All units heal at end of round instead of start of turn


Nov 11, 2016
Currently, all units heal at the end of a round rather than at the beginning of that civ's turn.

The difference between the current implementation and healing at the beginning of your civ's turn is essentially the same in a single player game since you go first each round. (Though it gives the AI a slight advantage). But in a non-simultaneous turns multiplayer game this gives an unfair advantage to players later in the round order.

For example, if your civ goes last each round in a multiplayer game, then your units immediately heal at the end of your turn (after barbarians move). This is a decent military bonus over players earlier in the turn order.

Per the civ fandom wiki,
"Also, unlike Civilization V, the unit regains HP only when all other players finish their turns, and not at the end of your own turn. This difference is very important, because it means that in the first round after starting to Heal, the unit will still have only its old HP, and will be more vulnerable."

In non-simultaneous turns multiplayer, the bolded statement is only true if your civ moves earlier in the round than your opponent.

This can be fixed by making all units heal at the beginning of that civ's turn, rather than at the end of the round.
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