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Always War(Apollo)-No Free Techs

Discussion in 'CivBE - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Kaitzilla, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
  2. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 156, Combat Report

    Southwestern Front (Kavithan)
    Between the Tacjet bug giving away city locations and the satellite overview showing vast amounts of Firaxite to the southwest, I couldn't wait to get a force down there.
    My best estimate was that I would encounter the Kavithan Protectorate who is the 3rd strongest civ at Purity 4.

    I also wanted enough force to blunt her expansion eastward, so I gathered up 3 CNDRs and 2 Gunners and made em start swimming.

    They made it past a Sea Dragon and got all the way down to some open land.
    Had to amphibiously assault a Wolf Beetle to make room for my army.
    The Gunner foolishly got out of the water too close to the Kavithan and nearly died to an Armor. :lol:
    Spoiler :

    After wiping out the Aliens, the CNDR's pushed their way through the Armors and captured Javed on turn 156.
    One of the Gunners died to Tacjets and an Armor, but everyone else was able to use the +50hp heal promos to stay alive.
    Spoiler :

    Planning on attacking north and deploying a TacNet Hub Satellite when the 3 CNDRs get in range of the hidden city.
    The city has 7 Firaxite, 3 Firaxite, and ??? Firaxite all within its borders, so it is the main war target of this front.
    Seizing it and holding onto it would be more valuable than pushing on and trying to wreck more outposts/cities.

    Northwestern Front (American Reclamation Corporation)
    My strongest force would be for destroying any and all ARC cities on the way to her capital.
    At Supremacy 2, the ARC was the 2nd weakest civ in the game at the start of the turnset. :yumyum:

    I split off the largest piece of my army and sent 4 CNDRs, 2 Gunners, and 1 Artillery swimming to the northwest.

    The army swam, kept swimming, swam some more, and before I knew it I swam right up to the ARC capital. :lol:
    Cautiously I poked around for a navy while the stragglers caught up, but there were none.
    Then I carefully crawled ashore 3 tiles from the city, but no Tacjets attacked.
    Then I moved even more units onto the peninsula, but no Gunners or Combat Rovers attacked either.
    I can't decide if this is either the greatest trap in history or if the ARC capital is going to be monumentally crushed. :hammer2:
    Spoiler :

    Northern Front (Hutama of Polystralia)
    2 CNDRs were dispatched to murder Hutama and move on towards a PAC/China campaign.
    It didn't work out that way. :mischief:

    First, the sneaky AI was spotted across some water to the north.

    After swimming north, I landed next to Hutama's new 32:c5strength: capital Pembela turn 145.
    Then the next turn, it had 51:c5strength:!
    It was almost too strong to take with only 2CNDRs, so I sailed around to the north and found a 1 pop city.

    After Kesempatan was captured and annexed on turn 150, I turned my eyes back towards Hutama's capital.
    On turn 152, it increased in power again to 61:c5strength: :aargh:
    My CNDRs could barely scratch it, and due to the hills they'd have to take fire from the city for 2 turns before they'd get in melee range.
    Spoiler :

    In a rage, I left one CNDR behind to guard Hutama's island and sent to the other one east.
    Hutama's end will have to come another day. :trouble:

    Northeastern Front (Slavic Federation)
    Late in the turnset, my only Explorer explored enough of the new island to classify it as a new continent.
    There is one Slavic Federation outpost/city on it already, and soon there will be a 2nd.
    My freshly arrived CNDR from the Hutama campaign will have some hella happy hunting. :mwaha:
    Not sure my Explorer will survive though.

    Spoiler :
  3. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 156, Combat Report Continued

    Eastern Front (Pan Asian Cooperative and Franco-Iberia)
    The last Marine, now a Disciple 24:c5strength:, crunched a few aliens while mourning his companion.
    Tried to finish off a Siege Worm that had been killing Tacjets and raging around in circles, but a PAC Gunboat finished it off first.
    Scared that he'd die the same way, he retreated back into the miasma.

    And it worked. :D
    The navy couldn't fire over the coastal hills, and the roving PAC Marine didn't feel inclined to follow.
    By healing +15hp per turn and losing 10, he could heal +5hp even in the miasma.
    Once he got strong enough, he moved onto a fresh forest hilltop and simply shrugged off whatever the Tacjet could do each turn.
    It was less damage than the miasma.

    Soon, he will walk out of the Canyon of Doom™
    Spoiler :

    Farther to the south, my lone Armor continued his one man war against Franco-Iberia.

    Right away he captured a Colonist on turn 144.
    Spoiler :

    Then just a few turns later, guess what happens?

    Two more Colonists! :eek:
    Surely she wouldn't send yet another?

    Killed the back one and went hunting for the front one.
    It ended up founding an outpost before I got there, so I captured it and now have 2 outposts on the AI's main continent.

    Here is Gran Exito being captured on turn 152.
    Spoiler :

    If all that wasn't enough, the PAC snuck a Colonist around up north somehow, so my Armor has even more work to do next turnset. :crazyeye:

    Here's the casualty list for the whole world.
    Killed: 3 Armor, 1 Tacjet, 1 Worker, 3 Colonists, and 1 Explorer.
    Lost: 1 Gunner

    Strategic Overview Turn 156
    (Whole World)
    Spoiler :

  4. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 156, Empire Report

    The southwest really does hold immense riches.
    Even though this pictured island isn't a war target, I need to get it settled as soon as possible for the 10 Firaxite.
    Yes folks, double digits! :crazyeye:

    The spies completed no missions and the passive intelligence wasn't that intriguing.
    In a few more turns all three of them will being stealing :c5science:, so if I'm really lucky I'll get 75% of a tech.

    African Union built the wonder Drone Sphere.
    Slavic Federation built their 3rd wonder, the Precog Project.

    Lost another Worker to miasma again. >_<

    Managed to get four building quests this turnset.
    Here is what I picked:
    Ultrasonic Fence - Reverse the Polarity (Aliens won't attack trade routes)
    Pharmlabs - +1:c5science:
    Cytonurseries - +5%:c5production: for Military Units
    Rocket Battery - +1 anti-orbital range

    Still waiting for +1 Free Spy from Command Center and Feedsite Hub.
    Hopefully Holomatrix will give +1 free virtue soon too.

    Earned enough :c5culture: to get my 11th Virtue.
    Picked Integrated Arms for +10%:c5production: for each upgrade a military unit has.
    Hoping to get 2 more Might Virtues to unlock the +5%:c5strength: bonus before going back to the Industry tree.
    Spoiler :

    Teched Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, and started on Synthetic Thought.
    I'm currently 8/18 on Supremacy 6.
    According to my last game, I'll need 10+19+20=49 Supremacy XP to reach Supremacy 9.
    So once I tech Synthetic Thought (+30XP) and Autonomous Systems (+21XP), I'll reach Supremacy 9 and upgrade my Gunners, Armors, and Artillery.
    It will also unlock my Affinity 9 unit SABR, a super artillery type unit with only 1:move: but 3 range and 58:strength: ranged!
    It costs a whopping 4 Firaxite and 320:c5production:, but SABR can pummel cities beyond their attack range if I manage to get one to the front lines.
    Not sure why my Affinity 7 unit CARVR is farther down the tech tree under Autogyros, but a melee unit with 50:c5strength: doesn't really seem stronger than my CNDRs considering it takes 3 Firaxite to make a CARVR.
    The CNDRs don't upgrade until Supremacy 12.

    Spoiler :

    Cidadela built Command Center, Holosuite, and started Neurolab.
    Santo Adriao built Colonist, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, and started Colonist.
    Manoel built Colonist, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, and started Trade Convoy.
    Dourado built Autoplant, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, and started Colonist.
    Boa Esperanca built Recycler, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, and started Gunner.
    Batista Aldeia started a Trade Depot.
    Borda Dura built Trade Depot (purchased) and started Old Earth Monuments.

    Freeland built Recycler and started Colonist.
    Richport built Trade Depot, Trade Convoy, Recycler, and started Worker.
    Jimboomba built Trade Depot, Laboratory, and started Worker.
    Rangi built Trade Depot, Trade Convoy, Trade Convoy, and started Cel Cradle.
    Harta built Trade Depot (purchased), Old Earth Monuments, Worker, and started Colonist.
    Maeva built Laboratory and started Colonist.

    Kesempatan started a Trade Depot.
    Javed is under Martial Law until turn 159.

    Here are my cities as of turn 156:

    Spoiler :

    Hutama's Continent

    Spoiler :

    Will continue expanding as fast as possible while upgrading my military and putting pressure on all AI as much as possible.
  5. Folket

    Folket Chieftain

    Jan 7, 2010
    You do not increase your culture cost when you puppet cities so it will allow you to get virtues faster.

    Also martial law is shorter so they contribution earlier.

    edit: This post was an answer to what advantages a puppet had. Missed that there was pots in between.
  6. Prophet Skeram

    Prophet Skeram Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2012
    Ahn' Quiraj
    You're welcome. That double martial law really caught me off-guard, so I wanted to warn you.

    I guess the "bonus" for puppeting is just more health, I didn't notice any other bonus. Annexing is my default now, only puppeting when I would drop too low in health too quickly.
  7. Prophet Skeram

    Prophet Skeram Chieftain

    Jun 30, 2012
    Ahn' Quiraj
  8. Folket

    Folket Chieftain

    Jan 7, 2010
    You should read my post. Puppeting is my default. I usually have enough production for units in the cities I make myself so the earlier contribution to research/economy and cheaper virtues make me prefer puppeting.
  9. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Thanks for the info Prophet Skeram and Folket :goodjob:
    I'll keep the puppet stuff in mind next time I play a healthy game.

    1) Can embed youtube videos on Civ Fanatics by eliminating everything in the URL that comes before the equal sign.
    2) Then get rid of the equal sign too.
    3) When all you have is -> ap6QaDBZJwM
    4) Highlight it, click the youtube button, and then save the reply and you get the vid:

    Link to video.

    Mechanical Man! :scan:
  10. Hail

    Hail Satan's minion

    Apr 25, 2009
    Mother Russia
    too few workers and too few TR's.

    all petro should be used on satellites asap. I recommend converting your energy surplus into academies
  11. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    I'm ramping up the workers and trade routes don't worry. :)
    Can't really build any satellites yet except for the Tacnet variety.
    My new cities are getting a fair amount of academies ya.

    @Lurkers, sorry for the 10 day break, I got distracted. :crazyeye:
  12. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 170, Combat Report

    My Explorer's name has officially been changed to HERO_of_the_UNIVERSE!
    Guess what he found? :lol:

    Spoiler :

    Risking death at any moment from capricious aliens, he excavated the Progenitor Ruins for my 2nd free Affinity Level of the game on Turn 168, 27 turns after the first one. :dance:
    I can't overstate how strong such a random boon is for a warmonger.

    Southwestern Front (Kavithan)
    On turn 156, the Kavithan Protectorate was the 3rd strongest civ at Purity 5.
    I started the turnset with 3 CNDR's and 1 Gunner at Supremacy 6.
    No reinforcements were planned.

    Right away the Kavithan pushed south with more Armors and tried to run around my CNDRs to murder my Gunner in 1 hit.

    If my CNDRs weren't so strong, it would have worked. :lol:
    I killed one Armor using the CNDR from Javed.
    Then I moved the Gunner 1W and shot the closest Armor.
    The following turn, neither Armor could reach the Gunner because of Zone of Influence.
    Both died, and then I spent a few turns healing all 4 units up.

    Advancing north, things went well.
    One more extremely wounded Armor wandered into my path and was devoured.
    The hidden city to the north (Saira) revealed itself to only have 30:c5strength:, so it couldn't have a Rocket Battery (which can shoot down satellites)
    Breathing a sigh of relief, I launched a TacNet Hub Satellite 2S of the enemy city after double checking that there were no enemy Artillery nearby.
    Not only did it increase the strength of my units 20%, they healed 5hp per turn whether they moved or not under its influence. :D
    Spoiler :

    I didn't realize I had a problem until my Gunner died instantly to Saira's bombardment, a Guardian (26:c5strength: ranged) shooting me for over half my hp, and Needlejet bombardment. :eek:
    What the...?
    She has Tier 2 Gunners and upgraded warplanes too?
    That means Kavithan is Purity 7!
    Even more advanced than me!!!
    And when did she settle my 10 Firaxite island? Another prize to conquer soon hehe.

    I shrugged off the loss of my last Gunner and attacked Saira right away.
    It fell fairly quickly killing the Guardian and one Needlejet based inside.
    Spoiler :

    I think to myself, surely 3 CNDRs can hold a city against 3 Armor and a 4th Armor swimming.
    Then the Needlejet blitz started.
    I'm not sure how the island city got them, but the Kavithan quickly proved how much stronger Needlejets are than Tacjets.
    They have 5:move: instead of 4, and their 16:strength: is more like 18.4 with the +15% bonus vs. land and sea unit perk.
    It wouldn't have been so bad if it was just the island to the east bombing me, but the city to the north and the city to the west piled on too.
    So.. many.... Needlejets!
    They hit Saira so hard, it only took 1 Armor to take the city back, thus killing my CNDR inside of it.
    Spoiler :

    Down to only 2 CNDRs, I tried one more push hoping the Needlejets would grow injured enough for me to hold the city.
    My weakest CNDR attacked the city, but Saira survived with only a few hp. :mad:.
    My strongest CNDR went ahead and took the city killing another Armor, but was lost when Kavithan took the city back again after another impressive Needlejet display.
    Spoiler :

    My last CNDR realized that Saira was too strong to take one last time and retreated to 2W of the TacNet Satellite.
    Here it fortified and tried to heal 20 hp per turn hoping to kill any Armor that attacked it using large defensive bonuses.
    It nearly succeeded, but the Needlejet attacks continued and Kavithan advanced to Purity 8.
    This upgraded all her Armors to 32:c5strength: Lancers. :cry:
    My last CNDR quickly perished, and Kavithan's 2 Lancers are just about ready to take Javed back.
    Spoiler :

    Saira has 20 firaxite and the island city Pran has 10 firaxite, so this little war isn't finished!
    As of turn 170, I've got a Prophet (T2 Armor) fortifying in the forest 1E of Pran taking fire from the city and its planes while I sneak in an Overseer (T2 Gunner with +40% city attack).
    Assuming the AI keeps being dumb and doesn't easily sink my unit in the ocean, both units should be able to capture Pran around turn 173 attacking together and healing with promos.

    If they fail, a stronger attempt later should be able to take the island as long as Kavithan doesn't get smart using a navy and Needlejets together.
  13. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 170, Combat Report Continued

    Northwestern Front (American Reclamation Corporation)
    American Reclamation Corporation started the turnset at Supremacy 4 while I started at Supremacy 6.
    After piling into the countryside near her capital unopposed, I sized up ARC's defenses on turn 157

    My 4 CNDRs, 2 Gunners, and 1 Artillery faced a very strong 60:c5strength: capital defended by 1 Gunner, 1 Marine, and 1 Armor.
    The Tacjets were a minor nuisance because their attacks were so weak, CNDRs frequently killed them.

    Sensing weakness, I surged forward.
    The defenders were swept away as the capital was encircled.
    Ranged units blasted Central (the capital) while CNDRs burned +50hp promos and chipped away too.
    Central nuked one of my Gunners for 89hp and a Tacjet finished it off, but that was the only real counter attack that had any effect.
    Spoiler :

    The ARC capital was captured and annexed on turn 160.
    Amazingly it kept both the Defense Perimeter and the Rocket Battery.
    It should definitely be able to defend itself. :D
    Spoiler :

    Healing up a bit, the army moved northwest to capture another city, but it ran into a wall.

    Well well well, the ARC had their own CNDR! :eek:
    Not only did the ARC almost managed to kill my lead CNDR, but I forgot how crowded it was and the CNDR on my left flank got blasted by Vanguard.
    I gave up on taking Axiom and retreated to focus on healing all my units up to full while scheming what to do about the limited room to maneuver.

    Noticing the snowy landscape to the northeast and the 2 spots I could place ranged to shoot Vanguard, I changed plans and attacked west.
    First I dropped a TacNet Hub Satellite 3 tiles from Vanguard to boost my 2 ranged units and 1 melee unit while hoping she used her Rocket Battery on my troops.
    Rocket Battteries have an anti-orbital range of 3 usually right?
    Spoiler :

    The road and the flat terrain made it very easy to penetrate the land around Vanguard quickly.
    Once again, the AI tried to go around my melee to attack my vulnerable ranged units.
    My Overseer (T2 Gunner) killed a CNDR that tried to swim. :D
    My Educator (T2 Artillery) had an opportunity to kill a full hp Armor and save the Overseer from a certain death, or it could blast Vanguard for half its hp.
    I chose to sacrifice my Overseer to take the city faster, and Vanguard fell on turn 170 killing a full hp enemy CNDR inside the city!

    Spoiler :

    I forgot that unlike Gunners, Artillery can't move and then shoot.
    It takes them 1 movement point to set up before they can fire.
    Thus, the CNDR backing up my Educator is out of position to engage the ARC Armor, and blasting the Armor with the Educator didn't quite kill it.
    If the Armor gets a +50hp promotion next turn, my Educator could die, but if not then my last ranged unit will probably live. :crazyeye:

    Regardless of what happens, my 4 CNDRs are now tasked with protecting my 2 new mega cities while they heal up and establish trade routes.
    Taking a 3rd ARC city will depend on if ARC turtles up or not as no reinforcements are being sent in the near future.

    Northern Front (Hutama of Polystralia)
    Pembela remained an impenetrable coastal fortress, so I ignored it this turnset.
    In fact, I sent the lone CNDR guarding it to the east to help its brother unit patrol the new continent.
    Far more interesting things were happening there...

    Northeastern Front (Slavic Federation)
    An interesting problem.
    Do I take a near defenseless outpost and make it mine, then spend lots of turns to grow it into a city? (my bad health gives -50% outpost growth)
    Or do I wait until it becomes a city, then violently take it for myself?

    I decided to do both!
    Why not beat down an outpost to very low hp the turn before it turns into a runt city?
    What a great idea. :lol:

    The next turn...
    OMG WTF just hit me?!

    It healed up into a full hp city! :mad:
    And insta bought a Rocket Battery!!
    And where did that Artillery come from?!!!

    ......Crazy Russians.
    Fine, no more waiting around, all outposts are gonna be taken without waiting from now on.

    The other Slavic Colonist sailed away to the east, but 2 more Colonists from ARC arrived on the western part of the island.
    Easy pickings mmm.
    Fortune was easily captured on turn 170 and became my own outpost renamed Caminho Celeste.
    Spoiler :

    Once the 2nd CNDR arrives and heals up, the Slavic Istochnikal has a good chance of falling to both of them as long as it doesn't get any stronger.
    Or maybe it is already too strong?
    Might have to send a 3rd unit from the homeland now that I think about it.

    Eastern Front (Pan Asian Cooperative and Franco-Iberia)
    Lots of naval Trade Vessels got made this turnset.
    Lacking any navy at all, I constantly worried about a large AI navy showing up and blowing them to pieces.

    Thankfully, only 1 Slavic Cruiser showed up!
    Finally, something for my 1 NeedleJet trapped on the home continent to play with. :)
    Spoiler :

    A coastal T2 Gunner finished it off later after it blasted my outpost down to 1hp.

    Up north in PAC territory, my lone 24:c5strength: Disciple fortified in a forest to heal and killed 5 PAC Tacjets in about that many turns. :lol:
    I was almost tempted to leave him up there forever, but another unit was needed to attack the PAC's newest outpost, so he walked west out of the Canyon of Doom&#8482; shooting down Tacjets like candy.

    Thus, Ganzorig was Annexed on turn 168.

    Despite all my plans of focusing on the southwest front, turn 170 found Kavithan to be the strongest civ in the world (barely), and Franco-Iberia to be the weakest (ARC and Polystralia already lost their capitals).

    And when I call Franco-Iberia weak, I'm not kidding!
    They are still only Purity 2!
    And the outpost Fiel I took from them on their border near their capital?
    Defenseless for around 30 turns and not one single attack on it.

    So, all my reinforcements streamed into the eastern continent, ready to put some hurt on Franco-Iberia.

    One Overseer, a Prophet, and my Disciple will try to capture that PAC city north of the Canyon of Doom.
    Everyone else will stream east on the road built by enslaved workers to smash Franco-Iberia's capital.

    The world's casualties were 1 Marine, 1 Guardian, 2 Gunners, 1 Gunboat, 1 Cruiser, 6 Armor, 2 CNDRs, 17 Tacjets, 2 Workers, and 2 Trade Convoys.
    I lost 2 Gunners, 3 CNDRs, and 1 Overseer.
  14. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Strategic Overview, Turn 170
    Spoiler :

    Turn 170, Empire Report

    Something I'd been wondering about all game became clear to me.
    Units can only get 3 promotions.
    You max out at 2 promotions vs. aliens, but if you war with the AI you can get a 3rd.
    They come at 10xp, 30xp, and 60xp.
    There is a wonder that allows a 4th promotion called Cynosure unlocked by Synthetic Thought that I just finished researching, but 1550:c5production: seems awful steep.
    Wouldn't it be better to build 10 units instead?

    Spoiler :

    Slavic Federation built the wonder Transcendental Equation, so I need to keep an eye on them doing Contact Victory.

    Got a new quest called //Redacted//.
    Wants me to perform a level 4 spy mission on a city.
    I can try it turn 177 in Kavithan's capital, but I'm not sure it's worth skipping the 25% :c5science: theft.
    Spoiler :

    Finishing Ancillary Adams would be nice, but there is simply no way I can cut down every forest in my empire anymore. :lol:

    Got 4 building quests to trigger.
    Thorium Reactors: Picked +2 Energy
    Vivariums: Picked +1 Food
    Neurolabs: Picked +10%:c5production: for military units
    Defense Perimeters: Picked +10hp for city

    Been waiting 30 turns for Command Center and Feedsite Hub to give +1 Free Spy, but it hasn't happened yet. :mad:
    Also waiting on Holomatrix to give +1 Free Virtue and Cel Cradle to give +1 Free Spy, but it hasn't happened yet either.

    The spies failed miserably trying to steal :c5science:
    As in 2 out of 3. :cry:
    It was bound to happen sooner or later, but it still hurt.

    Their passive intelligence indicates that:
    Kavithan Protectorate (Purity 8) is researching Computing.
    African Union (Harmony 7) is researching Swarm Intelligence. (Will probably get them to high Harmony 8 or Harmony 9)
    Slavic Federation (Supremacy 6) is researching Mechatronics.

    Gained 3 Supremacy levels this turnset and am now Supremacy 9! :eek:
    The first two levels came from finishing Synthetic Thought and the last one came from a Progenitor Ruin.
    Supremacy 8 unlocked +4 Firaxite for free which is appreciated.
    Am currently 1/21 xp towards Supremacy 10.
    Spoiler :

    The massive boost in Supremacy allowed me to upgrade lots of units:
    Gunners -> Overseers (Picked +40% city attack perk)
    Armors -> Prophets (Picked +20% when next to friendly unit)
    Artillery -> Educators (Picked +20% when next to friendly unit)
    Spoiler :

    Didn't earn enough :c5culture: to unlock any new virtues.
    Still planning on getting Democratized Quartering and Channeled Wrath to give +20%:c5strength: ranged and melee to all units.
  15. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 170, Empire Report Continued

    Teched Synthetic Thought this turnset and started Autonomous Systems.

    Spoiler :

    Due to my unexpected Affinity level from Progenitor Ruins, I now have a wealth of options once I finish Autonomous Systems and reach Supremacy 10 and upgrade my navy (Cruisers).
    Keep in mind my next 3 spy :c5science: steals occur on turn 177.

    Options once Supremacy 10:
    1) Tech Collaborative Thought (All 3 spies can help) for +30xp Supremacy and unlock Tier 3 Marines (Apostles 48:c5strength:)
    The perk choice is +10 healing to nearby unit or +30% flanking bonus.
    NeedleJets would also be upgraded.
    2) Tech Swarm Intelligence (All 3 spies can help) for +30xp Harmony and unlock 63:c5strength: Evolved CNDRs
    The perk choice is +30% in home territory or +50% when fortified. :eek:
    There is also a natural bonus of +8% per adjacent unit.
    Spoiler :

    Sadly, there is no easy way for me to reach Supremacy 12 and Prime CNDRs with my lack of spies and no free tech restriction.
    Collaborative Thought -> Terraforming -> Climate Control would work, but would take 24 extra turns simply to achieve the "+20% next to friendly unit" perk.

    Bionics -> Tissue Engineering instead of Swarm Intelligence would give a stronger Evolved CNDR since it lets all units heal +10hp per turn, but would take 10 more turns to research.
    I would probably pick this route if I could use the Institute to get +1 Free tech.

    Firaxite is very plentiful, and I won't be unlocking Angels (88:c5strength: melee and ranged, costs 6 firaxite) any time soon, so I think Evolved CNDRs teching Swarm Intelligence is my best option here.
    With the 30% in home territory perk, they could capture a city, drop a Tacnet Satellite, and hold it forever.
    That's just what I need with 5 of the AI capitals being close together on this map.

    Fancy teleport satellites, magrails, Carriers, and truly super units can wait.

    Cidadela built Neurolab, Gunner, Gunner, Gunner, and started Surveillance Web.
    Santo Adriao built Colonist, Autoplant, Trade Vessel, Thorium Reactor, and started Cruiser.
    Manoel built Trade Convoy, Trade Vessel, Trade Vessel, Trade Vessel, Trade Vessel, and started Autoplant.
    Dourado built Colonist, Armor, Armor, Armor, Thorium Reactor, Repair Facility, and started SABR.
    Boa Esperanca built Gunner, Autoplant, Gunner, and started Alien Preserve.
    Batista Aldeia built Trade Depot, Old Earth Relic, Recycler, Trade Vessel, and started Alien Preserve.
    Borda Dura built Old Earth Relic, Recycler, Laboratory, and started Autoplant.
    Fogo Sagrado built Trade Depot, Old Earth Relic, Trade Vessel, Recycler, Trade Convoy, and started Trade Convoy.

    Freeland built Colonist, Colonist, Trade Convoy, TacNet Hub Satellite, and started Alien Preserve.
    Richport built Worker, Laboratory, Armor, Alien Preserve, and started Trade Convoy.
    Jimboomba built Worker, Autoplant, and started Alien Preserve.
    Rangi built Cel Cradle, Trade Convoy, Trade Vessel, Trade Vessel, Gunner, Laboratory, and started Alien Preserve.
    Harta built Colonist, Worker, Gunner, Recycler, and started Laboratory.
    Maeva built Colonist, Alien Preserve, Trade Vessel, and started Autoplant.

    Javed built Old Earth Relic and started Recycler.
    Kesempatan built Trade Depot, Old Earth Relic, and started Recycler.
    Ganzorig started Old Earth Relic.
    Fiel built Trade Depot and started Recycler.
    Central is under Martial Law until turn 176
    Vanguard is under Martial Law until turn 184

    Here are my cities as of turn 170:

    Spoiler :

    Hutama's Continent

    Spoiler :

    Other Cities
    Spoiler :

    Going to attach the game at Turn 170 in case anyone wants to good around with it.

    Attached Files:

  16. Arexander

    Arexander The obvious lurker

    May 14, 2009
    "No plan survives contact with the enemy"
    - Helmuth von Moltke the Elder
  17. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Indeed. :goodjob:

    The massive expansion wave of Colonists is just about over.
    Expect larger and more intense wars soon. :)
  18. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 185, Combat Report

    Strategically, this turnset was all about FIRAXITE.
    For Supremacy, Firaxite is used to make the best units and buildings.
    CNDR requires 1, CARVR requires 2, SABR requires 4, and ANGEL requires 6.

    At the start of turn 170, I had a total of 15 Firaxite and 6 CNDRs.
    So far as the map has been revealed, the distribution of Firaxite is as follows:

    Homeland 9
    Supremacy_8 4
    Hutama's Land 11
    Southwestern Lands (KV) 30
    Northwestern Lands (ARC) 3
    Northern Lands 3
    Eastern Lands (PAC+Franco) 15

    All I would need to grab 30 more Firaxite would be to take 2 cities from Kavithan Protectorate! :crazyeye:
    Large reinforcements were planned for this front.

    Southwestern Front (Kavithan)
    On turn 170, the Kavithan Protectorate was the strongest enemy civ in the world at Purity 8 while I was Supremacy 9.

    After the failure of the first force to take and hold land in Kavithan territory, a 2nd smaller force was dispatched to hopefully take the island city of Pran.
    This would serve as the springboard to take Saira and bring 30 Firaxite into my grasp.

    My Prophet patiently waited 1 east of Pran while taking a beating and successfully drawing Needlejet attacks while my helpless Overseer sneaked onto shore.
    Dumb AI! :lol:
    Spoiler :

    The turn before the Overseer landed, my Prophet attacked Pran to weaken it so it could be taken the following turn.
    (Notice if you have a promotion ready at the start of the turn from defending (+3 xp each time), you can spend it after attacking for +50 hp when you really need it.) :D
    (Also notice that hovering the mouse over a city will also tell you the hp of the Needlejets inside of it. Very useful information!)

    On turn 172, both the Overseer and Prophet were able to attack Pran and capture it.
    This killed a lot of defenders inside the city. (The tiny little white "3" above the city meant it had 3 air units inside)
    Spoiler :

    A backup Overseer landed on the island on turn 174 and the 3 units guarded the island for the next 6 turns quite easily. :)
    On turn 180, major reinforcements arrived in a big way!
    Supremacy 10 was reached that turn, and the 4 Cruisers I built and sent to the island instantly upgraded to 4 Arbiters (16:c5strength: melee and 36:c5strength: ranged)
    These ships were much harder to kill than mere Cruisers, having over double the melee strength.

    Two Arbiters focused on beating a shoreline Lancer to death.
    The Kavithan Protectorate was smart enough to give their Tier 2 tanks the +10% per unused movement perk.
    Since the AI always goes after the human's turn, this meant that KV tanks all got +30% defense against me. :mad:

    Spoiler :

    Right away Kavithan retaliated by shooting one of my Arbiters with Saira, an Artillery, and 3 Needlejets.
    It sank and I was left with 3 boats. :(
    Spoiler :

    Each Arbiter was able to share a water tile with a land unit, so I swam my Prophet through my navy and landed on the Firaxite near Saira.
    A savage naval bombardment was all it took to walk into the city with 1 lone Prophet the following turn.
    Thus, Saira was captured on turn 181.

    Spoiler :

    Needlejets and a Lancer almost succeeded in taking Saira back the following turn, but was just a bit short without extra Needlejets from Pran. :D
    Losing Saira would have been a disaster too, because without any melee units, you can't capture cities. (and that Prophet was my only one :cringe:)

    Enemy Needlejets continued to pour good damage into my 3 Arbiters, so one was sent to heal up in Pran while the other 2 moved up the shoreline bombing cities.
    Vasanta fell on turn 184, killing 1 Guardian and 3 more Needlejets.

    The push north continued with my Overseers shooting a Lancer and a 2nd Prophet landing onshore.
    Spoiler :

    Here is the Kavithan front on turn 185:
    Harsha will only last 1 more turn. :)

    Notice the 4 Evolved CNDRs (63:c5strength:) ready to swim ashore and start breaking things. :dance:
    There is also 1 Educator, 1 Overseer, and 1 Disciple swimming just east of Pran striving to join the fight too.

    Javed, the ice city south of Saira was lost at the beginning of the turnset, but managed to kill 1 of the 2 Lancers attacking it. :)
    It is being ignored because I put a Free Spy I got there to steal :c5science: the rest of the game.
  19. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 185, Combat Report Continued

    Northwestern Front (American Reclamation Corporation)
    American Reclamation Corporation started the turnset at Supremacy 4 while I started at Supremacy 9.

    With both the capital and a major city captured, ARC was on the ropes.
    The start of the turnset focused on consolidating gains and sweeping enemy units off the board.
    4 CNDRs and 1 Educator were deemed strong enough that no reinforcements were planned.

    Spoiler :

    A CNDR almost died during the counterattack while standing in miasma, but it did discover another ARC city named Liberty.
    That would be my next war target. :evil:

    Axiom to the north was to be left alone for spy purposes :)c5science:) the rest of the game, much like the KV ice city Javed.
    It was deemed safe to do this because Central and Vanguard had enough :c5strength: and production to defend themselves against Axiom and whatever units it could muster.
    Just had to wait a few turns until Vanguard was close to leaving Martial Law because cities can't shoot enemies during it.

    Killed more ARC units and a lost African Colonist while healing up.
    Spoiler :

    Once the ARC ran out of units to throw away, the push to take Liberty began.
    Using a road, I was able to move the Educator (Tier 2 Artillery) and fire it the same turn, something I didn't think was possible! :eek:

    The ARC CNDR was quickly surrounded and destroyed.
    Then I remembered I had a spare Tacnet Hub Satellite, so I deployed it after the battle like an idiot.
    It was shot down by Liberty about 10 seconds later, but it only cost 80:c5production: so I dropped another one in the same spot.
    If she doesn't want to shoot my ground troops, that's fine by me! :lol:
    Spoiler :

    Stacking all possible combat bonuses, my Educator moved into range of Liberty using the road and hit it with 70:c5strength: of ranged firepower.
    Losing half its hp to one blast, Liberty easily fell on turn 180.

    Spoiler :

    Taking little damage, the push westward continued.
    It quickly became obvious that there were no more ARC cities, only Slavic Federation cities. :cowboy:

    Stepping onto a forest, I discovered I was right next to Stanimir, which stood at 93:c5strength:.
    Uh oh! It blasted my lead CNDR good.
    The turn before I could upgrade it to an Evolved CNDR (63:c5strength:), it perished.

    Why is every Slavic city a troop-murdering death fortress?! :cry:
    I should have waited 1 or 2 more turns obviously.

    Upgrading my 3 surviving CNDR's, I dropped a TacNet Hub Satellite 2S of Stanimir and encircled it as best I could.
    The pathetic Armor arriving to save it was swept away by 114:c5strength:!
    Spoiler :

    Here is the northwest front as of turn 185.

    I can't make enough room to bring in my 3rd Evolved CNDR, so I will have to try and take Stanimir with 2 Evolved CNDRs and my Educator starting turn 186.
    The forests render firing the Educator from 2 tiles away impossible, and it is too dangerous to swim a unit around to the north.
    Running my 3rd Evolved CNDR around the south will take too long.
    Moving all units 1W to make room for a 4th will put the Educator in danger of an Armor attack from the capital area and subject my army to another turn of punishing city/Artillery/Needlejet fire.

    My best bet is to attack Stanimir with the 3 units I already have in position and use the extra Evolved CNDR to take the place of any unit that dies to finish the city off.
    Pray that Slavic Federation doesn't attack me with waves of units during the middle of the Stanimir siege or most of my units will die.
    All those forests make it hard to run out of Needlejet range.

    While I was busy with the Slavs, the ARC decided it would be a perfect time to attack Vanguard, but as predicted it is going badly for them. :D

    Spoiler :
    ARC probably has a 2nd city up there in the ice working Firaxite.
    That would explain where she is getting all those CNDRs

  20. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Turn 185, Combat Report Continued

    Northern and Northeastern Front (Polystralia + Slavic Federation)

    Hutama's island prison didn't have any action this turnset.
    I am content to leave him alone unless he starts messing with my shipping lanes.
    I managed to get all three +1 Free Agents from building quests this turnset, so my 6th spy is now becoming comfortable in Pembela.
    Spoiler :

    The ARC outpost Amity fell on turn 172, giving me two of them on the northeastern continent.

    Not much else happened on the island.
    A Slavic Armor and Disciple landed and started killing aliens, but I scared one into the ocean and the other died easily.
    Spoiler :

    Istochnick grew even stronger up to 85:c5strength: just like all Slavic cities appear to be doing.
    Slavic Federation seems to be focusing on fortress cities and military wonders instead of Affinity levels. :hmm:

    After landing a 3rd Evolved CNDR on the island turn 185 to patrol the island, I've decided that I will be sending the 2 eastmost Evolved CNDRs across the ocean eastward to engage the PAC.
    Istochnikturn can host my Slavic spy after his capital comes into danger of falling to me.

    Eastern Front (Pan Asian Cooperative)
    PAC started the turnset at Harmony 5 while I was Supremacy 9.
    Moderate reinforcements were planned for this front.

    The journey to conquer the coastal PAC city north of the Valley of Doom that has tormented me the entire game began with 1 Prophet and 1 Disciple.
    A constant barrage of Tacjet attacks inflicted little damage except dead Tacjets.
    PAC's aggressiveness cost them a lot of units.
    In fact, this was the bloodiest front of the turnset! :lol:

    Spoiler :

    After taking some free kills, PAC beat back my Disciple and I was forced to retreat it using my Prophet for Zone of Influence protection.
    Tacjets frequently attacked, and frequently killed themselves doing little damage. :D
    My whole momentum was stalled until 2 Overseers arrived.
    Then some skirmishing occurred up north with a PAC Armor while 2 freshly created Arbiters steamed eastward to add naval support.

    Spoiler :

    Finally, on turn 180 the outskirts of the target city Nhiet Tihn was reached.
    Look at all the units surrounding it! @.@
    2 Xeno Swarms, 1 Cruiser, 1 Gunner, 1 Armor, 2 Tacjets, and 1 Marine crammed on top of each other on forested tiles.
    There was also a pesky hard-to-see satellite taking up space where I wanted a TacNet Hub Satellite to go, but I didn't bring any Educators to shoot it down.
    What's the range for Artillery shooting down satellites anyway? 1 tile? 2?

    Knowing I was outmatched, I retreated slightly for 2 turns to wait for my navy ships to arrive.
    Then I put a beating on the PAC. :)
    Even my Needlejet that made it over from the Home Island got in on the action.

    Spoiler :

    PAC melee units had died fairly quickly attacking my superior melee units while taking ranged damage, but it left my melee units at low hp.
    Would my 2 melee units survive long enough to take the PAC city once they arrived next to it?

    My last hero Marine from the Valley of Doom perished to a cowardly Cruiser hiding in the city with the Gunner. :cry:

    BOOM said the SABR super artillery! (which took an entire turn to set up)
    Huanle fell to my CNDR immediately afterwards on turn 183.
    A shame SABRs only have 1:move:.
    They can move 2 tiles on roads or swimming in the oceans, but otherwise they are too slow to be practical on offense.

    Back to the battle of Nhiet Tihn in the next post since Civ Fanatics has a 30 image limit per post.
    It was up to the lone Prophet now to take Nhiet Tihn.

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