Alternate Orange County, California (180x156)


The folly of Man
Apr 22, 2002
Monster Island black-sand beaches
Map of an alternate version of my home county, 180x156.

This is for a scenario I've had in the works for millenia, since the days of BICs and Pimp units. I am not a fast worker. :blush:

Things to note for this map:
  1. It has no resources placed, so you will have to add them before playing. This is because the scenario I intend this for has unique resources outside the base Civ3 ones.
  2. The map assumes man has been gone for thousands of years, and is just now returning. The climate is warmer, wetter, more lush. Forests blanket the land, except barren strips which were once our highway system. While not toxic, these Old Highways can only grow a minimal amount of food, and even then only with copious amounts of water. Rivers may have wandered a bit compared to now as a result.
  3. Starting Locations and Barbarian Camps accurately reflect communities on the map.
  4. There are bordering bits of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego counties as well.
  5. The map is also designed with the idea that all forests, wetlands, mountains are impassible to wheeled units, and all units except scouts and workers are wheeled at the start of the game, with unwheeled Hard Settlers making a mid-game arrival.
  6. I didn't bother fleshing out the Ocean\Sea\Coasts, as there is just a single coastline. If anyone would like me to flesh that out I can do that in less than an hour.
  7. Due to the preplaced barbarian camps, this is one of those games that actually speeds up as it progresses, until about mid-game anyway. I've yet to have a turn that took longer than 10 seconds on it.



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Thanks AB! I've lived here since I was 2, and in fact in HB from 2 - 22. Since then I've moved to Westminster, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, and finally Rancho Santa Margarita, where we bought a house and hopefully will stay put for awhile.

I am trying to incorporate all I know about the area into this. My nephew did a semester-long project on local history last year which really got me remotivated onto this, and my girls love going for rides in the canyons and learning about the historical sites. I also had that computer crash which took some of the wind from the Modzilla/DR sails I had going, but those are making good progress now too.

New HB Leaderhead preview attached just for you ;).

No longer just a preview:


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Thanks everyone!

I've created a forum for this over at the SOC site. Discussions on the mod, and previews of it will be in there. I will release completed files to both sites.
Thanks Balthy! It is difficult having varied terrain on such a small area, which is why we'll have some pretty varied resources. Most tribes will have to struggle to get the right balance - they will either have a ton of food and little shields, or a ton of shields and little food. Expansion is key, but you will either have to fight other civs or intense barbarians to get that.

The Old Highway terrain allows for quick movement on an otherwise slow moving terrain, and is the only way to get into the uninhabited Inland Empire (unless you want to spend countless turns building roads through the Saddleback Mountains), which has a decent balance between food and shields. While providing little food, they do make great irrigation channels if your city is near an Old Highway but not fresh water.

Making the mountains impassible to wheeled and all but scout/settler/workers wheeled is key to the strategy here.
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