Alternate Colonization?

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  1. alcott2

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    Jul 30, 2012
    Since I've always been a fan of alternate histories, it would be interesting to see a Colonization mod with a different bent and different "powers." One of my favorite alternate histories would be the Byzantine Empire not falling and what one of the end results of that would be, and I think having them as well as a rival Holy Roman Empire in the game would be a cool thing to see, as well as the conventional powers of England and Spain as well of course.

    Just a starting point! If anyone has any suggestions or wants to expound upon it, please feel free.
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    Try Medieval Conquests or The Spread of Imperialism - these offer a new timeline, different civ's and a whole new theme while keeping the heart of the game.

    Colonization 2071 takes alterniverses even further with a future where human colonists find collapsed alien civilizations and get caught up in their conflict with the progenitors. Worldwide Colonization (AOD2) is a very fun mod to play, a mod-scenario in the mods and files that has a whole earth map with placed king cities. Slavery, The East Indies and Port Royal is another fun mod to play.

    If you have any questions, post in the appropriate thread - the modders of Colonization are not as big in number as BTS, but we have passion.

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