All of Earth’s water into a sphere, how big would it be?


Nov 24, 2001
In the world of tomorrow!!
Imagine the Earth in your mind's eye. Now round up all the water on the planet into a sphere (we're talking oceans, icecaps, atmosphere, everything — even the water bound up in you and me). How big do you think that sphere would be compared to the Earth?

Got your answer? Our water sphere would have a diameter of 1,385 kilometers (about 860 miles). A sphere this far across would have a volume equal to about 1,386 million cubic kilometers (roughly 332,500,000 cubic miles). Those might sound like big numbers (and they certainly are big numbers) but wait until you see this sphere beside the Earth.

Spoiler :
I've seen one of those before, with the sphere for the air as well. It's pretty cool.
Looks like the beginning of a really weird anime.

TL;DR, looks like the beginning of an anime.
Doesn't look like it'd be worth the trouble to make.
Breaking news: Earth is actually mostly land.
Earth implies soil. We don't often associate the word with, say, magma.
you were supposed to read that sarcastically.

earth is mostly iron, deal with it
Well, no. Iron makes up a plurality of the chemical composition of the Earth, but not "most". It's only, what, about a third?
That much eh? Wow, I knew it was a lot.

I'm guessing that is by mass (well, actually, I'm pretty sure, volume would be silly)
No, it's clearly all that spinach with it's super-iron forearm-popping content!

Oh, wait, that's not it either.
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