Alpha Zombie (16 October 2006)


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Nov 14, 2003
Here's a new Zombie unit for the forthcoming Escape From Zombie Island update. The idea is that he's one of the initial test subjects for the Zombie virus - it's made him super-strong, although death was an unfortunate side-effect...

Thanks to Vuldacon for fine-tuning some of the images, and for providing the excellent sounds.

Get him here.
This looks really good :goodjob:! Keep 'em coming
Oh my, that's a monster-zomp!

BTW, this EFZI-mod seems quite a lot like the movie called 28 days later (or something like that). It was a brittish movie from 2002...2004 or somewhere around those years. Infectuous zombies went on a rampage around great britain :lol:
This will be great for my Halloween mod.

Ah yes, 28 Days Later, one of many excellent training films that educate the public about the danger of a zombie apocalypse. They teach survival skills like scavenging and how to barricade your home. Thanks to educational films like this, many people are now well prepared for an uprising of living dead.

Anyway, excellent unit. I really like the death.
OH Yes, He Turned out Great...Thanks Plotinus! He is a Great Alpha Zombie Power House for the Zombies. Much Appreciated, we Really Needed him.:goodjob: He is a Fun Unit in the Game and I believe he and your Zombie Nurse have gotten together and like eachother:D
Looks great, Plotinus. Really fun unit.:)
Dude, that is so cool.
Like someone once said before, we have a moderator that makes zombies! :D

Let's see we have:

Alpha Zombie
Zombie Nurse
Romero's Zombie
Zombie Soldier

Now we just really need a Nuclear Zombie and a Monster Zombie. Yeah! :)
Yuck! :vomit: (In a good way, obviously)

Could you perhaps re render him with generic peasantish pants instead of the blood splattered hospital gown? He'd make an exxellent Jumbi :D

This would make an awesome Flesh Golem for th Warhammer Fantasy mod... but Flesh Golems aren't a proper unit in Warhammer so never mind! Great unit :)
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