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snip [...] Sakhrat al-Qasabah
Sharif don't like it!

Not sure I'd count Waitangi Day as a unification / revolutionary day, unless the "United Tribes of New Zealand" were really that unified (they weren't)... as many people like to point out now, not every Maori chief signed the treaty and everyone interprets the treaty differently.

This time the deluge hit more than Poland.
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In a world where borders are subnational and the oceans have turned a shade of steel blue, a gay furry has seized control of a chunk of southeastern Australia, coloured it green and declared the Republic of Nermia, defended by Giant Death Robots. The citizens of Nermia are shocked to find themselves suddenly citizens of Nermia, but their new leader has assured them by listing all of the horrifying inhumane things he could have done to them so maybe simply changing countries overnight is getting off lightly. The rest of the planet wonders what terrifying monstrous fates await them.

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oh no

*Vietnam War flashbacks*
Alaska: Succumbed because most people there succumb to the cold.
In many countries the left trusts scientists more, but not every country

Article Paper (pdf pre-print)

Spoiler Legend :
Relationship of left-right political orientation and trust in scientists. Figure visualises standardised random slopes for political orientation (1 = left – 5 = right), which were extracted from a weighted linear multilevel regression model that explained trust in scientists (1 = very low, 3 = neither high nor low, 5 = very high) across countries and contained random intercepts and slopes of political orientation across countries. Countries with significant effects (p < .05) are displayed in colours: Countries coloured in shades of blue show a positive association of left-leaning orientation and trust in scientists (i.e., right-leaning have lower trust). Countries coloured in shades of red show a positive association of right-leaning orientation and trust in scientists (i.e., left-leaning have lower trust) Countries with non-significant effects are shaded in dark grey. Countries with no available data are shaded in light grey.

Spoiler They do not give a map of the absolute results :

Spoiler Legend :
Weighted means (M) for trust in scientists across countries and regions (1 = very
low, 3 = neither high nor low, 5 = very high). Note. Vertical line denotes weighted global
mean. Horizontal lines indicate standard errors (SE). Country-level SEs range between 0.008-

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Only in Florida and Indiana, apparently....
that's why those some conduct anti-matter war .
That map is horrendously... horrendous.
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