center in my weakest city. With one of my remaining explorers I find Worn Macroelectrons alien item! And this allows me to get Sky Chitin, exactly what I was missing the most. My drones are now more powerful and I will have strong air in the endgame. I am researching Biochemistry, some water refineries would be nice.

Evaluation: I am doing very well with my Cruiser spam and Sky Chitin upgrade. I have 6 of them with 2 more coming. And 2 tenets and 2 drones. I think I should go to Affinity 12 Vindicator upgrade instead of Countess since it will synergyse better with Sky Chitin.





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Turns 100-110 Summary

100 - I find 2 more items in alien nests! The AI was very poor at obtaining Alien artifacts it seems. I can now get an incredibly potent +100% defense against ranged attacks on my navy. But I will wait for a while, maybe I won't need it.

101 - I find 1 more Alien item. I can't belive that there were so many alien items still available.

102 - B-quest Vivarium: between 1 food and 1 science I go with food.

105 I am now at 20 health. I want to produce a few more Cruisers before I finish the quest Elemental Fate.

106 Terraforming will soon be ready in around 10-15 turns and I will start building as many as I can in my capital. I will go deep into Knowledge virtues from now on.

107 Brazil declares war on me. They are at affinity 7 but I have been delaying my own affinity upgrade to get enough army first. I have upgraded my Domestic trait to level 3 so I now have +15% production in my cities. I am building a Warp Spire in my capital.

108 I've found another derelict settlement and an explorer is digging it.

109 I have remained on 4 cities for now. I would rather not lose time to build colonists if they take more than 1 turn to get out but I might get a few of them when I can get them in 1 turn. I am at 21 health now and more cities would help me get more health.

110 Another failure to steal energy from one of my spies. The next two will hopefully be more lucky. I am being respected for my Food and Production rates. It will not take long until I will start being feared. Plan is to get 20 cruisers before going above affinity 6. Then use 2 strong separate armies to go to conquest. This should happen before turn 125 so pretty soon.

Evaluation: I am having an easy game thanks to a strong army and very good artifact perks. I expect to win before turn 200 now.




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Turns 110-120 summary

112 - 2 spies steal energy for me, 352 each. Building quest of Command Center gives me 1 extra spy. I will use the energy to get more colonists. Derelict settlement gives me 1 extra pop.
New virtue: Knowledge opener. I am going deep into Knowledge now. I want to get the Virtue cost reduction virtues and then go into Industry all the way. I have started the first 2 Steal Science operations. I might go towards the Ressurection Device wonder because I will surely have a lot of Health to use from it. Capital is now getting some workers out to start building terrascapes everywhere soon.
My other land city is building some colonists because I will have supply issues soon. That Kraken destroying my 5th is now producing its effects on my colony.
My 2 water cities are producing more Cruisers and then they will start moving around after they get Rudders.

113 - B-quest for Laboratory, I take +1 science now. Usually if built early and with no Prosperity, the expedition module is the natural choice.

114 - I have received the affinity quest Steel Synapse. This requires me to build 3 CEL Cradle buildings. I needed to get at least one anyway so this is not a big deal. These are good buildings. So I go to Artificial Intelligence as my next research to get this quest done.

115 - I am over supply limit. I will try to use a deal with INTEGR to be able to instantly found cities. I bought another colonist. I think 7 cities will be enough to have for the rest of the game, and I will keep the capitals and the cities with Wonders.

116. The Slavic Federation declares war on me once again and tell me I am finished now.

118. I have received the espionage mission "Redacted" that wants me to perform a level 4 mission. This is now my first priority as the quest reward is very strong.
A slavic fleet has shown up near my capital. I will have to go higher in affinity before I would have wanted to. I wouldn't want to risk losing Cruisers. And it is time to upgrade them against ranged since that protects against air too.
I use 3 alien artifacts for Tidal Navigation ability (+100% defense vs ranged)
I finish the exploration that was being delayed for finishing An Elemental fate quest and now I am at affinity 7 with Supremacy. My cruisers get upgraded to Arbiters will demolish the Slavic units now. I made them better when near each other again.
At the same time I will use a part of my fleet to attack The African Union. I need to cripple them so that they don't give me trouble later. I will not conquer their capital because one of my spies is stealing science there.
But I should be able to get a good enough War Score from killing units and their other city.
I declare war on African Union and get a large respect boost from PAC. I have maximum respect from PAC and Franco Iberia now. I could get them to ally me but for the moment I don't want any allies.

119. I start killing units of my enemies. I found 2 new cities, one near a Giant Fungus on a small island and the other one in a suboptimal position because of an alien scarab who was targeting my unescorted colonist.

120. PAC proposes that we cooperate and I accept. This earns a big boost of respect from INTEGR who now also propose a deal for +13 DC. I accept and ask them to cooperate with me too. They accept. Now I have 3 colonies that are cooperating (Franco Iberia, PAC and INTEGR). I will destroy the others one by one before betraying these 3.
I am now at +70 Diplomatical Capital.

Evaluation: I am expecting a victory even faster than before now. Turn 180 maybe or even faster if all the capitals are reachable from the coast. Supremacy 13 should be enough to close the game but I will also try to get high purity for the Terrascape bonus.




  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 120.CivBESave
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Turns 120-130 Summary

121. Only one spy stole science for Artificial Intelligence, and the other one failed. A decent outcome.

122. I upgrade my militaristic trait to lvl 2. A spy stole energy.
- I capture a city from African union and set it to be razed.
- I capture a city from the Slavic Fed and set it to burn.
I cancel the colonist agreement and lose some respect for it but I don't care.

123. Terraforming is ready! Workers begin constructing the massive improvements. I am researching Artificial Intelligence next.

124. I am waiting to steal science again from the capitals of Slavs and Africans and then I take them out. It was a mistake to even put my spies in these cities.

127. New virtue: Knowledge - Social Mores 0.25 culture/pop.

128. I upgrade my faction ability to lvl 2.

129. I switch to Climate Control because next turn my spies steal science.

130. One spy stole science and one failed.
- I decide to eliminate the African Union. I take Robotics, Power Systems and some energy through the Spoils of War. (around 1000 value)
- I capture Slavic Fed's capital and make peace with them. I take Genetics, Genetic Design, Planetary Survey and Ballistics through the Spoils of War. (around 1200 value)
- I change National Security Project to Operations Reconnaissance. It will help with getting a Culper Lodge.

Evaluation: I am leading by a huge margin. There are some capitals that are not near coast otherwise game would have been over in 30 turns. As it is it will take 20 turns more so around 180 game is over. Going for Emancipation victory probably still takes more time than Domination so I'll go ahead and conquer the capitals. So far I have not changed my opinion and I think Al Falah is a weak faction, maybe the weakest. It does not matter that the faction ability gets OP when the game is already won. Other factions have bonuses that help them win, this one does not.




  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 130.CivBESave
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Turns 130-140 summary

- A +25 DC deal was cancelled... a spy steals ~500 science for Climate Control. Capital is building a Comm Relay. I want to put a Station Satellite on Church of Dawn's light to double their yields. 4 food 6 culture will be 8-12
I put up a new city and I made a small mistake in that I founded it on a forested tundra tile that I thought was grasslands. I lost 1 food there by doing this. But at this point it no longer matters much.
I now have 12 self-founded cities and 2 capitals. I will not get any more cities because the micromanagement isn't worth it but theoretically this is the point at which you can expand without any limit in any empty place there is.

132 - Brazil proposes White Peace. I accept for now. I can take 1 extra spy or 10% worker speed from the Feedsite hub. I go with the spy. I betray PAC and declare war. They only have 1 city on water and I don't want them building a fleet. I will capture their other cities a bit later with some levitating units.

133 Between +1 science and +1 health from pharmalabs I go with health.

134 I am now starting to build some Health-producing buildings in my cities. I only have 5 and I can get to the maximum bonuses quickly if I focus health a bit. I put the station statellite on Church of Dawns Light.
PAC has enough army to deter me from attacking without first joining all my forces together. I am sending all army to become one strong force.

135 Artificial Intelligence will be ready in 1 or 2 turns and then I can get my CEL Cradles!

136 Slavic Fed fears me to the maximum and ask that we become neutral again. I accept. PAC has a lot of needlejets attacking my Arbiters. I need to go at affinity 12 to feel safe for a decisive push.
I send a trade convoy to another Station, Golden Bell Temple. They give a bit of all yields. I will try to put a station sentinel on this one too. So I build another Comm Relay in the capital for now. I am building some Gene Gardens in other cities.

137 Artificial Intelligence is researched and the first terrascapes are ready! Supremacy 9 now. Between Domination and Supremacy I am now more tempted to go for an Empancipation Victory. I take a big hit to energy now that I have to maintain these Terrascapes but I have enough reserves for now. Energy is at 871 (-29). I should really get Master Control Wonder now. I am researching Autonomous Systems.

138 A spy stole energy. Now in order to offset the energy loss that I am experiencing, I sign a deal with INTEGR for Smart Grid and I will try to ally them.

139 New virtue: Creative Class. I am trying to steal science for Hypercomputing. I might just win faster with an Emancipation gate.

140 Spy failed to steal science. I have managed to unite my army and now I have captured the water city from PAC. It has 10 pop and a rocket battery so I annexed it. Slavic Federation declares war despite the fact that 4 turns earlier they wanted us to be neutral. AI is too weird sometimes.

Evaluation: I am still leading but I think I over-expanded with about 3 cities. Should have kept builing more army. Also, Manufactories would have been probably better at least for the capital. Too late to change plans now. Expected turn for victory still 180.



  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 140.CivBESave
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Turns 140-150 summary

141. PAC's needlejets are very annoying and my Arbiters aren't strong enough for this point in the game. I need to get to affinity 12 quickly. B-quest for Cytonursery. Between +5% prod for military and +1 general production I take +1.

142. I am in standby waiting for lvl 12 affinity.

143 Franco Iberia says all my intense spy activity betrays paranoia and they respect me for it.
B-quest for Rocket Battery. Between 5 extra city strength and 1 range for orbital strike I go with +5 city strength.

144. Aliens are respawning and I have sent a few Arbiters to take them out again.

145. PAC completes the Ectogenesis Pod! A spy failed to steal energy but at least one was successful.

146. I am trying to steal science into Climate Control now.

147. Spy stole science. B-quest for thorium reactor. Between +3 energy and +1 production I take energy.

148. Trying to steal science into Cognition now. There is a good wonder there which I want, Guo Pu Yaolan.

149. Lena completes Markov Eclipse. I steal science into Cognition.

150. I build my Repair Facility in the capital. I need to spam a few Prophets to be able to conquer the land capitals. The 3rd CEL Cradle is ready next turn and with it the affinity quest.

evaluation: I should get the win around turn 180 as expected. The Emancipation Gate would take too long to build so I'll conquer the capitals. I will soon be at affinity 16 Supremacy and the Sky Chitin can wipe out all enemy units.


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  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 150.CivBESave
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151. B-quest for Gene gardens. Between +1 health and +4 energy I go with energy.
+20 supremacy has been gained now that I've completed Steel Synapse affinity quest.

I sign deal with Franco Iberia to have virtues cost reduced. I gain a virtue right away this way and I take Knowledge Network datalinks.

. B-quest for Launch Complexes, I take extra production for them instead of more range. A spy failed to steal energy. Affinity 11 after I finished Autonomous Systems. I upgrade Tenet to Edict and make them reveal invisible units.

I am building Master Control Wonder.

153. Affinity 12 is here and I finally have the power to take on all the cities on water and coast now.
I am researching Defense Grid to build the Panopticon Wonder.

154. Vindicator has killed 3 Needlejets in defense. Defense Grid researched.
I took another PAC city and made peace for Bionics, Alien Lifeforms and some energy.

155. I finish Master Control. Stet mining appears near my capital and I receive an affinity quest to send a trade route to it. I already have a route ready and I finish the quest for 20 extra Supremacy xp. I also receive an old earth artifact. Level 13 now. I made a deal with Polystralia to have more trade routes. Researched Cognition.
I use the 3 artifacts for another ability - Statecraft.

I try to steal science into Swarm Intelligence. I would like to build the Bytegeist.

156. Spy steals science. New Virtue: Knowledge - Memeweb. I cancel Smart grid with INTEGR and remake it with the Slavic Federation.

157. Slavic Federation declares war. We had just made peace a few turns ago. This AI is really weird and dumb. I need to make a few redeemers and eliminate the Slavs completely. They killed one of my drones.

I declare war on INTEGR. I am trying to steal science into Servomachinery.

158. I should have exterminated the Slavs long ago, they are too annoying in this game.
Swarm intelligence is researched. Building the Bytegeist takes too long so I'll just build some Weather Controllers instead for now.

160. I captured an INTEGR city. Now it's the finishing up phase.

evaluation: I hope to win by turn 180 by taking all capitals.


  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 160.CivBESave
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As it was expected and promised, Domination victory came on turn 179.

Turn 178 savefile added for who wants to check out the colony.

I finished the game with 10-10-16 which are average affinity levels for this point in the game but my spies sucked at spying so that's ok. I still got Culper Lodge though.

Opinion about Al Falah is even worse than before because I never got to use the faction ability. The weakest faction by far in my rankings. Maybe tied with Franco Iberia. Even Brazil has a great faction ability by comparison.





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  • Arshia Kishk_TURN 178.CivBESave
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