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Sep 24, 2002
Zürich, Switzerland
Ok, it's time to start my second Demigod game, which will also be a story. My first one was a spaceship win as Russia (link in my sig). This time I am going to try for a more ruthless game. As you can see I had some problems fighting a large byzantine expeditionary force in my previous game, so I need to practice my warskills. My preferred victories will thus be domination or conquest. I will play on an archipelago map, since it's a long time I've done this. I am thus compelled to play as the vikings, which will probably fit this game as a charm (I hope...). The fact that I live in Trondheim in real life is cool too :).

As for other settings, I think we'll take a large map again, roaming barbarians and random on climate, temperature and age. Pelago and 70% water. The seed is 8123408 if that doesn't happen to provide a terrible start :). As usual the opponents are random.

I get a suboptimal start, but the worst part is that there is no hope getting fresh water to my capital, so I'm trying again. The settings are all the same and the seed is now 54813.

Oh-la-la! Looking good! :D

If I'm not entirely mistaken that's a BG tile I'm standing on, so I'll move a little first. Or will I? Where to in that case? I want to be coastal, and I want both cows and the fur in my 21 tiles. I don't want to settle on the cows or on the fur either, nor on the BG. I see that leaves no possible tiles, so I'll sacrifice that one BG and settle where I am.

Settling shows some plains to the north and grass in all other directions. I research pottery on max and start irrigating a cow. I also order up a curragh.

Time passes by without many exciting events until the curragh is done in 3650 BC, at which point I order a warrior and send the brave sailors out on a large trip into the great unknown.

Our second curragh is built in 3300 BC, at the time the first discovers what appears to be a new island. There are no signs of other tribes yet, neither on mine nor the other island.

Furs are connected 50 years later, allowing me to go harder on science. That year we also meet our first contact... Theodora of the Byzantines (she keeps following me!!!). She inhabits the other island, so I'm beginning to sense I may be alone on mine - which is good. As for the tech report, she is up Bronze Working. Quite acceptable. :)

I get pottery in 3100 BC and start work on writing. Trondheim builds a settler and switches over to granary. There is little hope for me to get Bronze Working from Theo... but that was expected anyway.

In 2850 BC I get a mild heart attack when my warrior finds borders - on MY island! In addition they look very mongolian. Things look like they can heat up pretty quickly!

In addition the curragh exploring Theos island spots a quick way over to a third landmass with purple-looking borders promising more contacts soon.

The next year the following happens:

- I found the fishing village of Bergen to the west of Trondheim.
- I contact Temujin of the mongols. He knows Bronze Working and Ceremonial Burial, but not the Alphabet.
- I contact Henry of the portuguese. He knows Bronze Working, Masonry and Ceremonial Burial.

Temujin offers everything he has for Alphabet, which I gladly take. I cash in Bronze Working and Ceremonial Burial. I'm now even with him (though I'm actually infinitely richer), I'm up Pottery and CB to Theo and down Masonry to Henry.

The next turn even more exciting things happens as we meet the celts, which share landmass with Henry, and to which I am even in techs but six times richer. :goodjob:

Here's a look at my island:

[There was going to be a picture here, but I accidentally overwrote it. Sorry. :(]

And here's the status elsewhere:

I then proceed to eat dinner. It's been 1490 years since last time after all. :)
The rough plan for the future is the following:
- Maintain tech parity.
- Wipe out the mongols at a suitable time. My UU comes with Invention and theirs with Chivalry. Theirs is 60 shields, 4-2-2 and requires horses, while mine is 70 shields, 6-2-1 and requires nothing. In other words, it'll stand between two fiercely offensive armies. My biggest chance is probably a sudden strike at their horse resources. Preferably this will be only one, or hopefully none at all.
- Hence I need The Wheel to see the horsies, and I need it NOW. But none will trade it to me (Temu and Henry has it).

After my nice plan is laid out something new happens. I meet zulu archers on my island, so that makes three of us. It gives me a potential ally in my war against Temu, but it is disturbing that I share my landmass with two of the three civs in the game that has level 5 aggressiveness ranking. If I met Germany now I'd probably cry. Whether or not it matters is another question, since this game will be rough from my side anyway. :)

In 2230 I try to destroy a barbarian warrior that had been troubling me for a while, but soundly fail in doing so. :(

In 2110 I meet the GERMANS :lol:. They're not on my landmass though, so it's OK :). What's more I see a potentially great trade opportunity here. I get Iron Working, The Wheel and 12 gold for Alphabet and Pottery. I then get Mysticism, Masonry and 30g from the Celts for Iron Working. Henry has HBR but won't trade for it. So now I'm pretty good here (archipelago really helps a lot).

Temu doesn't have horses hooked up but there is at least one source in his territory. My plan is thus to beeline to it, preferably before he researches chivalry. I have iron just south of Trondheim.

The world map right now looks like this:

A few years later we meet the Iroquois, to which we're up CB and IW. They may be alone? I look at F10 and see that we have left to meet Egypt, Arabia, Greece and the Inca empire.

And sure enough, just after we meet the Incans. They also have HBR now. Most of the world actually do, except for me. However, if I'm not very mistaken I will cash in writing first. The world map is quickly outdating, so I'll post a new one at the end of this session. :)

In 1700 Theo demands 20g for me, which I give her. Not because she's very threatening, but if she drags Temu or Shaka into a war against me... well, it would be highly inconvenient to put it mildly. :)

I get writing in 1675. What next? Math would be cool, but some AI is probably halfway towards it already, I guess. I may have a good shot at the republic slingshot, but republic won't do me any good other than for trading. I am going to be fighting lots of war soon anyway. Then there's map making of couse, with its lighthouse, but I don't think it will do much good right now actually. I have contacted nearly the entire world, without ever having to risk suicide runs, with _curraghs_. In the end I go for philosophy.

I then sell writing around to everyone since I actually _didn't_ get it first! I get HBR and mucho gold for it. With this gold I build an embassy in Karakorum just to check on the status of intercontinental contact here. I see that Temu only knows me and Shaka! I try the same with Theo to find she only knows me! I believe my position as prime tech broker in this world is pretty clear. :D

What's more - Shaka and Temu is at WAR, and from the power graph it's clear that Shaka is the bigger boy, but nothing big is happening yet. I make a note to get some archers in place just in case I have to intervene. Why archers? Because they upgrade to Berserks of course. :)

I get Math in 1625 from a goody hut - KICKASS! And Shaka is winning against Temu. I don't know if that is good or not. Probably not very. I may have to attack Temu faster.

Then a few turns follow in which nothing exciting happens. I expand at a suboptimal pace (I'll admit - I'm not too good at that). Shaka keeps beating Temu to death, and there's little I can do about it, so I'm preparing to fight Shaka instead. That, however, will be hard, because it looks like he has the better part of a pretty large island to himself. At least I won't face a knight UU. Hopefully some of the three missing civs is on the far end of our landmass too. Not a lot of news on the tech front either, except that Shaka now has Map Making. Philo is coming in pretty soon on my end.
I'll end the first session here. Here are some pictures though...

The world map, as promised:

My place. Note the aggressive and somewhat risky placement of Oslo.

This is what my landmass looks like thus far.

Here you have the Portugal/Celt/Inca/Iroquois corner of the world...

And the Byzantine/German part:

The power graph shows who the underdogs are (me, Temu and Brennus.. heh).

There's an upcoming duel with the Zulu for control of this continent. It won't be pretty and may very well end with my demise, considering I have never fought a successful war on this level in my entire life. :)
Hey wow, this is a convenient story to have stumbled upon. I'm trying to make the transition from emperor to demigod, so I hope to pick up some tricks from you my friend. So far, so good. From what I can tell anyways. :goodjob:

And good choice with the vikings, they're so much fun to use. If Mongolia is still alive, even just as a border state, you could launch galleys loaded with berzerkers around the Mongols towards the Zulu and not have to worry about about the Zulu reaching your base if you sign the mongols to war! It could help a ton if it works out that way.
Madviking: Yeah, well, it's never been a secret that I totally suck at settler factories and quick expansion... right? :(

Protean: Thanks for the tips. I'm following your Hittite story as well. :)
Yes, I've noticed that the AI aren't very good at contacting each other on archipelago. Tech trader time! :rockon:
Own? :smoke: Mother Russia was definitely Demigod.

It's also my second _personal_ DG game. I don't play a lot of games any more, and I notice I play much better if I force myself to show off my results to you guys anyway. :p

CvH: Don't push me. :(

What on earth are you guys talking about? I wrote a story about a C3C demigod game which I called "Mother Russia". Either you're thinking about something else or someone is :smoke: :)
Awesome game TheBB. Loved MotherRussia.

Hey, under Trondheim there is Iron and a golden mountain, make a city and get both of them. :mischief:
All right, so here goes the second installment.

My goals in the near future is to finish expanding the territory that I have semi-claimed as "mine", and to field an army that can at least push a little further. Preferably this army will consist of many archers. Hopefully I can also do this before the Mongol lands fall completely into the hands of Shaka, so I can grab some of that before Temujin leaves this world for good.

Shaka demands 28 gold, and I yield again. :(

My spirit lightens up as I get philosophy in 1250 BC, and for a free tech I choose code of laws. Getting that, I start research on Literature. Now, it's trader time!

I get Map Making and 33g from Inca for CoL. I want currency from Henry but it's absurdly expensive. 173 gold, Philo, CoL and MM won't get it! I then get Polytheism from Theo, and by trading Henry Poly, CoL and MM I finally bag Currency with 104g at it. Note that I'm still having a monopoly on Philosophy :). I then Turn to Shaka to get some of my hard earned gold back - with interest. All 308 of it. I'm now very advanced and very rich ... I'm just not very powerful.

The AI are wonder cascading like there's no tomorrow, and Shaka keeps pounding on the mongols. Karakorum hasn't fallen yet though.

Not a lot of interest happens until I meet Arabia on the Byzantine island in 1125 BC. I'm up Math, Philo, CoL and MM to them. I don't fancy any trades with the backwards arabs. Now I have left to meet Egypt and who was the last one? Oh yeah... Greece. Right at that moment I spot a yellow border on the Portuguese/Celt/Inca island (yes that's one island). The next turn I then contact Egypt, to which I am up a zillion techs. :goodjob:

Here's a shot of the tech status from CivAssist... just to gloat. :D

In 1000 BC, Zulu and Mongols sign PEACE. Goodie... or at least I think it's goodie. Hopefully I can now snatch what remains of Mongolia. That's five cities - Kazan, Ulaanbaatar, Hovd, Darhan and Karakorum.

In 950 I get a message saying that the Zulu are building the Great Wall. So Construction is out there, then... Not to mention I really don't want that wonder in the hands of the Zulu! I take affair, and Currency and CoL gets me Construction and all his 118 gold. And that, ladies and gentlemen, make me the first medieval civ in the game!

I also note that with my pathetic 4 warriors, 2 archers and 3 spears I'm average compared to Temujin. Hopefully I can completely sack his ass soon :). The bad news is that I'm getting completely raped by the barbarians. If I can't deal with these guys, how am I going to deal with Temu?

Get Literature in 750, proceed to Feudalism.

In 730 the Inca demands Literature. THIS I cannot tolerate. It's a powerful monopoly tech. Shove it. He was bluffing. Yey :goodjob:.

In 690 I decide it's time to try to change the face of this planet. I move my strike force out of Oslo towards Hovd. Declaration of war ensues, and a fierce fight over the town of Hovd takes place. We lose two archers to their two spears, but Hovd is burned to the ground and two slave workers are captured. 1-0 to me.

We then muster for an attack on Ulaanbaatar. I'm not suffering at all during the interturns, so I hope the mongols are on the verge of destruction.

In 570 the battle of Ulaanbaatar takes place. We have 4 archers, 2 spears and a warrior - all veteran. Ulaanbaatars topmost defender is a regular fortified spear. It is promptly defeated, and another regular fortified spear shows up. It too falls to our mighty archers, Ulaanbaatar is razed, and we enslave a settler in the process. A rouge archer outside the town is also rounded up in the process.

Five cities left.

There are suspiciously many Zulu forces around here now, and I fear they may attack soon :(.

...but luckily, they seem to be maneuvering to attack the mongols.

In 430 BC the status is as follows:

I am bringing in a couple more archers and healing one that is hurt, and then I will attack Kazan. Here's an updated world map too, by the way:

The purple looking civs are three different ones, and it's kinda stupid that they all have so equal colors and are so close together.

The next few turns sees lots and lots of Zulu roaming the area, and I decide to give up the chase for Kazan for the time being. I will rather concentrate on the south, where the mongols are weaker, and where there is lots of lush land for me to settle.

Crap! In 390 the mongols sneak through my defences and capture Oslo for a little while. This is precisely the kind of thing I wanted to learn to avoid by playing this game :(. I recapture it 20 years later and destroy the remaining mongol intruders at the same time.

Henry demands Literature 40 years after that again. Again I refuse and he of course declares. Egypt does the same on the very same turn. Ah well... :(
I then manage to get a suicide curragh over to an as of yet unknown island. Maybe we can find the greeks now...?

Finally, in 250 BC I am rated strong compared to the Mongols as I - long overdue - prepare to attack Mandalgovi. I have been having some problems with intruding mongol forces but they have been fought off, and it now seems they are finally hanging by the ropes. Mandalgovi is then destroyed in 230 BC with the loss of two archers.

Here's a view of my place now:

Note the intruding arab town. The arabs are also at war with me for demanding literature - that makes THREE civs! Plan: Make peace ASAP. :lol:

I also meet Alexander of the greeks in 190 BC. JUST like in the last game he is isolated. He hasn't even got writing yet. And JUST like in the last game he sits with 7 copies of one luxury (silks - last time it was furs). Poor guy...

Ok, so back to the war front! In 130 BC I destroy the intruding arab town, and my forces are marching towards Dalandzagdad and Kazan as we speak. Things are looking good, but I hope the Zulu won't take any fight to my door soon. If they do I am toast. :(

I get feudalism in 110 BC and go for Monotheism next. Then, after I miserably try and fail in capturing Kazan (there are swords there :(), I sign peace with the mongols, and get Dalandzadgad and Choybalsan as concession. As this seems a fitting point to end my session, so I will.

Here's my current land and the territory which I shall claim as mine and settle in the near future:

The world map:

And I guess that's it for this time. My thoughts for the future are these:

- Settle and improve the remaining land. Grow my cities and build some infrastructure.
- Switch to monarchy and get berserkers.
- Conquer the rest of Mongolia and hopefully some of Zululand as well.
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