Alternative to intro cinematic


Feb 6, 2009
I created a video file by editing the original cinematic file if anybody is interested in using it.

It shows the 3 company logos and then instead of starting the movie it goes right to the Civ 5 title and the cool animations that transition to each era. I removed the original sound and used a specific part from the music that plays at the Rockefeller Center game menu, so it fits in nicely.

I couldn't leave the original music from the end of the movie (with the chorus and stuff) because it didn't fit well once I edited it. I also cut the time of how long the Civ 5 title stays on the screen and the blank time after the fadeout because the originals were too long. The new version is exactly 22 seconds long. As soon as it's done, the game menu will load.

I timed it with the original movie that took around 18-20 seconds before clicking (on the tent) would remove it and take you to the game menu. So it's roughly the same.

I used little ol' Windows Live Movie Maker. It was my first time using it but I think I'm pleased with the results.

Check it out:
(just click on the gray box that reads, "Download This File".)

Just place the file in:
...\Steam\steamapps\common\sid meier's civilization v

Before doing so, rename the original file, Civ5_Opening_Movie_en_US, to something else if you want to keep it as a backup.

If you use a different language, just backup the appropriate file and rename the one I created to match the one it's replacing.

You can also play the file if you want to preview it first because it's only a .wmv file.


Apr 8, 2011
This is very nice, I'm going to replace it.

But could someone remind me where the file for editing whether or not the intro movie shows up is? I remember changing a number from 1 to 0 so that the movie would no longer play. And I can't seem to find that file.
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