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Alternate Traits (Warlords only)

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Mod Components' started by Dryhad, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Dryhad

    Dryhad Prince

    Feb 23, 2006
    This is really more of an exercise in modding the traits than it is a serious mod. What I've done is change the effects of all 11 traits (but with a few exceptions, I've left the production modifiers the same). Some changes I really like (like Spiritual. That effect never made sense to me) but some are probably bad moves (word of advice to potential trait modders: Creative exists for a reason). Anyway, here's a list of what each trait does:

    Philosophical: +2 Research in each city
    Aggressive: -50% experience required, +50% Great General emergence
    Spiritual: +1 happiness, +1 happiness from monastery
    Expansive: Double production speed of Settler [I removed the production bonus for Workers, FTR]
    Industrious: +1 hammer on plots with 2 or more hammers
    Creative: +50% Wonder production [Don't do what Dryhad Don't does :)]
    Financial: +50% Wealth
    Organised: No Anarchy [This effect also exists for a reason, but I think it makes more sense here]
    Charismatic: -50% civic upkeep [Although the happiness bonus for Monuments and Broadcast Towers is removed, I added production boni for both as this trait had no such production boni]
    Protective: +100% domestic great general emergance
    Imperialistic: Free Combat 1 promotion to Melee and Mounted units

    So, yeah, enjoy.

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