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Hello. At the start of this session I maxed science – worked all specialists and posts, starved all but NY, so that we could fruitfully bulb our 2 Scientists to reach Flight and beyond. And I ended up taking the liberty to play an extra 1.5 turns, to bulb a 3rd scientist when it spawned and return our citizens to a normal distribution. So @Tiberiu, on this turn 221, all I have done is pop the Scientist, as well as an Engineer on Kremlin in Philly, and reset our citizens in light of Fertilizer and many WLTKD’s. Do play on to 232; and feel free to take a few extra turns yourself if there is good reason or you simply feel like it.

The bulbs took us close to Radar, which we can grab with Oxford. Military Academies ready in Phil, NY, Atlanta. Started 1 sub in Philly to sink everything. Policy: Young Pioneers.

World affairs: Pillaged 2 Greek cargoes, took Corinth in a peace deal and sold it to Theo for 3.5k. Mongolia took Autocracy and built Prora. The game has developed nicely, from 8 civs to 4 major powers. Order on the coasts, Autocracy in the middle…

Demos are rock solid. Our golden age begins next turn as well.



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Hey guys. Here is a summary of what I did. (edit - I forgot to save on turn 230 so I upload the Autosave from 229 which will start the game on turn 230, I think)

  • I went for Plastics and kept the Oxford which is still 1-2 turns away in the Capital. This was to maybe start receiving some Infantry from Military CS. We received one in the last turn near Kilimanjaro.
  • I have not started any war but I think I let @vadalaz ready to start the war after 4-5 turns more of preparation. I have set up a trap for Dido who had been amassing a carpet of units. I made her attack Riga and she moved all her units away there. I also made her dow Mongolia cheaply. She will perhaps capture Riga but we can liberate it quickly after if we take her capital. I used 2 Generals for citadel bombing her capital and her other city so that we can take them out quickly.I built Hospitals in most of our cities and now building Reseach Labs and the such but we also need some Happiness.... so maybe switch to Zoos and stuff.
  • I settled one more city and used our gold reserve to buy buildings inside it. I think the idea was that with so many good tiles in the area, and with it growing every turn for a while, the investment will come back quickly enough.

  • Cultural heritage sites has passed and I proposed International Games for another policy and to maintain CS allies.

  • With railroad discovered, I built harbors and we can delete the roads connecting the cities as it is more economical this way.

  • In your first turn Vadalaz you can use the Engineer which I bought with faith to use for Neutschwanstein but you might decide to use it for Eiffel Tower instead, I have not checked to try to see if anybody is building it. We only receive 900 production for using it.
  • San Francisco will keep growing very quickly as long as we have happiness and I also sent a cargo ship to Boston as it was our worst city.
  • In 2 turns we will lose a deal for Citrus so we might experience Unhappiness. I was negligent and turn 230 also started in Unhappiness but I re-bought Truffles from Dido...So when we DOW we should have some happiness to spare.
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- Stopped growth everywhere except San Francisco and Boston. Rushed Eiffel Tower in Atlanta
- DoWed Dido. Alex started taking over CSs again, so I DoWed him as well
- Bulbed Radar and built some planes and subs. Built Military Academy in Washington
- Went Rocketry afterwards, maybe we can grab Hubble with the Order GE and bulb towards Stealth and Nanotech or something else
- Dido captured Riga and she will take Buenos Aires as well. I forgot about a Conquistador in Buenos so that guy's dead. Dido also pillaged one of our external trade routes

Spoiler :



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Hello, sorry for the delay. In this session we took many cities from Dido, but lacked the happiness to incorporate them and liberated 3 for the Dutch, who can be a buffer between us and Genghis with his large army. Carthage and Utique were easy pickings as well, however Dido has Battleships and Bombers now and the fight has slowed because we switched production to Int'l Games. Utique had the Louvre but I thought we were best Razing and selling buildings despite this.

On 248 Venice took Freedom which plunged us to 28 unhappiness, and I was told Chicago would join the Mongols in 5 turns. On t250 we are back at -19 so I think the counter is paused and we should be OK with more Castles, finish razing Utique etc. I might have switched to Autocracy but we are building the Int'l Games right now so the anarchy would be painful. I bribed Genghis to war Venice so maybe he will kill him and eliminate our ideological pressure. And against Carthage to thin out his army. Good luck @Tiberiu

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Hi guys.

I solved issues with Happiness, we have good economy too.
We won International Games. Took Universal Healthcare. and @vadalaz you can take another policy right away in your first turn
Liberated Riga, Buenos Aires and La Venta.
Sold 2 cities to Venice for a lot of gold. We have DOF with Venice and Mongolia and Byzantine and we are at war only with Alexander.
Bought a Carrier and it has 5 bombers, escorted by Submarines and Caravels. 2 of the bombers without repair but will have it soon and we are preparing to capture IFE and Greece with them.

The Capital of Carthage is now Annexed and I sent Cargo Ships + bought aqueduct and hospital, it grows at 1 citizen per turn, keep new ones on food and city will become updated fast.

Teching for Stealth Bombers/ Xcom and if everything goes well I think we will wrap this up perhaps in my next session after you guys discover XCOM
We are 3 turns away from Hubble, already have 1 scientist and 1 engineer and the Order Policy for one more of each still available. Also Oxford is still available. Maybe we can get that CN tower if we have extra science.

Seeing how the game evolved I think we perhaps should have been more brave and attack Carthage sooner and thus make an army of promoted crossbowmen and win with Dynamite.
However winning with these modern units is nice too.

Good Luck.


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The Netherlands and Greece have been eliminated and we're currently at war with Mongolia and Carthage. Venice gave his expos to Genghis in a peace deal. World Ideology Order got passed, Truffles ban didn't.

We have SBs and XCOMs and I've engineered Pentagon. I haven't put spies in enemy capitals yet though. Just killing units and razing cities while waiting for elections in CSs. The game is almost over. Good luck on your turns @Mizzenmast


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Sorry guys, been a bit busy and now struggling to find the patience to carry on with late-game warring despite DomV being my idea. Rather lame, but let my contributions to the game end here while they were still quality. Maybe you guys will secure the win if you have more of a taste for the end-game (and better machines)? Or you can join me in sloth and call it a day, if you think victory is inevitable.

I agree with Tiberiu's assessment, we should have warred Dido once we could protect our cities. But we got too caught up in trade routes with her, lacking other partners. Pretty average game.
I took the liberty to wrap it up with a T276 DomV.
Spoiler :


I thought it was an interesting game. I wish we didn't skip Minutemen, but otherwise I thought things went well. The geography wasn't great for an early push, and Dido had a massive army and navy, so a Medieval-Renaissance war would've been a slog. The lack of Iron made a Frigate push less feasible as well.
Good game and thanks for playing this game @vadalaz and @Mizzenmast.

I think it was pretty average too. I think some day we should try a game where we are only at war with all the major civs all of the time. This way diplomacy won't matter too much so that the focus can be on warmongering.
In the upcoming period of time I won't be able to play very much civ 5 besides our games but after that I will take the initiative to create another SG if there is not one in progress by then.
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