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ambition bug - have all [same religion] council achievable when council empty


Sep 10, 2014
Came across an ambition bug that should be easily fixable I think. This is for the ambition where you're supposed to have your entire council be of X religion. I managed to "achieve" this ambition (accidentally) when all my council positions (councilor, ambassador, spymaster) coincidentally became available and empty in the same turn. So when all three slots didn't have anyone at all, it said I achieved the ambition LOL. (What had happened was, my ambition was to have an all Zoroastrian council. My councilor and ambassador were not zoroastrian, though one was really old, and spymaster was locked. My plan was to unlock spymaster, fill it with a Zoroastrian, hope that my old one will have died by then so I could fill it with a Zoroastrian, and then just fire and replace the last guy. But in the exact turn that I unlocked spymaster by discovering portcullis, by coincidence my old guy died, AND my not-old council member also died, so I had three empty slots, and then I achieved it immediately.)
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Thanks, this is already fixed in the test branch and will be included in the next main patch.
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