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Altera Centauri Scenario Repository

Discussion in 'Alpha Centauri' started by Darsnan, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007

    This is the Altera Centauri Scenario Repository Development thread. This thread will remain locked. If you wish to comment, or if you have any questions, please post here:

    Disscussion Thread for SMACX Scenarios

    The format for each entry will consist of the following:

    Scenario Name
    SMAC or SMAX
    Author and date of original posting
    Original Host Site

    A paragraph or so relating anything the author posted regarding the scenario.

    If a piece of the above is missing, then its because it doesn't exist anymore.

    Many thanx to the following for taking the time to contribute on this project:

    Buster's Uncle
    Martin Gühmann
    Imagine a Cool Name

    Attached Files:

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  2. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Here is the index of scenarios:

    Apocalypse Scenario

    Aquarium Scenario v2

    Coming of the Damned

    The Cult of Stars

    Heavy Terrain

    Conquest of Europe

    Australia - The Scenario

    Near Perfect Scenario

    Akaria: World of Resources


    Domai's Quest



    Battle of the Builders

    Domai's Choice

    Mars Survivor v3.0


    Spartan Challenge

    Zak the Diplomat



    Lal's Challenge

    Sparta's Choice

    CGN Challenge

    March Challenge

    January 2003 2 Player

    Darsnan's Waterworld Challenge

    October 2003 CGN Challenge

    Hobbes' Challenge

    Alien War

    On the Horns of a Delimma

    February CGN Challenge

    January/ February Hive CGN Challenge

    March/April Hive CGN Challenge

    October 2005 CGN Challenge

    July 2002 CGN Challenge

    May/June 2002 CGN Challenge

    April 2002 CGN Challenge

    March 2002 CGN Challenge

    A city called Armagedon

    December 2009 Game of the Month (GotM)

    September 2009 Game of the Month (GotM)

    July 2009 Game of the Month (GotM)

    June 2009 Game of the Month (GotM)

    Children of the Sun

    D-Day Trilogy Part 1 - D-Day 2150 (US)

    D-Day Trilogy Part 2 - Desert Storm 2162 (US)

    NGS - Foundation (US)

    NGS - Powerplay (US)

    Its ours

    Already There

    New Planet Scenario

    Old Planet Scenario

    Alterwars: Buccaneers v1.0 US

    Alterwars: Frontline Assembly v1.0 US

    Alterwars: H2Ostile v1.0 US

    Eye of the Beholder 2009

    Von Neuman's World

    Eye of the Beholder 2006

    Adaptation 101

    Guardian of Planet

    Monkey in the Middle

    Bonfire in the Sky


    Pick yer Poison

    Lilith - A Wolf in the Fold

    King of the Hill 2006

    Challenge 30 smax

    Summer Solstice 2006 - Dream Twister

    U2 - Scenario for SMAX

    Aquarius - Scenario for SMAX

    January SMAX SP Challenge

    Belated Winter Solstice 2005 Challenge

    Challenge Scenario: Things that go Thump in the night

    Summer Solstice 2005 AI Challenge

    Summer Solstice 2004 AI Challenge

    Apolyton Game of the Month! Its Back Yippee!

    ACDG4 Game One: The Sword of the Righteous

    SMAC Game of the Month

    Flo's Morgan Challenge

    The Cha Cha Challenge

    Scenario by zsozso

    SMAX - Christmas Complete!

    June '09 GOTM

    July '09 GOTM

    December GOTM

    February 2010 GOTM: "What would Pravin do?"

    March 2010 GOTM: UNSA - United Nations Space Agency

    April 2010 GOTM: Jihad

    May 2010 GOTM: "Warcrimes: Operation Slapdash"

    June 2010 GOTM: "Market Forces"

    July 2011 GOTM: Drone secession wars - part 1 "First Strikes"

    Battlefield Earth Scenario

    Orbital Wars playtest

    The Axis Awakens


    One if by Land, Two if by Sea

    Sid and Brian aka the Easter Eggs Game

    Operation Cntl Esc F8

    The Tenth Manifold

    Sid n Me

    Heah You Kids Get Off My Planet
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  3. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Apocalypse Scenario
    SMAC/ SMAX: I believe it is SMAC
    Author: Wowbagger
    Date of original posting: 5/14/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    It's 2244. The year has been less than wonderful. There are many strange omens floating
    about. Four large asteroidal fragments recently touched down in the Western ocean.
    The craters, and the rocks that created them, have been nicknamed Death, War, Famine
    and Pestilence, after the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

    On the bright side, Morgan bank has started up a new, totally crime-proof form of
    transaction checking: gene tagging. Every six hundred and sixty sixth gene in the
    double-helix of everyone on planet has been tagged with an identical print, a symbol,
    a shape, a number, sometimes just a random collection of lines. The mark not randomly
    produced, but assembled using a special code from the data already stored in the subject's
    DNA. Effectively, the genemark told you what sort of person you were.

    The second of these two things is really rather good news. Except, that is, for anyone
    who is a student of the book of revelation.

    Sister Miriam got rather agitated. Well, you would too, if you were a devoted bible
    basher (no offence to anyone out there) and you saw the end of the world coming.

    Then came the meeting of the Planetary council. Everyone, of course, had to have their
    genemarks inspected before being allowed to enter. Deirdre, a tree. Lal, a dove.
    Zakharov, a bulb bottom test tube. Miriam, a cross. Santiago, a dagger.

    Yang, a pentagram.

    Miriam shat herself. The final prophecy of the book of revelation had been fulfilled.
    The Antichrist had arrived. Not only arrived, but set himself up as the tyrranic
    leader of a powerful faction.

    The Hive and believers were soon at war.

    The Peacekeepers and the Gaians were soon dragged in.

    Yang bribed the Spartans into the fray with the promise of a large slice of the Peacekeeper
    pie. Zakharov, outraged at this superstitious nonsense, quickly allied himself with the
    Hive and struck out against the others.

    It was, no, IS, the final apocalyptic battle. There can be no peace, no draw; It's
    clobbering time!!!!

  4. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Aquarium Scenario v2
    SMAC/ SMAX: I believe it is SMAC
    Author: Simon de Vet
    Date of original posting: 4/6/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network


    Upon arriving at Chiron, the Unity probes discover something quite
    startling. Instead of the lush, earthlike planet you had been promised,
    you stumble upon a world of water. A mistake? A conspiracy? It is hardly
    relevant anymore. Luckily, before the crash landing, you and your
    crewmates manage to download the Unity files on seafaring. Just be happy
    that the landing probes can double as personal floatation devices.


    NOTE - Game comes with scenario.txt, and should thus be unzipped into its own directory.

    No objectives set. Factions start with one sea base, and a few units.
    Victory is determined by the player, all options left open. Starts in
    2100, with Doctrine: Flexibility for all.

    This is, of course, an all water planet. However, it is not entirely
    uniform. There are still distinct geological regions (notably the
    Geothermal Shallows and New Sargasso) along with more minor regions that
    confer other bonii (one for energy, minerals, and nutrients). The
    planet is also possesses a good number of oceanic plateaus which are
    better suited to colony growth than the deeper regions, which require
    raising to build most improvements.

    Fungus is common, but resticted to shallow waters. Watch out if sea levels drop.

    The AI is not very good at this kind of a map, even at the most
    difficult levels, and may well be best suited to a multiplayer game.
    However, it can still present an interesting challenge. There are
    several ways to succeed:

    Trying to produce enormous numbers of colonies.
    Pros: Easy to surround opponents, easy to gain territory, as colonies can be built everywhere.
    Cons: Sea bases are easily taken over, borders are not very relevant without ZOC.

    Take over all the bases you can find.
    Pros: Sea bases are easy to take over.
    Cons: Captured bases are hard to keep, ships are expensive.

    Improving bases and land.
    Pros: Can make usually unproductive sea bases quite succesful.
    Cons: Can't raise land out of sea with formers till you get gravships.
    To make the most use of the deep areas, raising/lowering is needed.

    Solar Shade
    Pros: Gives some much needed land to work with. Almost guaranteed unanimous vote in favour.
    Cons: Takes a long time to get required tech. Factions will support some
    shading, but will not allow for enough land to be viable.

    Of course, any combination of these tactics would be successful.
    Terraforming and a Solar Shade are a good combination, as would be
    growth and conquest. Some tactics are better suited to different

    v2.0 - Gave factions their special abilities back.
    - Allowed raising and lowering of land.
    - Some minor tweaks here and there to personalities, tactics... makes things mroe interesting.

    - With sea level drop, all land is flat and moist. no rocks are present
    (unless you trigger an earthquake) making it ideal for boreholes, but
    lousy for any other mineral production.
    - AI is lousy at sea, won't take advantages of special regions.
    - Wants password every turn. This is serious.

    Enjoy playing! I enjoyed making it!

    Simon de Vet

  5. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Coming of the Damned
    Author: Doctor M
    Date of original posting: 3/26/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Coming of the Damned
    In the year of our lord 2300 the Damned was exiled from Earth
    for crimes against humanity. 40 years later they have arrived
    on planet. They quickly overwhelmed the believers and executed
    sister Miriam. Now the Spartan Federation leads the struggle
    to purge the foul taint of the Damned from planet. Can they hold
    together their alliance of war or will all submit to the rule
    of the damned?

    Just unzip the files into a subdir in the senarios folder.

  6. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: The Cult of Stars
    Author: Doctor M
    Date of original posting: 8/21/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    The Cult of Stars (aka. The Cthulhu Cult) has risen to prominence on Chiron
    and now that the stars are right, they plan to wake the great Cthulhu from his eternal sleep.
    This will result in worldwide madness and riots where humanity will be destroyed.
    The other fractions are divided; some are strongly against the cult's agenda
    but others are having to many internal problems to care. All the while the Mi-Gos
    work to preserve the mining stations they have on Chiron as well as earth, which cannot be
    if their ancient enemy are resurrected.

  7. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Heavy Terrain
    Author: Doctor Joseph Balderson
    Date of original posting: 8/25/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    As your unity pod streaks away towards Planet, you
    are pleased that at the last minute your technicians managed to
    download a copy of the recovered data from the wreck of the Unity
    that was found by the now asassinated Captain Garland. You thought
    you might have to rebuild everything from scratch, reinvent new
    technologies, recreate civilization anew. But much was saved of
    the original files, which has greatly accelerated your initial progress
    on Planet. From last you heard, the other factions also had the
    exact same data upon their arrival.

    Your findings have shown Planet to be replete with rolling,
    mountainous terrain, with large tracts of Xenofungus everywhere.
    And then there are the mind worms...

    But you have not had much luck finding the other factions.
    Until now. As head of the $FACTION3, you have recently acquired
    the commlink signals to two of the other factions.

    And until now you have not paid much attention to the survey
    records made by the original Unity pod. Looking again at the
    findings of the pod's AI as it made its way to planetfall, you
    notice several spots on Planet that might be of interest to
    future growth and colonisation. And one picture of what seems
    to be some evidence of debris, or a structure of some sort...
    another faction, or evidence of a non-human civilization?
    You are unsure...

    Start Date: 2200
    End Date: 2500

    You will find one base with all the basic facilities and a population of
    10, along with some units. All factions have been given all level 1, 2
    and 3 technologies. Each faction begins the game with commlinks for two
    other factions. Each faction begins with one Secret Project.

    Win by acheiving Transcendance.
    Win by acheiving Diplomatic Victory.
    Win by acheiving Economic Victory.

    All other victory conditions are disabled. This does not mean you cannot
    cooperate with, or even conquer other factions in this scenario. Just
    that you can only win by these conditions. There are no objective bases
    to conquer.

    Difficulty is set at Thinker.
    The terrain altitude is very high, the xenofungus and the cloud cover also high.
    All natural settings of v.4.0 are represented in the game.

    This is a difficult scenario to play multiplayer, as it takes too long
    time to acheive scenario objectives unless a substantial amount of time
    is devoted, but can be quite a rewarding multiplayer experience. It is
    also a challenging scenario to play, because of the new terrain rules
    and how it affects strategy.

    The changes in alpha.txt makes terrain very important, the high ground
    very strategic. Attacking from the high ground can mean the difference
    between victory and defeat. That is why all the bases have been placed
    in the highest local elevation. Natural regions such as Mount Planet and
    Sunny Mesa now take on added strategic importance. Reconnaissance, by
    air when you acquire it, and Deep Radar, become key technologies that
    enable you to survey your route of attack before you encounter it.

    For a faction to be able to build sea units, they must build a base on a
    coastline downhill, making it vulnerable to attack. Sensor Arrays now
    become of major strategic importance -- imperative for coastal cities.
    Attack high, defend high. This, I believe, also applies for air units,
    although on this I am unsure. Build sensor arrays within 2 squares of
    your lower elevation bases for protection, and bunkers for your supply

    - none as of yet -

    The reason I have set the victory conditions such is that often it is
    too easy, even at higher levels for the more experienced players, to win
    by conquest. Better to keep your enemies alive so they can work for
    you, either by warring against your enemies for you, giving you trade or
    stealing their technologies, even if the game does not inherently favor
    diplomacy and trade over conquest. This is more of a builder scenario,
    without necessitating the extreme game modifications, such as SNAC 1.2,
    for example. A successful strategy is to war successfully against your
    enemies, make them subservient to you, while you skyrocket up the tech
    tree, or scoop up that wealth or garner in those votes. The high terrain
    makes for good energy collection, although not very useful for borehole
    construction, making flatlands such as the Great Dunes and Monsoon
    Forest, and the borhole cluster very strategic. Good luck!

    And I have always thought the 'Advanced Start' rules option quite
    inadequate for playing the kind of game where most of the starting techs
    have all been discovered, and the game is about to enter into the
    'intermediate' phase of the ascent up the tech tree. I also wanted to
    see a scenario where the terrain was more interesting, and a lot more
    pivotal to strategy. So I created one with quite a bit already
    established, begining at what I consider the middle phase of the game.

    This is still the first version of the scenario.


  8. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Conquest of Europe
    Author: DanG
    Date of original posting: 3/16/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    In the year 2100, the
    French feelings of superiority became too much for everyone
    else. The French leader, Jaques LaFleur has stirred the
    Frenchies to war, and the world will not rest. Play as the
    French to continue their conquest, or another to put an end
    to it. The British are the weakest.

  9. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Australia - The Scenario
    Author: Matthew Mu Sung
    Date of original posting: 5/14/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    --AUSTRALIA scenario--

    Thanks for downloading this scenerio.

    This is my second scenario I've made for SMAC. I decided to do this one because since
    I live in Australia and there were other country maps out there, Australia should be
    with them as well. You will notice some landmarks and also some other realistic touches
    such as Uranium near Jabaluka, Great Barrier Reef and no Tasmania 'cause it's not part
    of Australia (just joking). The starting location for each faction is a capital city of
    Australia except Canberra and Hobart (there wasn't much room to expand) so Yang moved
    to Alice. The factions have been located to each state becuase of there personality or
    the look of the faction (Peacekeeper's base look's like St Peter's Cathedral, UoP
    is in Melbourne because of Monash Uni, etc.)
    If you're Australian or you know quite a bit about it here, you'll notice alot of familiar

    *There is also a map version out if you do not want to play the scenario. It should be
    in the maps section of the site you downloaded this scenario from.*

    INSTALLATION: Extract files into new folder Australia in the scenario folder.

    OBJECTIVE: To acheive the highest score to win.

    Note: Base population, research, territory etc. count as objective points that
    will contribute to the overall score.

    DIFFICULTY: Thinker (default)

    Tips: *Expand early as Australia is a large continent
    *Ally as much as possible to avoid conflict (esp. those near the eastern coast)
    *If you're the Morgan or Miriam, expand as a top piority as you have the most space
    *The geography resembles Australia but there are some other things to watch out for :)

    If you find any errors or bugs in this scenario, please don't hesitate to e-mail me about them.



    Matthew M.

  10. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Near Perfect Scenario
    Author: Matthew Mu Sung
    Date of original posting: 3/24/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    --NEAR PERFECT PLANET scenario--

    Thanks for downloading this scenerio.

    As promised, 3 days after releasing the terrain,
    here is the scenario. The map has been slighly
    imporved with land connecting the north and south
    land masses. The land has been equally divided into
    7 equal sections for each faction. Please read the
    intro for more info.

    INSTALLATION: Extract files into new folder Near Perfect Planet in the scenario folder.

    OBJECTIVE: Reach transcendence (the only way to win) and build the ultimate colony.

    Note: Base population, research, territory etc. count as objective points that
    will contribute to the overall score.

    DIFFICULTY: Thinker (cannot be changed)

    Note: The personality of each leader has also been randomised to make it more interesting...

    Tips: *Try to set up base early to start research but build bases on productive land.
    *Make researching your top piority as you need to reach transcendence
    *Expand to cover as much territory as possible
    *Build aircrafts to patrol and defend you territory as soon as you have the technology
    *Obviously if you use University then you'll have a head start so when you finish
    it then try another faction to win with



    Matthew M.

  11. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Akaria: World of Resources
    Author: CoreDump
    Date of original posting: 8/21/99
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network


    Just unzip all of the stuff in the zip file to:

    C:\Program Files\Alpha Centauri\Scenarios\Akaria

    (Or whatever your SMAC directory is...)

    Then go ahead and play the scenario. If you wish then you can
    read the rest of this document...

    (I suggest that you do...)



    More than 800 years have passed since Planetfall. Three factions
    acheived Space Flight earlier than the other factions and took to
    space. Over-population on Planet had made factions look for new
    planets for colonisation. The fourth planet from Alpha Centauri's
    primary was small. Yet considering that it was somewhere to expand to
    factions started arguing over who should get the planet. Eventually
    the three factions: Morgans, Peacekeepers and Spatians, took to
    space and headed for the planet which became known as Akaria.
    The Spatians were there first and launched satillits into orbit. They
    have a complete knowledge of the map at the start. The other factions
    didn't have time and just performed a quick servey on the way in.
    What they found startled them: Certain types of resources has grown
    together! So while one area was abundant in food the other was not!
    The factions managed to subtistute the resources that were missing
    from there borders by terraforming there land. However as every good
    leader knows a faction needs all three to survive the diplomatic tension
    between the factions broke down into war...

    People on Akaria started to get worried and angry about not having enough
    food or not having enough building materials that they grabbed some weapons
    and ran away into the countryside. These 'barbarians' will attack anyone.
    They don't have advanced weaponry but could cause harm if they attack lightly
    defended or under-defended battalions. As far as we know they don't have a base
    of operations and there are only a few of them. Don't let colony pods leave your
    borders without escort.

    A few days before the wars break out supply ships from each faction
    brings fresh supplies and drops them off in the centre of your territory.



    The Spartians start with all of the natural mineral resources and rocky
    areas on the planet. Thereby supplementing their natural industry loss.
    The Morgans start with all of the natural energy sources and high mountains
    to put solor collecters on and get lots of credits...
    And the Peacekeepers start with all the natural nutrient resources and
    the Jungle of Nubius! They start with a higher population and one more base
    than the other factions!

    Tech progresses at the normal rate.
    Certain factions have been 'handicapped'. See FACTION PROFILES for more

    The objectives are simple: Control 19 of the 21 objective bases by 3050 to win.
    You have over 170 turns to acheive your victory conditions.
    Cooperative victory is enabled and is recommended.
    Each faction starts with six bases, except for the Peacekeepers which start with
    seven. This mimicks there high food production.
    There is limited land so either build sea bases or raise land with Formers.



    The Spartians should build condensors, farms, and solor collectors to enhance
    their bases nutrient and energy production. However since they are on low
    areas this dosn't provide much of a bonus.
    They should build mines on mineral outcrops and rocky areas.
    The Spatians should build up a huge army using the mineral outcrops and take
    over objectives.
    The Morgans should also build farms and especially solor collectors.
    Due to the mountians regions that are under Morganic control they will
    have lots of rainy areas and this faction should be played if you are new
    to SMAC or if you don't fancy that much of a challenge. Except for the
    fact that mineral production will be non-existant this is the easiest
    faction to play in this scenario.
    They also have a slightly higher tech level than the other two factions and
    start with slightly more units. This is because they are in the middle
    and they need to defend themselves.
    However is should be noted that you are the most likly to go to war with
    the Spartians or the Peacekeepers, (how ironic!), because you are in the
    The Morgans should switch to a Fundamentilist government and build lots of
    Probe Teams to subvert enemy bases under there control using all of that
    energy that they get off the mountains.
    The Peacekeepers should expand, expand, expand to as many areas as they can!
    With the amount of food production coming in there bases should grow to huge
    sizes. All you need to do is to build solor collectors and maybe some
    Thermal Boreholes to stimulate mineral production.
    The Peacekeepers have all options open to them. They can either get there
    borders on some of those Morganic mountians before they do and get lots of
    energy then subvert bases...
    Or to use sea power to take over the Spartians and their high mineral
    producing bases and then get the Morgans.
    All factions territory is already mostly terraformed. Deirdre would go
    mad if she saw what you have done to Akaria!

    Only one that I know of:
    -The Spatians start with a full knowledge of the map. I don't know why.
    Other factions start with there surrounding area known.
    To make this not seem like a bug I have included that info in the story.

    If you find any more then e-mail me and I will try and fix them.


    If you wish to distribrute this in ANY format from anywhere but
    the site where this scenario was originally uploaded then you MUST ask
    me first. I will gladly let you but you MUST NOTIFIY ME!
    You can also use this as a base for your own work as long as you
    TELL ME and give me (some) credit.


    This is the first version of this scenario and is my first ever scenario
    anyway. I want to improve this scenario and in the next version I _might_
    replace the Spartians with one of my own factions as they upset the balance
    of the game, but hey, putting the Hive or Belivers in there wouldn't have
    done much good, and since there is no fungus the Gaians would have been useless
    and with the University there would have been no motivation to build an army
    and conquer your neighbours.

    Keep a look out for my next scenario: "Nessus Prime: Minerals in Abundance"

    Don't forget to visit my web site which is all about strategy games,
    especially SMAC, and take a look round. If I can I'll put this scenario
    up on that site too! I am especially proud of my patented unit designes.

    Until then! Enjoy playing!

    Right I'll shut up now...

    <-|CoreDump|-> (a.k.a Dane Elwell)

  12. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Dierdre
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 4/26/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Play as Deirdre of the Gaians in a scenario/game developed for the
    player who is comfortable at the Citizen or Specialist level, and has
    minimal tweaking of the AI factions.

  13. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Domai's Quest
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 7/31/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Play as Domai in this game that has you looking for allies and
    avoiding enemies among the minimally-tweaked AI factions at the Citizen
    or Specialist level.

  14. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Lal
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 4/27/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Play as Lal of the PKs against a somewhat intelligent Artificial Intelligence.

  15. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: University
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 7/31/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Play as the University with plenty of room to expand, but beware the 3 AI factions out to get you !!

  16. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Battle of the Builders
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 8/7/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Try the Battle of the Builders - play as Lal against 3 AI
    Master/Slave teams and beat them to Transcendence (Conquest Victory is
    turned off)

  17. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Domai's Choice
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 9/12/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Domai's Choice - Play as Domai and choose between a Usurper or
    Caretaker led alliance. Each has enslaved a researcher and a builder.

  18. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Mars Survivor v3.0
    Author: GeoModder
    Date of original posting: 2/2/03
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    by GeoModder

    This scenario is an offshoot from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri universe.
    I.e. Earth is made uninhabitable by a holocaust and a mission is on the
    way to Chiron. But what for the people in settlements off-Earth?
    It's a reasonable assumption that by the year 2060 or later there will
    be colonies on the moon and Mars.

    The tech-tree is a slightly changed, but limited one. The scenario
    itself takes about 250 turns. Most air units are changed in range and
    mineral cost. For a smooth gameplay, put the files of the scenario
    in the mentioned sub-directories of the Alpha Centauri main directory:

    - the Mars-folder and all of its contents under the folder 'scenarios'.
    - the 'Mars.mp' file in the folder 'maps'. It is an extra if you ever want
    to play on a dry map of the planet.
    - the 'tech087.pcx' file in the folder 'techs', this will overwrite a
    non-used pcx file, so it doesn't affect a normal game. But if you want
    to keep the original one, don't forget to make a backup.
    - the files 'tech87.mp3', 'Unionist.mp3', 'Survival.mp3', 'Nippons.mp3',
    'MarsGov.mp3', 'Convict.mp3' and 'ArtInt.mp3' in the folder 'voices'
    - the files 'proj004.pcx', 'proj031.pcx' and 'proj032.pcx' in the PROJS
    folder. Certainly here don't forget a backup, as these changes will
    also affect the normal game.
    - All the remaining files in the Alpha Centauri main directory
    (except 'readme.txt', wich may be deleted).

    There is one bug which I don't seem able to fix; in the help-menu
    don't open the 'Anti-ballistic Defense System' facility window.
    The program will cause an error if opened and shut down.

    With thanks to all people who contributed faction files to the networknode
    site. Most of the faction graphics -and sounds used come from this site.

    Ghent, 2 feb 2003

    Edit: for some reason I can't get the scenario to attach. Will look into later.
  19. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Morgan
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 4/27/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    Play as CEO Morgan - Transcend level.

  20. Darsnan

    Darsnan Emperor

    Sep 12, 2007
    Scenario Name: Spartan Challenge
    Author: Googlie
    Date of original posting: 8/2/01
    Original host site: Civilization Gaming Network

    you are Santiago (Yang has used his evil henchman Ashaandi to mind
    control the other faction leaders aboard the Unity, except for you and
    Commissioner Lal) Can you beat the odds?

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