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Alpha Centauri 2 Democracy Game


Feb 16, 2003
We started AC2DG - Alpha Centauri 2 Democracy Game.
There are 3 teams: Drones, Angels, Cultists.

Since we could not form 3 teams with enough members to make a closed game, this game is open, which means all passwords are public. Everyone can play/roleplay in all 3 teams.

More details are in the general thred:

Saves will be available from 2102 turn.
Free Drones are first, and this is their thread:
And the 2101 mission year is played for all 3 human/team factions.
The 2102 save is posted, so it can be viewed. Passwords for all 3 factions are in their corresponding threads.
However take a note of rules, and use the save files to view the game state only. Only turnplayers would play the turns.

Everyone can take part in all 3 factions. This is due to not many players wanting to form a team. This way, maybe with time it would change into a more participation game.
Playing in multiple teams would mean role-play oriented game somewhat more, but you can very well participate only in one team (human faction).

Factions are:
Drones (Team)
Data Angels (Team)
Cult of Planet (Team)

All team factions are from expansion, but this is what got largest number of votes from several players.
The game is at the end of Mission Year 2103
All 3 human teams factions are about to establish their second base.
From unusual events, Cult of Planet researched Biogenetics, which was most likely from a rare research breakthrough event.



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